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Edited by RecSpec

 When they announced the store opening, a fellow subscriber asked me to order him a shirt on the day that it opened, since he was going to be at work. I said fine, whatever, just pay me double. 
The store opened up for about 73 seconds, and I was able to buy me a shirt and him a shirt. Turns out, he got off early, and didn't tell me until the next day. 
Guess what? He ALSO was able to buy him a shirt. 
I completely forgot about this until I get my GB shirt in the mail, along with the extra, so now I have a dilemma. 
 The shirt isn't my size (He wears a 2XL), and truth be told, having 2 of these shirts would be a crime. 
I thought briefly about selling it, but NO! We are Giant Bomb dammit, a (slight) step above the rest of the internet. 
So I am going to give it away, for free, to someone else.  To prove that I am not bluffing, here is the shirt. 
I figure this way the people that missed the store (due to not getting an email, not being home, or not being a member) can still get in on the shirt fun.

 Comment on this, and it could be YOURS! Kiss those Hot Topic shirts GOODBYE!

Here's how this is going to work. I am going to post a picture of said shirt on Giant Bomb. 
In the comment section of the picture, tell me why you deserve the shirt.  
I am a poor judge of character, so I will draw the winner randomly, all you have to do is post any kind of comment on the picture. 
 Of course, if you think this is a bad idea, I could always do a "FOLLOW AND RETWEET TO WIN MY SHIRT" contest on twitter, but then there exists the possibility of someone outside the WM family winning it, and that would be a shame. 

Here is the link to the picture, comment here and you're in! Good luck. 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you Giant Bomb (and other Whiskey Media folks). 
Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

I deserve that shirt because I ripped a hole in my favorite shirt today :(
I am now shirtless and its cold... :(

Posted by CL60
@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" I deserve that shirt because I ripped a hole in my favorite shirt today :( I am now shirtless and its cold... :(  ^^ "
But I've never even owned a shirt before :( 
Posted by Daniel

Very cool of you, dude. Merry Christmas!

Posted by RecSpec

I added the link to the OP. Just to be clear, I will be drawing a random name from people commenting on the picture.

Posted by SMTDante89

Two of my shirts have a few holes in them.  These were some of my favorites as well.  One from a band and one from a local independent record store.  Can't have at least one of them replaced, could use another.  And I love GiantBomb and want to spread the word of GB to the uneducated locals.

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
@CL60 said:
" @TaliciaDragonsong said:
" I deserve that shirt because I ripped a hole in my favorite shirt today :( I am now shirtless and its cold... :(  ^^ "
But I've never even owned a shirt before :(  "
Stop wearing sweaters, you're missing out.
Posted by JJWeatherman

I <3 GB

Posted by Daveyo520

I am too broke to get cool shirts :(

Posted by Kinarion

Because I agreed to spend Christmas in SC with my charmingly racist grandfather.

Posted by Dylabaloo

Thanks, merry santas birthday too you!

Posted by RelentlessKnight

It looks cool

Posted by rojano17

Get hype for shirt, GET HYPE!
Also merry xmas (exmas) to all the GB family, you guys are really awesome, i mean it, this is one of the best communities on the internet. Let's keep it up guys! :)

Posted by RandomInternetUser

That shirt is really awesome, and is my size.

Posted by Zripwud

I AM... that shirt. Sort of.

Posted by ShotgunMantis

I deserve the shirt because I deserve the shirt.

Edited by Gizmo

Crazy Baby won't allow me to buy his merchandise in my region, seriously, what the foxtrot?

Posted by Brendan

Ain't my size, but nice gesture. 
Edited by solidwolf52

This is really sick, it's shit like this that makes giantbomb awesome.  
 I was working when the shirts went on sale and I unfortunately do not have a good friend like you to order a shirt for me while I'm at work. Plus the shirt is my size.

Posted by Jash530

I am sorry but what does this have to do with Robocop?

Posted by InfiniteGeass

I deserve the shirt because I could use more shirts.

Posted by Professorreid

That shirt is pretty awesome!

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait, there's katakana on the shirt? I didn't think Giant Bomb was known for its robust love of Japanese. *waits for somebody to point me in the direction of KaosAngel or Pepsiman*

Edited by Eristocrat

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar and what makes the internet super awesome sometimes.  I, however, am not 2XL so please do not chose me as the winner.

Posted by jta04

I probably don't deserve it, but hell I sure want it.

Posted by kid_kansas

I really really really wanted to get this shirt, but my took me out for dinner as a surprise. I guess I got a great gift :-)

Posted by Gerhabio

It's a Christmas miracle!

Posted by MatthewMontiel

i'm not gonna lie.....i really want this shirt just cause i love this site, the community, and everything WM it was the greatest creation on the net since batmanbatmanbatman.com

Posted by Gerhabio
@Kinarion said:
" Because I agreed to spend Christmas in SC with my charmingly racist grandfather. "
Santa Cruz? Southern California? Soccer Convention? South Carolina? Satanic Convent?
Posted by Gerhabio
@LeonJuggaloWHF:  Wow, first post.
Posted by Kinarion
@G3RHRT: South Carolina, in this case, though I am originally from Southern California and there are plenty of racists there as well, though fewer confederate flags.
Posted by Gill
@RecSpec: So a lucky member gets a limited edition shirt, and you get to complete a quest? Congrats all around.
Posted by Lemoncookie01

 Well I'm not getting anything for X-Mas,no tree,I'm broke,Car is kinda f-ing up and I'm hungry,If you gave me that sweet whiskey shirt I'd feel better.
so pwease :3 :3 :3

Posted by RecSpec
@Gill said:
" @RecSpec: So a lucky member gets a limited edition shirt, and you get to complete a quest? Congrats all around. "
I didn't even realize I didn't have this quest done, I'm usually on top of these kind of things. 
I did the split thing so people that wanted to just comment could do it, (example, people that didn't want the shirt because of the size) 
If you want the shirt, then you go to the other place, win win all around.
Posted by Deusoma

I deserve the shirt because if I win, I will give you a hug and tell you you are awesome. u_u

Edited by MauveForest

This is boss of you to give away the shirt like this. You're Awesome.

Posted by HolytheGoalie

You should give it to me because I've been a fan of the site since before it was a site, back in the days of the Arrow Pointing Down podcasts. Back before Vinny and Brad, back when the idea of sending in energy drinks was new and novel.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm the best fan and the rest of you don't deserve a t-shirt as much as I do.

Posted by Cerogravian

This is truly the spirit of wintertime and gift-day!
I doubt anyone could truly deserve one of these shirts, to wear them at least, but the GB-crew was magnanimous that way...

Posted by Arbie

That's really awesome of you. I would love that shirt but considering its size the only use of it would be to wear to bed and that would be beyond a waste. So I'm not commenting to be picked but good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas and stuff!

Posted by Ozmiander

In to win! 
Hooray for the holiday spirit!

Posted by Deiterbomber

I enjoy shirts. And winning. And winning shirts.

Posted by silentghost227

I want it because awesome shirts should be worn by awesome people. 

Posted by TurboMan

I'm in.

Posted by Belonpopo
@RecSpec:  I will trade you my signed copy of My notebook: Carbon for that shirt,
Posted by ChrisTaran

I want it cause I'm greedy. Gimme gimme!

Posted by SBYM

I'd like it because as of right now I literally only have one shirt. So yes, I wear the same fucking t-shirt every single day.

Posted by RandomInternetUser
@solidwolf52 said:
" @xobballox
That shirt is really awesome, and is my size.
This is really sick, its Shit like this that makes giantbomb sick.
What the hell are you talking about?
Posted by kishan6

thatd be cool

Posted by solidwolf52
@xobballox: Ha sorry dude, i have no idea how that got posted as a response to you...i blame my phone...or user error...  Yea probably that second one.
Posted by reddin

It's very nice that you're doing this, truly the Christmas spirit!
While I wear 2XL I won't be entering, because my own shirt should be making its way to me as I type this :D

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