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Posted by FalseDeity

To the world: I just got that bastard of a trinket and never felt better about anything more in my life.

Posted by aku

ive always just been on the fence about this game, especially now that jeff is championing it all week. but this video just put me over the edge. im buying this game and i just have to try that out !

Posted by Dunchad

I had only started playing the game when I ran into this trinket - and I just had to get it. After 30 minutes I knew that I had stumbled upon something really nasty. But after an hour and around 800 deaths I finally made it! And ahh, it was sweet. Especially after the two deaths on the damn spikes right above the trinket. 
It just felt such an accomplishment I felt I needed to tell someone. :)
Posted by TwoLines

You won't believe what happened..
I saved the game, but apparently it didn't save the collected trinkets.
I think you have to reach a teleporter for it to count them.
I had to do this all over again!
And I did it, in like, 5 minutes.
And then I got all other trinkets, and unlocked something cool.
Think I'm done with the game, no hardcore mode for me, thank you. 

Have to say, one of the best 2D platformer games I've ever played.
The music alone is worth the price.

Posted by Rockanomics

Getting that trinket was a major accomplishment in my life.

Posted by Surkov

I was trying for this one this morning, but I quit after about 30 minutes of frustration. 

Posted by JackSukeru

I bought VVVVVV a few days ago and played it yesterday for the first time. It was pretty unfortunate that this part was one of the first things I ran into since it put me off the game a bit. Of course I couldn't just not get it, especially after all the "delicious tears" and mentionings of "they'll never get this one". It took me maybe an hour, but I got it in the end and was happy, because I had a feeling the worst part of the game was over. 
I also found the Warpzone for "The Kid" in SMB, applied myself for maybe half an hour and then said "fuck it!". Maybe some other time, or if I get a gamepad.

Posted by gakon

Took me two days, maybe 400 deaths to get it.  I could only make attempts in maybe 20 minute chunks, though, because my hands would start to get shaky.

Posted by Eristocrat
@wolf_blitzer85: Yes, you do, it's like 5 bucks and fucking awesome.  Plus it's half off on steam this instant.
Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Looks like I need to buy this game.

Edited by Tordah

That one is definitely the hardest to get. Took me over 40 mins to get on my first playthrough. It's all about practising and learning the pattern.
I recently played through the game again in Flip Mode (= the whole world is upside down, not that it matters much in this game) and it only took me like 10 mins.

Posted by TwoLines

Phew, that's good to hear.

Posted by plasticsaber

As soon as I saw the title of this thread I knew exactly which one you meant.  That one is by far the worst.  As I recall there's one other (not too far from this one) that's a little tricky, and there's a few others that require some quick reflexes, but nothing anywhere near that little bastard.

Posted by BeachThunder

One. That is the single hardest part of the game :o

Posted by TwoLines

I bought VVVVVV for 2.50 EUR on Steam yesterday.
I'm on my way to 100% VVVVVV. Actualy, I'm at the very begining, but I intend to collect every trinket that I see.
Little did I know... The trinket on the right side of the screen is what I want to get.
The main character can't jump. He can reversre gravity though- but only when he's standing on the ground. Or uhh.. ceiling.

Am I the only one that had problems with getting this fucker?
How many trinkets that are as fucking INSANE to get as this one are there?