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Posted by Rawrz

Hell yeah Brotherhood!

Posted by Grissefar

Oh no, it's Jeff Green again :( I'm surprised he didn't find a way to insult Vinny with his wierd hair.

Posted by mightymightyme

Civ 5 a disappointment? Does not compute...

Posted by NeoUltima

Of course the most important man in the video game industry is too good to just write up his top 10.

Edited by Vinny_Says

Wow was expecting 1 and 2  reversed from Ryan, but I have the same top 3 as Ryan, weird! Great list!
Jeff Green and Ryan Davis reppin' RDR, I thought this would not happen, but it's totally deserved!

Posted by Curufinwe
@supercubedude said:
" Surprised Bayonetta isn't on Ryan's list. "
I'm not since he didn't play it all that much - just look at his Bayonetta Achievements.
I'd buy a book written by Jeff about his time at EA.  He used to sound happy-ish on the EA podcast, but I guess not.
Posted by snipeshow_17

can't wait for the multi-platform awards now!

Posted by billygoat117

My top 3 is the exact reverse of Ryan's, but that can change day to day. All of those games are so damn good. Also, I can't wait to listen to Paul's list. HYPE!

Posted by Bunnyman

I'm really loving the guest lists. Super stuff.

Posted by Ronald

I'm leaning more towards RDR as goty but AC: Brotherhood is an excellent game as well. Listening to the podcast right now but Jeff Green and Ryan but had great choices all around.

Posted by Gung_Ho_Afro

truly commend both Ryan and Mr. Green's picks

Posted by crusader8463

Dear god it's that purple shirt again! Some one should have gotten Ryan a bunch of shirts for Christmas so he had more variety then purple shirt with triangle design on it. lol

Posted by rjayb89

Dude, fuck yeah!  Fuck that deer!

Posted by fuzzay

Why can't I like Assassin's Creed? Every time I try it I'm just so thoroughly bored. 

Posted by ChristianCastillo

lmao paul barnett is fucking crazy

Posted by Little_Socrates

Nice top 10's today, each list is totally awesome for its own reasons.

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No cinema mode or HD? Mass Effect 2 "categorically better than the first" is the kind of statement which steered me clear of bothering to play the original Mass Effect. Only recently on a friends recommendation I decided to finally give it a go and am pleased to say I'm having just as much fun as I was with the sequel!! The issues with the frame rate and combat tweaks are minor. The story has an actual antagonist and I like the original, more complex RPG elements.

Posted by Det1

> Sent from my iPad

Posted by l3illyl3ob

Civ V just isn't as good as Civ IV.  You don't see that opinion expressed on this site much because nobody who works at GB played more than a couple hours of IV, and none of them are hardcore strategy gamers.  I'll accept that Ryan think V is better because it has a more intuitive interface, but if you have any experience with the past games in the series then you're pretty much already good enough to take on the terrible AI on the hardest difficulties, and you start to miss some of the deep elements that used to be in the series but no longer is.  I agree with Jeff Green 100% here, but I'll specifically single out the AI as being the biggest thing holding the game back.

Posted by MisterMouse

its weird that mass effect came out this year...

Posted by masterfaculty

I have to say, much as I hate to, Civ5 was a big disappointment for me as well. I love the unit movement, but the city-states just aren't that cool and they dumbed everything down a bit too much for my tastes.

Posted by Sammo21

Wait a minute...they took religion out of Civ V?  I don't remember hearing this anywhere...

Posted by themartyr

Jeff Green seems like a nice d00d.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Girl let me 'Nique that girl lemme 'Nique that    

Posted by dannyodwyer

Sent from my iPad

Posted by zameer

Ryan, Paul and Jeff all in one post? This is all kinds of awesome.

Posted by LiK

AC: Bro is the shiznit. Awesome pick Ryan, uh uh uh.

Posted by EgoCheck616

Jeff Green doesn't even own a PS3? 
God fucking dammit.

Posted by SlantedRoom

I  agree most with Ryan's list so far.. although my guess is in the end my list will be most similar to Brad's (minus Starcraft II)
Posted by CornBREDX

I think Jeff Greens list is the best so far. Funny note: he said the same thing about Civ 5 my mom did haha

Posted by skinnyman

As usual, I can completely agree with Ryan's picks. I haven't played AC:B yet so it didn't make my list, but yeah. Right on Ryan.

Posted by MeatSim

These top 10 list just keep getting better.

Posted by Psykhophear

Everyone at GiantBomb seems to like Limbo a lot. I need to try this game out myself.

Posted by Kayotix
@mightymightyme said:
"Civ 5 a disappointment? Does not compute... "

ppl said the same about Civ IV, give it a year or 2 and Civ V will be the greatest thing ever made. Then ppl will bitch that Civ VI is a dissapointment and the cycle will continue
Posted by EtherealSlayer

I agree with Civ 5 being a huge letdown
Posted by endless_void

Civ 5 is definitely a letdown, and so was civ 4. Civ 3 was the last good civilization game and even that is questionable. I don't understand where sid meier is trying to take this series. Remember civ rev.? What the hell was that about....

Posted by xDot

Wow Jeff Green sucks even more than i already thought he did.

Posted by TorMasturba
@Psykhophear said:
"Everyone at GiantBomb seems to like Limbo a lot. I need to try this game out myself. "

Jeff said that he dosn't really care for it actually.
Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame

Paul Barnett a charming guy and all, but wow does he ever care about things for which I can't muster the slightest fuck to give. It's like inviting a guy on Screened to talk up Michael Bay movies. "The incredible thing about this film is how little it requires you to think. Smashing box office success!"

Posted by ExtraCrispy
Sent from my iPad 
Seriously? Too hard to edit that out?
Posted by semyeotic
@xDot: thanks for the constructive criticism. 
your douchebaggery staggers me.
Posted by Korolev

Nice list Ryan. All excellent games.

Posted by Zereta
@ExtraCrispy said:
" Sent from my iPad   Seriously? Too hard to edit that out? "
I think that's the joke.
Edited by Branthog

Paul needs to leave that mallet at Giant Bomb so that someone can beat them upside the head next time they think of bringing her on again. 
Also, Civ V is great, but the shitty AI makes it almost unplayable and the complete lack of leaderboard makes it almost not worth playing. (Sorry, but it doesn't mean much to me to beat some random guy at Civ V if it has no impact on me and there's no record of it happening.) 
Also, it sounds like Paul is not so subtly angling for a job at GB. :)

Posted by RockAction

Really don't understand the love for Red Dead, granted i'm not finished yet, but i'm 10 hours in and just the line ryan said in his video about it being an unforgettable experience made me think, i probably will forget it (except liars dice)  
i love the setting, the world, the characters etc but the lack of story and propulsion/drive makes it feel hollow, and with jeff green and friends of my own praising this story and the way it is told i feel like i'm missing something 
also jeff greens praise of the refinement of the gta gameplay made me realise how clunky gta4 was, which i love and occasionally play 
i felt red read to be more clunky than gta and the missions even more repetitive 
i wish i found it as exciting as most people seem to have, and i want to continue to the end and even go back and play as a bastard, but it really hasn't impressed me as it has everyone else unfortunately

Posted by SnakeEyes327
@Zereta said:
" @ExtraCrispy said:
" Sent from my iPad   Seriously? Too hard to edit that out? "
I think that's the joke. "
Even if it isn't, why the fuck do you care?
Posted by MysteriousBob

I'm sorry, but who gives a shit about the opinion of some popcap hack?

Posted by Agent47

Excellent list Ryan.Always cool to see your picks.

Posted by Sankis
@MysteriousBob said:
" I'm sorry, but who gives a shit about the opinion of some popcap hack? "
Wow. Do you really have no idea who Jeff Green is? Are you that ignorant?