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Posted by TheRoadHead
@l4wd0g: Yea I actually do but I obviously need a better one. I'll make sure to fix them in post from episode 9 and on. Garry is on a X11 headset but he doesn't pop Ps very often anyways.  
Posted by l4wd0g

Do you have a pop filter for your microphone. Ps are painful.

Posted by wyldcat34
Fair comments, thanks for the input.  When you say "Semi Decent speaking voice" what exactly do you mean?  Clarity, pronunciation, speed or accent? 
Edited by LeetBalla

 I'm sorry, but your podcast is terribly boring and only one of you have a  semi decent speaking voice. Try introducing some new features or segments, because right now there is nothing that makes this worth listening to. Not trying to be mean, but that's my take on your production. Also, no one on this site knows who you are, 8 posts?    

Posted by TheRoadHead
That Game Podcast - Episode 7 - 12/04/10

In what we've been playing Garry's highlights include ilomilo, Williams Pinball Hall of Fame and Medal of Honor. Alex has started Dark Void and suffered his way thru Hail to the Chimp and The Outfit. The big releases this week are World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and Tron: Evolution. In the news Ghostbusters: The Video Game gets a patch and Crysis developers say consoles are holding PC games back which sparks a debate between Alex and Garry. Also Kinect sells a lot and Playstation Move not so much. Twisted pixel announces their new game and Team Meat plays PETA. In the topic of the week we discuss our first memories of the XBox 360.

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