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Posted by el_tajij

So I just got done a few hours ago with beating Fear Effect (never completed it back in the day). It really spoke to me how far games have come after playing this gem from 2000. The most notable thing for me was that the save points are in the most RIDICULOUS places and it genuinely feels as though someone with a bag of save-points just tipped it all over the game and was done. Sometimes there are two in a row, sometimes between two save points stand a ridiculously frustrating fight and then a boss fight, meaning death at the boss puts you back a considerable;e distance. It's all a bit mad. It made me realize just how efficient check-pointing/auto-saves have become in modern games.
With that said, Fear Effect is just a really great game. Having come out eleven years ago, the voice acting and graphics are super

90p on Ebay? Yes please.
90p on Ebay? Yes please.
b. The story is a little convoluted but is actually pretty interesting and the whole experience just feels effectively gritty. Thinking of doing a review for it.
I was wondering - any other bombers a fan of this game? I've just ordered the second off ebay, can't wait to get through it!
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Posted by Deathdealer108

Just bought it for $15 at my local vintage game shop. I'm going to start playing it tonight without really knowing anything about it. Something about the odd anime influenced style looked cool, and I remember seeing advertisements for the series on the back of my Tomb Raider game manuals as they were both Eidos properties. And the graphics on the back looked pretty good for a ps1 title,something to do with streaming backgrounds, interesting to see that its 4 discs and not an RPG.