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Posted by checkerknights

Okay everone befor I move on to adding parts of my fic Kirby Knight of the old code on blogs I'm going to add the last list of Suporting characters for the story to help the readers understand a bit better befor hand, also I would like to thank all my friends who have seen my blogs to this point, thank you all very much! you guys are super, well without more to do lets get on to the list.

Good guys

Ms Turtle is mayor and leder of a resistance movment in sunset town in knight of the old code, even though she hide things from Kirby and the others at times she feels her alaround motives are for the better of those around at the time.

Army men Bravo company

Sarge and his men join Kirby and co. in the fray! but why did they come?


a knight of checker and a old friend of Kirby's, he joins later in the story while on a recon mission of Gim and the others.

Tiff and Tuff



have long been with Kirby and have fought with him since king Dedede put there mom and dad in prison for going against his order.

Freedom Fighters


the Freedom Fighters fom the game with the same name, they join in after the first attack by king Dedede's sedition organization, they come to aid ms Turtle and the knights but in time they find a wege between them after, Christopher Stone AKA Freedom Phantom's brother (Troy Stone) dies in a later attcak by Dedede's men, how ever Isabella Angelina stays true to the movement even though at time Tiff can get on her bad side, Christopher Stone drops out for a while but rejoins, how ever he continues blame Kirby for his brothers death beyond reason.

Lunar knights


the Lunar knights join kirby and co. in the last battle.

Raticate (Pokeon)


joins in the last battle as well,he also has a team of other Pokemon at his side, Charizard, Jolteon, and Nidoking. 




he was also an ex-knight of checker along side Kirby in Kirby beginnings



 she joins in with the Lunar knights in the last battle.

Kit Cosmos


one of Kirby's old masters, he know how to open [the door] to castle checker knights, he aids Kirby in this task.

bad guys

NME sales guy


he aids king Dedede in his fight against Kirby and the resistance movment, how ever he at time seems not too friendly with king Dedede also.

Global Sedition


the Global Sedition are a terrorist organization that are run by king Dedede to make terrorist attacts against his OWN government for political gain.

89 Gorillias



the 89 Gorillias are ex-wwII vets who are now mercenaries, they now work under the dollar of the king for the time being.

thanks again for reading, my next upcoming blogs will be pieces of the 676 page fic, I hope it will grab you guys, make you laugh and think on points.

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Dragonheart is a good movie.

Posted by Wrighteous86

What is this? I don't even

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What the Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck?

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Er...... I like Freedom Fighters?

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hard to fallow? well thanks for reading. also if you care to find out more info on this fic read some older post.
look at the comment below 
its a fan fic I'm working on. thanks for the read 
ahh so you could tell I took from DragonHeart? 
thanks for reading even if it was hard to fallow 
Posted by Video_Game_King

Fan fic? Oh no. I'm not even sure how you connect Xenosaga, Kirby, and Army Men, and I'm not sure you know.

Posted by checkerknights
lol yeah to a point thats ture. I mostly thought they were all connected through the Dream Lands. most people and even some things, dream. there for can enter the Dream Land were Kirby lives. were there is no time as we know it only now. were many things can be in one place from any other pont or world. or thats how I have connected it all.