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Posted by PhatSeeJay

Audio sync was so out of B4TM4N..

Posted by BetonneTom

Yeah, so if nobody has noticed, the audio is out of sync. i just wanted to say that, because this is the internet

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Audio is waaayyyyyyy OOS dudes

Posted by dvorak

I actually really like this game.

Posted by crusader8463

I heard a rumour that the audio is out of sync.

Posted by Skronk61

"This is Batman, This is Batman, This is Batman"

Posted by sixpin
@SnakeEyes327 said:
" @sixpin said:
" @SnakeEyes327 said:
" @Zaccheus said:
" @SnakeEyes327 said:
" @Zaccheus said:
" MMOs... I just don't understand them. Pretty funny QL though. "
What's not to understand? "
Why anyone would want to play them. "
I don't know. Why do people waste money on 60 dollar games that last 8 hours? MMO's are like any other RPG, you just get more value out of them. "
That's a dangerous argument to make. A person's enjoyment of any activity is very subjective. Some want to do the same thing over and over for months on end for $50-60 + $15/monthly. Others rather pay $20-$60 on a title that they will get 10-100 hours out of and then move on to something else.  I'm not defending the OP, I'm just sharing my perspective. I never really got into a MMO until I played WoW. And after playing deep into that game for years I finally reached my MMO limit. Watching this just reminds me of why I quit WoW and went back to playing my 360. "
I'm not making a statement about what a person enjoys doing. I'm just making a statement about the amount of content you'd get with a 60 dollar game versus 15 dollar subscription, or a free-to-play model. Some people just see the amount of content that an MMO comes front loaded with as better value. "
Sure, I can see that with a free-to-play model. The old subscription based MMOs are another story, since they require a monthly fee and an initial investment. But I guess all of this is kind of moot since the perception of value is pretty subjective. 
Posted by BlueFroman

I was really hoping that when they said this was going to be an action/mmo, it would be more like a Phantasy Star Online sort of deal D:

Posted by Oni

Audio and video way out of synch for me

Posted by Rox360

Oh man. I just finished watching the Justin.tv video. This game looks so very not good... I do like a few things. The controls seem very nice, running up buildings is awesome, the environments look pretty good. But the menus, character creator, style of quests and all that looks really poor... Even if this ends up being a better game in general, I honestly think a lot of people would pick Champions Online over this just from looking at them side by side...

Posted by ItsAJackal

While I love quicklooks, and I especially love the ones that showcase how badly a game will play, I don't enjoy watching someone learn how to play a game.  There are several basic things in this game that had me frustrated.  Not knowing how to do simple controls is annoying to watch, and should be worked out before recording.  The create a character stuff absolutely had to be in there, but you should have also had a level 4-5 character to jump into and watch.
And yeah, the audio is noticeably off.

Posted by D0tti
@crusader8463:  Yeah I heard that same rumour :S.
Posted by Regal
@Oni said:
" Audio and video way out of synch for me "
For everyone it seems
Posted by Hector
Now I want to get a ps3 just to play this.
Posted by The_Ruiner

I was in on the beta...fun game for a while..not sure if it's worth the long haul though.....I do miss it though...

Posted by snide
@Globox82 said:
" Bave or Cave or whatever his name is, typical fanboy, just go suck on your 360 while you finger yourself. If this was on 360 you know he would be playing it. "
Obviously you're not a golfer.
Posted by alternate

Wow is the audio off?  Didn't really need 3 pages of people saying the exact same thing.  I will wait for the fix.

Posted by mikecardii

this is probably repeated a lot but the audio is out of sync dogs 

Posted by Ronald

The audio is off from the beginning. They mention the cut scene before it starts and mention the look of the Batman template while on Martian Manhunter.

Posted by Delta_Ass

Audio is perfectly in sync, don't change a thing guys.

Posted by PhatSeeJay
@Globox82 said:
" Bave or Cave or whatever his name is, typical fanboy, just go suck on your 360 while you finger yourself. If this was on 360 you know he would be playing it. "
I don't say this very often but;  lolwhat?
Posted by ALavaPenguin

This is weird how the audio is totally messed up.

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So glad that GB crew did this video as I've been curious about the game though not able to get it for a while. It does look a little better than City of Heroes & Champions Online as far as how the world is set up. Definitely looks like to me one of those MMORPGs to play for just a few months to get a full fix of it.
After playing a hell of a lot of Marvel Ultimate Alliance & X-Men Legends, I'd hope that the ability to pick up & throw enemies would be in this.

Posted by jellysnake

The aiming looks terrible. 
Also b4tm4n.com has been taken, was it one of you guys?

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I love quick looks but it is very frustrating watching someone struggling with basic controls.

Posted by Innovacious

I just bought this... i dont know why. Only one person on my steam friends list has it, and he says hes not enjoying it but im getting a CoV/H vibe from it that is drawing me in. The only reason i stopped playing city of villians was because i got in late, and there was only like 2 other low level people on the server i could do anything with. Hopefully i can get into this from the beginning.

Posted by Chango

Yeah the video and audio are out of sync. 

Posted by KillaMaStA

these are not the Batman you were looking for

Posted by drewbert

Alright folks, the audio should be fixed. Let me know if anyone has any problems!

Posted by Pie
@drewbert: Thank you Drew!
Posted by iKANNIBAL

The Beta was great, i bought the game, loving it. Its definately worth the fee. 

Posted by karatetron

Gasp! It's The B4tm4n!

Posted by Dany
@Globox82 said:
" Bave or Cave or whatever his name is, typical fanboy, just go suck on your 360 while you finger yourself. If this was on 360 you know he would be playing it. "
You seriously need to know what you are talking about before you talk shit because right now, you come off as both uninformed and an ass.
Posted by craigbo180

"Hero... lame, look at this guy. Rawr."

Posted by Aronman789

I was in the Beta, and its actually pretty damn awesome.

Posted by JokerFrown

I friggen love this game.  One of the better MMO's that I've played in a long time.

Posted by Rxanadu
@Aronman789 said:
" I was in the Beta, and its actually pretty damn boring. "
Posted by supercubedude

Why are they doing a quick look of City of Heroes?

Posted by FritzDude

11th QL. - The customization is the best.

Posted by Valru
Yes that is Kevin Conroy and yes Mark Hamil does do the Joker. 
Posted by MisterMouse

I wish I could just fool around with the character creator 

Posted by Beforet

So far, every quick look I have watched this week has crashed. Is it me? I would change, but I don't know how!

Posted by Chris_Ihao

Batman_32 calling Batman-*17*. We got ten spiders coming in from the north! Okay batman, I'm coming to aid you!

Posted by Nottle

Should have made the Flaming C.

Posted by Aronman789
@Rxanadu said:
" @Aronman789 said:
" I was in the Beta, and its actually pretty damn boring. "
Fixed. "
No you didn't.  
Did you play on PVP or with people? Because me and a couple guys got together and kicked ass for hours and it was pretty damn fun, not to mention the combo for combat system is a hell of a lot more enjoyable than the press button-wait-press again system of most MMOs.
Posted by CrazedMaverick

Not to dish on the guys, but i find that their lack of understanding in any game's story has to do with the fact that they don't pay attention. Haha, but entertaining none the less. 

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

That is the most ridiculous profanity filter I've ever seen. Cir***stance?

Posted by BounceDK

wow talk about copying city of heroes ..

Posted by Sharpshooter

I played the PS3 beta and I really enjoyed it. I'm gonna pick this up tomorrow and see how it goes from there

Posted by Shinri

That 'DERR FURRY EWW' stuff sort of annoyed me. Not only is it ignorant, it's also pretty childish.
Also anthromorphic superheroes and villains are really common.
-10 respect for GB crew.