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Posted by sawfish22

Ryan: "What's a street belt?" 
Jeff:  "It's a belt you wear on the street."

Posted by F_14_D_TOMCAT
@sawfish22 said:
"Ryan: "What's a street belt?"  Jeff:  "It's a belt you wear on the street." "

Duuuh !!
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"The GCPD and Haz mat  just can't handle it alo- 

Posted by TekZero

He's a mummy superhero....ladies. 

Posted by The_Moose

no buy

Posted by Maxtown

Future Cop was Judge Dredd right?
Posted by sissylion

I know I'm really late on this, but Jeff's voice for the character sounds like his Igor. Which makes me really want Igor to start wearing a sick skull belt. 

Posted by Agent47
@sissylion: What is Igor?
Posted by sissylion
@Agent47: Oh, right. It's been two years since the Persona 4 Endurance Run. Means people won't get a reference.  
It's not important. Excuse me while I cry. 
Posted by Agent47
@sissylion: I saw the Person 4 run but not all the parts.I didn't catch the Igor part.
Posted by sissylion
@Agent47: Well Igor was the character that allowed you to fuse Personae and gave you guidance. Jeff would always do an impression of him, and one of the voices he makes in this video sounds similar to that. 
Posted by Silock
Don't start an mmo from scratch in a quick look, we don't get to see much : ( 
Posted by MordeaniisChaos
@Silock said:
Don't start an mmo from scratch in a quick look, we don't get to see much : ( 
Hence quicklook. The character creation stuff in this is very important, and on top of that, usually when they do this kind of quicklook, it's because they've already played it and know it doesn't really matter: either way it's mediocre at best, and ultimately, it's an MMO. It doesn't really open up with new mechanics.
Posted by FlyingRat

That is very clearly Kevin Conroy...

Posted by HelliSkelli

Is it me or does Oracle sound like the radio announcer lady from Disaster Report for the PS2?  I know almost NO ONE will even know what game that is but I like crappy/good games and that game is gold.