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Posted by HaroldoNVU
@kalmis: If you're interested, Puzzle Agent just had its price cut in half according to the Telltale Newsletter.
Posted by Skytylz
@kalmis: You said eh, that's why I asked.
Posted by kalmis
@HaroldoNVU:  Yeah Big Brain Wolf is good game. Maybe not as polished as the Layton games are. Haven't played Puzzle Agent but I assume this would similar. Worth picking up, especially if you can get it on a sale 
I spent about 10h on finishing the 1st campaign on Disciples. There are still 3 campaigns to do. Probably goes faster next time. But yeah quite a lot of content.
Posted by HaroldoNVU

 I wish I knew about Big Brain Wolf during the last steam sale. I think it was part of a indie pack, but I had most games in it. I think your review sold me. I'm not gonna buy it now, because I've got literally dozen of games on my backlog, but something to look for in the future. 
Disciples seemed nice but a bit time consuming for me, that why I passed on it. How much time would you say it took you to finish it?    

Posted by kalmis
@Skytylz:  Interesting question. No, I am actually from Scandinavia originally.
Posted by Skytylz

Are you Canadian? 

Posted by Tordah
@kalmis: I actually have a copy of Lost Odyssey sitting on my shelf. No idea when I will start that project though...
Posted by kalmis
@Tordah:   Have you tried Lost Odyssey? It is no doubt one of 360's better JPRGs. The combat mechanism is pretty deep and the game looks good still. Also it is not as anime style as Eternal Sonata is. Sure, it is hard to determinate which gender the lead character is, but once you get past that it is quite enjoyable classical JRPG. Although it has random encounters, which Eternal Sonata doesn't. 
@ArbitraryWater: Thanks, Disciplies II is next on my list. I don't think I've ever played Age of Wonders. Have played tons of Age of Empire and Age of Mythology games. Must have lost sight of Age of Wonders thinking it was the same RTS type. Not to so those are bad games, just RTS
Posted by Tordah
@ArbitraryWater: Alright, I see. Although experience is important in the Heroes series, gathering as much gold and resources as possible is really what you need to focus on. I'll be sure to play them at some point in the future.
Posted by Tordah

Hehe, yeah me and Arbitrary are both huge fans of the Heroes series. 
I don't really have anything against jRPGS except for the anime stylings and the random encounters (and occasional grinding). I like a bunch of older 2D jRPGS and I had tons of fun playing FF7 and FF8 back in the days, but I realize that for the most part, the genre is not really for me. I'm curious about them, but I wish they did most things differently.

Posted by ArbitraryWater
@Tordah: A direct comparison to Heroes is warranted, but there are still a lot of caveats to add with that. Disciples is much more focused on the RPG elements, and getting as much experience as possible for your army is the way to go so they can upgrade to superior units. The combat is a lot more streamlined, being two rows of creatures facing each other with no movement (at least, not in Disciples I and II). However, Disciples III seems to go out of its way to try to be more like Heroes, and even though it seems like a decent game, I can already tell it has some problems. 
If you have to play one of the games of the series, play Disciples II. Solid game with a very distinct and pronounced art style. Generally speaking, I like it more than Heroes IV, which came out around the same time. Age of Wonders also fits into that category of Heroes derivatives, but that's on the opposite end, being more strategic than RPG. I'm also terrible at it. 
Posted by kalmis
@Tordah: Embarrassed to admit, but I've never played any of the Might and Magic games. Didn't have a clue that Heroes of .. is their branch of strategy games. Until arbitrarywater pointed this out to me few weeks back. 
Yeah there is some original music by Chopin in Eternal Sonata. Also some real life facts about him. Not that I am the biggest classical music guy, but it is interesting to know this. Plot starting to open up a bit now. If you are not fond of JPRGs this definitely might not be for you. Despite the battle mechanism, that is bit different.
Posted by Tordah

I hear the Disciples series is pretty similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic games, which are amazing. If you haven't played the third Heroes game, then you've been missing out! 
Is there actual music by Chopin in that Eternal Sonata game? If so, I might have to check it out at some point. I have to agree that it looks almost too colorful and cutesy looking, but then again, I've never been into anime at all so that's a problem I have with pretty much every jRPG.

Posted by kalmis

So I thought that I try something else here. Doing a review for every game that I play gets really tiring after a while. Plus there is not lot of benefit of reviewing every piece of garbage. Even if the original idea was to have something for myself to remember. Blogging does the same thing. So here goes my weekly or bi-weekly blog of games related stuff I've been doing.

Indie game developer 

My bosses friend, (who is kind of like a half friend) asked if I wanted to getting into games developing with him. He knows that I am big gamer and always "promoting" some weird indie game. It does help that I can code and generally know lot about games and different application. He introduced me to Unity and I've done some tutorials and playing around. Really fascinating stuff. Never thought that it would be so easy to get into. Anyway I haven't time have proper chat with him since our last alcohol infused get-together. Still 100% sure what he is up to since he has his own company on the side and at times it sounded like he was looking for free labour.

Regarding indie games. I will still keep on reviewing and adding wiki entries for indie games I play. And, trying to have one in my playlist all the time. Before starting with a game, just word of apologies. English is not my first (actually not even second) language. I am trying to improve on it my doing more writing and so on. Just tend to forget the articles and occasional verbs. If something is unclear, please let me know.

Starting the blog of with a golden oldie.

Disciples: Sacred Land.

A PC game from 1999. Picked this from GOG on their holiday sale. As mentioned on the old game thread(which I can't seem to find now). I've never played this before or any game from the Disciples franchise. Wanted to start with the first game and on the franchise. Finished the campaign now with one faction now. Really nice combination of strategy and RPG but maybe bit simple. Each chapter in the story starts with level 1, but you get to keep one of your hero characters and 3 items. At chapter 3-> the hero starts to be so strong that you want to use him instead of other heroes. Making the game slow since you end up killing majority of enemies with this hero. Probably not the correct way to play. Looking forward of starting the second Disciples. Shamed to admit that I've missed this genres completely. 

Space Invaders Extreme 2

Reason why I picked this can found in Radiangames: Crossfire 2. Played some of that fine XBLA indie shooter. Also reviewed it. Kind of like stylish Space Invaders clone with a interesting twist. Anyway found the game to be very easy and wanted to play some more Space Invaders. First game I could get hold of was the Space Invaders Extreme 2 for DS, which I had not played yet. Just to see if I somewhere along the line had developed a l33t/sick/? Space Invaders skills. And turns I am decent. The point attack on normal was relative easy. Hardest branch giving some grief on the last boss. Not sure when this happened.. that I turned out to be OK Space Invader. Usually I suck at these games (especially shmups). Anyway Space Invaders Extreme 2is pretty good. This is very basic 2D Space Invaders game, had it not been the flashy backgrounds and 2nd screen meta game that is. There is an interesting join between the music and the shooting. End up shooting with the beat of the music and getting really into the music. Not my kind of music but still enjoying the "trance" like gameplay. Strange.

Big Brain Wolf 


Finished and reviewed both. WET is not worth talking about, but Big Brain Wolf is. Nice puzzle adventure ala Telltale meets Layton.


Started Eternal Sonata on Xbox. Liking the occasional JRPG and haven't play on in a while. Very cute looking game. Almost too cute. Sticking to it because of the music, at least for now. I have always problems playing with a female protagonist but Chopin just joined my team so should be able to change to him soon. So far very slow start and no sign of any kind of emergency/danger. All cutesy still.

Tried some Toy Soldiers which I picked up a while ago. Looks absolutely amazing. Didn't know it was tower defence game though.

Co-op stuff

My brother came over from Norway for a weekend. The weather happened to really bad (and wife was working)so we ended up playing(and drinking(but that is given)) too much. It was interesting experienced because even with all the consoles and games I got we were struggling to get a good local co-op game going. Mostly because his weird taste. He is that guy who buys those Tour De France games or dedicated Ski Jumping games. NHL11 was of course a sure pick. Also I happened to get hold of Tiger Woods 2010 for Wii which he wanted to try out. We ended up using most time on that. Motionplus+ makes it bit more enjoyable and realistic-feel. Got some really fierce battles and often the 18th hole being the decider. Only other game worth mentioning is Splosion Man. I had no idea that the local co-op would work like this way. It is of course Splosion Man, just with two dudes in one screen. Both needing to progress equally. Requires good timing on the splosion part, which worked really well. Thanks to the counter thing. By hitting left trigger a trigger will count from 3 to 1. Making it easier to time to elaborate tricks. Helps to have levels so short as well.

We ended up checking out my villages pubs as well. I had only been into few, but as with many UK town there is a pub in every corner. Anyway found this small place that turned out to be this great pool hall. Didn't look anything like that outside. Really relaxed atmosphere and 9 tables. They showed some footie as well which might require me to go back there. That's all for now.

On my previous journals I always added a Youtube clip of a song that has been on my playlist whole week. Recently, for a months time it has been Betus Blues from Super Meat Boy. Very good song, we all know that. Did you know that some piano dude had done a great piano only version? His also done some similar arrangements.