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Posted by IamTerics

Must buy

Posted by EnduranceFun

I swear I'm always rooting for Ryan whenever there's any competitive function in any quick look. Always and only Ryan. 

Posted by Chalian

 Titanic level   was great. great story.
Posted by tobygw

Just finished watching it all. Thanks for the many lols

Posted by NowSayPillow


Posted by zleilndka

Ryan's take on Blast Radius:  "HOOOOLY SHIIIIIT!"

Posted by Dynamitekyle

I'm having the same problem Jeff said Will was having. Hopefully that will be patched or something soon.

Posted by Majkiboy

the question is, can u create Speed tree?

Posted by captainanderson

Disco Beethoven grappling hook. I'm sold.

Posted by Crazyhorse23

Someone Really needs to make Shadow Complex for this game. PS3 Players deserve its awesomeness!
Posted by brocool


Posted by Twiggy199

I Wish this was on 360

Posted by Schizoid

Poor forever alone guy in the background. :(

Posted by Mcubed

Not sure if anyone else caught this but that Deadspace level that they play early on was totally in LBP 1. I remember playing it with a friend a while ago. Seeing as LBP 2 is supposed to be backwards compatible it's not surprising, but just thought I should mention it.

Posted by FinalCut

Definitely going to be picking this up asap!

Posted by Little_Socrates

So the Dead Space sequence almost made me stop watching and go buy the game instantly, as was the first twin-stick shooter.
The rest were only fine by LBP1 standards, but the grappling hook level made me say "well, I do need to buy this, for sure."

Posted by Swaboo
@Mcubed: Yeah that deadspace level has been made for LBP 1 a long time ago.
Posted by McQuinn

Hey guys. Little dead space was definitely made in the first game.

Posted by Daftasabat

I have LBP 1 on PSP and loved it, i doubt 2 will come out on this system, but it looks awesome

Posted by kollay

The music for Battle Cars Arena sounded familiar... Metal Gear?

Posted by NeoUltima

"This looks way more sophisticated than LBP1"...as they are playing an LBP1 level.

Posted by Tacobot

Gotta go get  this game liked the first one and this looks like a good update.
  Man that Fifth of Beethoven makes me wanna slap on some short shorts and  roller skates and DANCE! 

Posted by Gabriel

I loved Pancho Villa stalking Jeff at the Baseball game.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

Ahhh you guys shouldn't have...

Posted by Peacemaker

Year of the PS3.  I bought the first one but didn't play it as much as I should have.  This one looks great though.  The some of the levels people have created are amazing.  I guess this would be good use of my best buy gift card.

Posted by sublime90

titanic was amazing

Posted by Jethuty

that portal level was pretty fucking stupid.  
fucking /b/tards shouldnt be allowed to make ANYTHING

Posted by thebigJ_A

Someone made a working version of Windows XP in LBP2. Check it out: 

Posted by Virtua_Ben

This game looks wonderful.  I really haven't had any interest in LBP up until this QL.

Posted by NTM

Whoever made the Dead Space one misspelled Issac's name. Lame.
Posted by Noodles
@NTM said:
" Whoever made the Dead Space one misspelled Issac's name. Lame. "
You missed the joke. Big time.
Posted by LiquidS

hmm looks good...

Posted by Ronald

So, it's more, and better, LBP. Cool.

Posted by Dany

That titanic level was something else, kinda said their was no copy infringing music.

Posted by cowfish13

The Titanic? Yes they spoke Japanese, and had mechs.
I was also disappointed about not being king of the world.

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

That Titanic jumping puzzle is harder than all of Super Meat Boy.

Posted by Bummey
@NTM said:
" Whoever made the Dead Space one misspelled Issac's name. Lame. "
Posted by Hawk456

Zebra head ... reminds me on the Quick Look from LBP1.  Jeff loves him some zebra head.
Posted by Sooty

I was really psyched for the first then got bored after a week, not gonna make the same mistake here. D:

Posted by SavageM2

I'm not sure how many of the levels they played were from the first one, but this game seems very charming. If I had a PlayStation 3 I'd buy it.

Posted by Addfwyn

I loved LBP to death, and still play it pretty often.   
LBP2 just looks like a refinement of what was already an amazing game so...yeah, I'll be buying it.  Not sure what else to say.

Posted by kalmis

Can't really decide if I want this or not. Watched the whole QL and while the different levels looks like fun the singleplayer campaign didn't look too exciting. Probably end up getting bored fast with this.

Posted by phonicpod

So they still didn't improve the core mechanics then.... sorry.. 30,0000 levels aren't worth anything if they all play like crap!

Posted by SBYM

So this seems kind of rad.

Posted by The_Moose

Graphics are amazing!

Posted by ptys

I literally can't believe what I'm seeing! Think I'm going to buy this just to support the developer as I don't really have the time to play alot of it.

Edited by Lokno

Here's a tip about the new game. See those little pink trees in the upper-left corner of some of the level patches in Jeff's queue? That icon means that the the level was last published in LBP1. There were something like 3 million LBP1 levels, so those are still the majority. 

Posted by thehuntsmen5434

Didn't really get into the first one, but bought this game anyways since sometimes its nice to have a stress free fun game to play that isn't a shooter every now and then.

Edited by Three0neFive
@phonicpod said:

" So they still didn't improve the core mechanics then.... sorry.. 30,0000 levels aren't worth anything if they all play like crap! "

Levels made in LBP2 (of which I'm sure there will be much more than 3 million of) can have gravity modifiers, and while it doesn't let you change directions mid-jump like Mario, it makes it feel a lot more responsive as you aren't floating in mid-air for 2 seconds at the apex of your jump.
I don't really like the standard physics either (though I slogged through LBP1 for trophies), but 200% gravity feels so much better.
Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

LBP2 looks great! I loved the first one and can not wait to get this.