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Trick them ghosts!!

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Posted by ZHabermann

 This Ghost Trick Quick Look "Ghost rides the trick"... Quickly... 

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Posted by pantzing_nome

Been looking forward to this.

Posted by Dexter345

Played the demo online, wish I had some spare money for this and 999.

Posted by Redbullet685

Been waiting for this.

Posted by brocool

Ghost Prick!

Posted by kollay

Haunt 'em hos

Posted by DonChipotle

I liked this game for the story and characters. The actual gameplay is no so good.

Posted by grbear


I don't if it says more about the state of characters in videogames in general or the talent involved in making this game that a Pommeranian is one of the best characters I have seen in a game in ages.

Posted by Blair

This game looks mad rad.  Amazing animations and great music.

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So this is what happened to Wesker after melting in the volcano?

Posted by big_jon

This game need perks and multiplayer with kill streaks.
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Posted by Undeadpool

I'm actually in the process of playing through this and LOVING the hell out of it. The dialog's a little clunky, but the charm MORE than makes up for it.

Posted by Greenyz

Repeating dialogue is the only thing I dislike about this game.  Everything else is awesome.

Posted by Rothbart

Happy Hour, then Quick Look? Bliss.

Posted by smitty86

Help me.......TRICK MY TRICK

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Posted by yoshimitz707

Yes they got missile in the quick look!

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Get rid of that annoying, written for children dialog and you have a great game! I should say that it's written for children because there is too much hand-holding.

Posted by Kjellm87

Are some hours into this now, great game

Posted by mutha3
@DeadDorf said:
" Get rid of that annoying, written for children dialog and you have a great game! "
I'd take Shu's charming worlds and characters any day over the terrible melodrama which usually passes for game writing.
Posted by Hellequin

If I had to say one thing about people watching this quick look, I'd have to say..


That aside, I goddamn LOVE this game. I just beat it today. Holy @#%, the ending blew my mind out the back of my skull. This is currently a lock for my game of the year, unquestionably.
Posted by Animasta
@DeadDorf said:
" Get rid of that annoying, written for children dialog and you have a great game! I should say that it's written for children because there is too much hand-holding. "
to be fair, this is like the second level. They stop holding your hand so much until new stuff gets introduced into the equation.
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It was really hard for me to watch this in spots. I don't know why, but I really couldn't stand it. I barely made it through the whole video. Despite this, I'm still planning on buying the game.

Posted by Asadasa5

Missile is so awesome.

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starts game
"You already pulled a brad"

Posted by Volgin13

holy crap this looks great!

Posted by Sarumarine
@big_jon said:
" This game need perks and multiplayer with kill streaks. "
I'd love to see how a "Trick" works with an AC-130. Heh.
Sweet looking game. I'm really impressed with the animation. One of my favorites is Nearsighted hitman dude flip-cocking the shotgun. You can kinda see it when Jeff and Ryan check out the info screen.
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What, no dead hookers? This isn't the ghost trick I signed up for.

Posted by princess_zelda
@Greenyz:  You can hold down+B to skip through
Posted by RazielCuts
@thatdutchguy89: Thank you for this. 
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Edit: Aside from Missile's name, I'm looking forward to the other Ace Attorney refs. WELCOME!!

Posted by Mcfart

Finished this game 2 days ago....amazing game. The appeal is the story and characters morso then gameplay.

Posted by Anwar

blop-pling-ting-pshhh-tksch awesome soundfx at its finest :P

Posted by SomeJerk

Classic graphical adventure gameplay for a new age, this is wonderful

Posted by bybeach

Kind of cute..kind of involved, also.
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Trick myyyy trick!

Posted by thebigJ_A

Dogs are colorblind. How does Missile know the headphones are red!?! 
Worst. Game. Ever.
Actually this looks cool. If I was the type of person that would own a DS, I'd probably pick it up.

Posted by allenibrahim

This game looks all kinds of awesome! And I loved Pheonix Wright, so this seems right up my alley. However, I just got Mass Effect 2 for PS3, so I'm going to have to wait for this to go down in price which it most definitely will.

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The phantom detective got nothing on Mackenzie:  

 The Touch Detective
Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Ghost ride the trick.

Posted by This_Dude

yep,  gonna go pick this up immediately