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Posted by XChairmanDrekX

Why are some people complaining about the dialogue?  It's great.  It's very lighthearted and comical.  Although sometimes it can get a bit more serious. Not every game has to be super dark, edgy and cynical you know.

Posted by BUCK3TM4N

this looks good 

Posted by princess_zelda

I just beat this game, and it manages to stay amazing the whole way through, in it's puzzles and story. I would recommend this to anyone.

Posted by kollay

Forgot to add: I'm almost done and this game is fucking DOPE.

Posted by kratier

looks like old school point and click adventures, but with better animation now

Posted by SuperJoe

Patrick Swayze approves of this!

Posted by RedCricketChase

I believe I might be too drunk to appreciate this fully, but I LOVE THIS

Posted by Dagbiker

Missile, the name of the dog, was also the name of the dog in 
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Posted by JackSukeru

Will definetly have to get this at some point.

Posted by kerse

This looks really good.

Posted by MarkDarkness

Thank you guys for covering some DS games... it's highly appreciated.

Posted by NekuCTR

Seems a lot like Phoeinx Wright in that you don't play it when you want to play a game you play it when you want to read a movie. Not that that's a bad thing.

Posted by TurboMan

this game looks amazing.

Posted by chickdigger802

finished this game an hour or so ago.
...so when can we start making a list for 2011 GOTY?

Posted by bricewgilbert

Over 10 hours into the game and this first real time travel puzzle was the hardest time I had.

Posted by Teaspoon83

Very cool game. Might have to grab this.

Posted by chickdigger802
@Cartman86 said:
" Over 10 hours into the game and this first real time travel puzzle was the hardest time I had. "
remember, the guy can go into airducts =P
Posted by Alphonzo

This looks cool as hell

Posted by RedSox8933

I think Ryan was talking about Ace Attorney Investigations when he was talking about the intro in the guys office.

Posted by TheHT

that's some charming dialogue all right.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Ghost Dog, Way of the Samurai.

Posted by Zaccheus

I'd love to play this if only I had a DS.

Posted by dagas

Looks cool, but it seems it had the same problem as Phoenix Wright, only one correct way to progress. I hated it when I came up with something before I was supposed to and was punished for it. You can only present that evidence at this moment and not before and crap like that. Still liked it, but felt to linear. No improvisation or choice at all.

Posted by vinsanityv22

This looks sweet. I was unsure about it, so thanks for the Quick Look. You have pushed me off the fence, as they say, and now I'm going to buy this :) I REALLY dig the anime-meets-Another World visuals of the characters. Whenever you guys do your next round of "Quick Look Throwbacks" - probably during the summer lull in release schedule -, you guys should definitely play Flashback or Another/Out of this World.

Edited by dr_mantas

I love the style, the music is excellent, the puzzles are clever and challenging. It actually seems pretty funny, in a quirky way. This is one of few things that makes me wish for a DS.

Posted by Rox360

Oh man. Going for some Chicken in the Kitchen? Anyway, game looks really neat. I'm definitely getting the Phoenix Wright vibe from it, too, what with the super serious situations somehow feeling really urgent despite just being text boxes and high tempo midi music... I'm glad the 3DS will be backwards compatible, because what with my old DS being kinda broken, I'm slowly working up a backlog of DS games I really do want to try out. They'll be really cheap by the time I can afford to buy games again, too!

Posted by delicious_lie

beauuuutiful animation

Posted by gbrading

Missile the Pomeranian is pretty amazing.
Posted by Mijati
@chickdigger802:  What will be interesting is what they do about DS/3DS game of the year. Keep DS for this year along with 3DS or what? Although I doubt they've thought about it yet :P
Posted by Arrested_Developer

The game is incredible, if you have any love whatsoever for Phoenix Wright or just adventure games in general it's a must have.

Posted by tourgen

hey this is a pretty neat idea for an adventure game.  I like the story setup too.  I don't have a DS but this definitely looks like something worth playing if you do.

Posted by thealexray

Where's Polterguy?

Posted by dck

Looks great. Dying for a speedy iOS release outside of Japan.

Posted by BigChief

Looks pretty neat. Any word on about how long this game is?

Posted by Alita_99

Wow, this video convinced me I need to get this sooner rather than later.  I just love that little Pomeranian, he's so cute!  His dialogue is what I always thought a dog would talk like if a dog could talk.
Hey, here's a bit of trivia, the dog in "Phoenix Wright" was named 'Missile' too!  I think that Missile was a Welsh Corgi though.

Posted by Woodroez

That dog is that little lady's retainer.
Posted by ocha

I kinda didnt sleep until I finished Ghost Trick. 
It's probably my favorite DS game right now.

Posted by KillyDarko

Great stuff :)

Posted by Azteck

This game looks fucking amazing. I want it, but I don't have a DS

Posted by Jimi

Been playing this on and off for a few days. It's pretty good! If you have ever enjoyed an adventure / puzzle game make sure you pick up this unique title!

Posted by Korne
@Alita_99: I'm pretty sure missile was a Shinu Iba. They are pretty cool, and remind me a lot of a smaller husky. 
Posted by Ronald

Looks like a fun puzzle game. And the animation does look great. 

Posted by Lelcar
@Korne said:
" @Alita_99: I'm pretty sure missile was a Shinu Iba. They are pretty cool, and remind me a lot of a smaller husky.  "
Hahaha, you got it in reverse! It's a Shiba Inu, and yeah that's what Missile was in Phoenix Wright.
Posted by beeryayghost

Precarious Aquarium is a great ska band name.

Posted by TehFlan

Get equipped with: Bubble Lead.

Posted by AlisterCat

I can't say enough good things about this game.

Posted by Darknaut

This looks like one of the few games that can make me regret not having a DS. Bummer.

Posted by Bacchus

This game is super awesome. 
I hope it makes it to iPhone in America, like it did in Japan.

Posted by Nomin

What I see is a pinnacle of puzzle gaming that is both rewarding and not frustrating, also with that quirky and earnest sense of misdirected humor that is rather charming. This should be the poster child of what portable gaming is all about. Just think of the possibilities if this type of gameplay could be brought into 3D. 

Posted by JJOR64

Game looks great.  Now if they could put that dude in Marvel 3, it would be epic for the win.