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Posted by Ryan

When you're talking about what has made the Rock Band franchise great, the full-band experience is certainly clutch, but it's been the relentless post-release support from Harmonix that has really given the franchise its legs. While downloading the songs directly through the in-game store is the preferred method for many, themed disc-based packages serve the need of the less connected rocketeers.

On February 1, Harmonix is releasing Rock Band Country Track Pack 2, which promises, and I'm not making any of this up, a full 21 tracks of full-bore, gut-clenching, beer-swillin', god-fearin', trailer-slappin', red-white-and-blue honky tonk. The kind of twang this beautiful country was founded on. Here's a full track listing, in case you somehow require further convincing.

  • Billy Currington - That's How Country Boys Roll
  • Chely Wright - Single White Female
  • Darius Rucker - Alright
  • Darryl Worley - Awful Beautiful Life
  • Dierks Bentley - Sideways
  • Dwight Yoakam - Intentional Heartache
  • Gary Allan - Man of Me
  • George Strait - Twang
  • Jason Aldean - Crazy Town
  • Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
  • Justin Moore - Backwoods
  • Keith Urban - Kiss a Girl
  • Lady Antebellum    - Perfect Day
  • Laura Bell Bundy - Giddy On Up
  • Luke Bryan    - Rain is a Good Thing
  • Merle Haggard - Mama Tried
  • Rascal Flatts - Summer Nights
  • Reba McEntire - The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia
  • Shania Twain - Party for Two (With Billy Currington)
  • Sugarland - Settlin'
  • Trace Adkins - Ride

I mean Dwight Yoakam? George Strait? Merle Haggard?! JOHNNY HOUSE ON FIRE HAND TO GOD LIVE FROM FOLSOM PRISON MAN IN GOD-SNEERIN' BLACK GUITAR FULL OF AMPHETAMINES CASH!?! In light of this momentous occasion, Harmonix has generously furnished us with three, count 'em, three copies of the Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 for Xbox 360 (which, I should note, come with codes that will let you import the songs on the disc directly into Rock Band 3,) to distribute to you kind folks in an appropriately grandiose, hillbilly fashion.

If there's one thing we love as much as this great nation, it's causing undue grief to Harmonix Street Team Member John Drake. With that in mind, and in the downhome country spirit of the Rock Band Country Track Pack 2, we want you to warm up your Photoshop chops and craft an image that really captures the essence of "country" while also prominently featuring the bright-eyed, full-browed visage of John Drake himself. We have graciously provided a small gallery of very choice, candid photos of John Drake to help get you started. If this ain't synergy, I don't know what is!

Post your submissions in the comments below by Monday, January 31, and a heavily partial group of judges from Whiskey Media and Harmonix Music Systems will convene to determine the winning entries. Now giddiyup! 
UPDATE: The contest is closed and the winners have been chosen! Thanks to everyone who participated, and an extra-special thanks to John Drake himself for being such a good sport about our grossly unnecessary shenanigans. Winners, check your PM boxes! You should receive a message from me shortly.  

Posted by Skald

Cool stuff.

Posted by soli


Posted by jford

Gotta love John Drake!

Posted by Daniel_Newton

Drake is going to love you guys for this.

Posted by JJWeatherman

Oh my god I have to actually try for this.

Posted by Phanman

No PS3 love Harmonix? And I love Photoshopping too :(

Posted by ZeForgotten

Hah, winning stuff, me? I'll just buy it instead I guess. Can't wait to see some of the good stuff that will come out of this though :D

Posted by ShaggE

My general stance on most country is "...eh", but Ring of Fire and   The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia are severely tempting... (even if I heavily prefer the Vicki Lawrence version)

Posted by AllanIceman

John T. Drake makes the craziest faces. 

Posted by FLStyle

Extra points for using a cap of the Big Live Show Jeff and Drake dancing .gif?

Posted by Anthony

Darius Rucker is the singer from Hootie and the Blowfish. Quite a change! 

Posted by natetodamax


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Very quick and dirty...soon to be outvoted.
Posted by Johntdrake

son of a bitch.

Posted by deyanne

holy shit this has the potential to be amazing :D 

Posted by Chris2KLee

Oh, this is gonna be sweet.

Posted by tineyoghurt

I'm so good at photoshop... OH LOOK IT'S A COWBOY ON A HORSIE!!!!

Posted by Butano

Oh my lord, my weekend is officially booked now.

Posted by zityz

this will be most fun...mmmyes indeed.

Posted by chogi
Posted by Winternet

Make them all and let God sort 'em out.

Posted by Megadestructo
Posted by ApolloBob
@chogi said:
I don't believe we can top this.
Posted by Sweep

I am tempted to leave university right now so I can go home and fire up photoshop :|

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 "Get away from my trailah, mister. I ain't gonna ask ya twice."
Posted by kerse
@chogi said:
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No "Theme from Rawhide" by the Blues Brothers? Ryan, you are a tease.

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Best I could do before work.
Posted by jmic75

lol I'm not sure if any of those photos need photo-shopping. 

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Having lived in the South all my life... I think this might be pretty accurate?
Posted by Mike_Sandbag

It's a shame there's not a PS3 track pack up for grabs... Good luck to the participants on 360 though. Should be entertaining to see the entries.

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edit: Oh what the hell, why not? 

Posted by nick_verissimo
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Posted by Finstern

 Drake Busey
Posted by Bleshoo

I gave it a shot...
Posted by Undeadpool
@chogi said:
Just give all three to Chogi.
Posted by JJWeatherman

 Johnny Drake's debut album:   Rigopulos' Whiskey
Posted by sixdemonbag

There needs to be a NASCAR in there somewhere, preferably #3 to be true south accurate.
Posted by melcene

I don't know most of these, but I know that the second the hubby sees Ring of Fire, he'll say this is a purchase.

Posted by minorinya

Yup. Chogi wins it hands down.

Posted by Ronald

Since I started with Rock Band for PS3 everything Rock Band I have through RB3 has been for PS3 so good luck to everyone else. Besides, I have the one song I really care about from this set already purchased. Which strangely is a cover.

Posted by Kariodude

This captures country western in the best way I could think of.

Posted by Cahill

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  Larger version -->  http://img814.imageshack.us/img814/9999/goodoldboy.jpg
Posted by DrBeardface

This is getting more awesome by the minute.

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Posted by RagingLion

*gets popcorn*  :)

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I don't have a 360 so I can't officially enter, but..