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Posted by GristleMcThornbody

I like how Kotick isn't afraid to use the word "super-charge" in his description. 

Posted by Hughes

With the direction the Tony Hawk games have been going in, this is probably a good thing. 
Also, I noticed something:  
Guitar Hero, published by Activision, gets the axe. It's biggest competitor? Rock Band, co-published by EA. 
Tony Hawk series, also getting the axe. Biggest competitor (and frankly better games as of late), Skate. Published by EA.  
Respawn Entertainment forming after the whole thing with Activision's cherished CoD franchise? Yeah, EA Partners. 

Posted by MadExponent

Activision makes bad decisions.  Also, wtf...no Bungie game or Diablo 2 in 2011?  These games really don't take this long.  Especially Blizzard....wizeak.
Edited by Gonmog

i love the line about them not expecting a profit from Blizzards next 2 games for this year...I love blizzard they have so much power that even Activison cant tell them to make a game come out sooner. I am a proud Blizzard Fan! :D

Posted by sins_of_mosin

Eh, that True Crime seemed alright.


CoD is stale and boring.  They need to stop with the linear path and actually let players have some fun.

Posted by keoskey

@JuggaloAcidman said:

"Is it just me or does Activision make some really awful games? Why Blizzard got in bed with Activision is beyond me... COD is there only quality product... And even then... Black Ops... Not my favorite that's for sure. "

Both activision and blizzard are working togeather b/c they both like the idea of making there users pay extra ontop on the 60 to 100 $$$ they pay to get there games.

Posted by MechaDestroyer

That sucks about True Crime.  But, then again, the series was notoriously rough around the edges despite being made with good intentions (Streets of LA was a clunky mess of genres while New York was glitchy beyond all belief).  Maybe Hong Kong would have continued that trend but maybe it could have turned the series around.  We'll never know. 
I worry about Call of Duty now, but then I remember we still have Battlefield 3 on the horizon and Bad Company 2 going strong so I don't worry.

Posted by Wrighteous86

Activision says, "No more Heroes".

Posted by Konanda

That headline is terrible. Really axes?