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Posted by TorMasturba
@Davvyk said:
" @LackingSaint said:
" God I hate it when games pretend that the US is under some serious threat. "
Why? its just fiction. Its an interesting premise  "

It would be more interesting if they made it the Ukraine or Africa, or some other country that we don't hear much of, and made you a homebred freedom fighter against the Korean forces in question. 
I know it seems random but I haven't played these scenarios before without having my character have a British or American accent. 
Another scenario that most medias never touch on is the idea of being a common civilian, let's say civilian farmer, forced to fight for evil forces with the threat of the death of all his family if he and his brothers do not join the army that his country's government has raise set upon the world. 
Maybe this character has a great proficiency in warfare and gets promoted to a rank of considerable control of a regiment or two or even many more, and over the course of this war on the world that his country's government has created, and decides to use his and his silent allies' status as members of the evil side's army to set major events in motion that lead to the unremitted destruction of said evil leaders/dictators. Etc, etc... 
I would love to play a game where I'm fighting to bring down my own side and if done right it could be a great premise for a video-game.
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor
@Dark_Lord_Spam said:
" We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them in the hills, AND WE SHALL FIGHT THEM AT THE LOCAL WHITE CASTLE! "
This is excellent.
I can't wait to kill me some Koreans!