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Posted by natetodamax
@Daveyo520: Oh but it is YOU who is confused by your unjustifiable love for manly Chie!
Posted by Daveyo520
@natetodamax: AH! I am confused!  
Posted by natetodamax
@Daveyo520 said:
" @natetodamax: AH! I am confused!   "
Exactly. Now you realize that Rise is miles better.
Posted by Daveyo520
@natetodamax: NEVER! Also Yukiko would come next. 
Rise is way too foreword about being into you. It loses the cute. Also why Tahli is the best romance in ME2.
Posted by natetodamax
@Daveyo520: Loses the cute? You're mad.

Edited by Daveyo520
@natetodamax: She looks cute, but has a less cute personality. Not all about looks Nate! (We are talking about 15 year old girls here!)
Posted by natetodamax
@Daveyo520: Blasphemy. Absolute blasphemy. You depress me
Posted by Daveyo520

@natetodamax: It is you who tells the lies!
Posted by Jadeskye

I love how this thread has become the ultimate showdown of Rise Vs. Chie. 
Gonna throw my fists around here and proclaim my love for Rise. She's also voiced by laura bailey, one of my favourite voice actresses. =D 

Edited by Daveyo520
@jadeskye: Oh Jadeskye, I loved you once...
Posted by Bartman3010

I don't know, I think Tracey Rooney is pretty amazing after her performance in the game. Such energy. 
Surely one day for the Almighty Comrade Satonaka Love Love Day can't be enough? I must have one more...  
There is always next year, but...