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Posted by The_Laughing_Man

So I found a fun little texture package and dived back into mine craft. My world loaded up and I got this nice little starting spot. 

 Ahhh so pretty
So quickly I get to work gathering wood to make a home for myself. The trees which you can see in the picture are all over the place. After pokin around a bit I found two natural caves right at my spawn and take a peek in one. To my surprise I am chased out by a skeleton. Course they do not come out in the sun right? Well wrong..he chases me out and lands an arrow firmly in my back stealing 3 hearts. After a short dance around a few trees he is burnt in the rays of the sun. After which I go back to my wood collecting. It does not take long before I have made a workbench. A sword and a pickaxe. Not to mention a little home. 

Home Sweet home.  
By now however the sun was getting low so I ran to find coal. In the past I had issues finding coal and soon realized this might be another one of "Those times" to my luck however I found 4 blocks not far from my home which I quickly mined and turned to torches. Apon returning home the sun was sinking fast.  

Goodbye pretty funny block of sunny squareness 
I arrived home just as the sun went down and quickly stuck torches outside my home to stop monsters spawning right on my door step. I did not have time to unpack the good dinner ware and napkins so that would be a fopa to no end.  

Its dangerous to go alone
So ends my first day. A small home to keep me safe. Torches to keep the baddies away. And a little workbench to toil away on.  I shall sleep hungry tonight but safe. Hungry but safe.  

I have many plans for you my little home. 
Tomorrow is a new day. And I have many plans. The search for coal begins a new and maybe even iron. Stone pitckaxes to be made and a stone sword to be forged.  
Well that was my first new day in minecraft. I was thinking of keeping a little journal like this and keep it a sort of diary like feel. If anything it will give me a reason to upload more pictures. 
Posted by AckbarTheGreat

Sounds like a great idea, I look forward to reading of your coming adventures!

Posted by M_33

This was fun to read. I wouldn't mind more.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Thanks for reading. I might do another tonight if anyone else has interest. 

Posted by Grelik

I love minecraft, what texture pack are you using?  Looks pretty good.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man
@Grelik said:
" I love minecraft, what texture pack are you using?  Looks pretty good. "
Its some "HD" pack I found. Not sure the name. Ill try to dig it up.