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Edit: I'm not sure what niche your podcast fills, to be honest.  I already have Giant Bombcast for the news, and hell, NintenDownload X-Press for digital releases. 
What you guys do have is an appreciation of older games, especially ones that are somewhat under the radar (H.A.W.X., Eternal Sonata).  Rather than simply gloss over what you guys played over the weekend, I would love to hear a podcast in which you guys discuss an older game each week, in great (spoiler-filled) detail, maybe even to defend it against your peers and the gaming media.  Truly, there's a unfilled need for fans to talk about these games, rather than professional critics. 
Just a suggestion though.

Posted by TheRoadHead
That Game Podcast - Episode 17 - 02/12/11

We start up by tallying up are successes in the EA Sports games we've been playing over the last month. Then Garry talks about his love of Dead Space and also Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.. Alex has been playing Stacking, Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Eternal Sonata. We then go over the new releases and gaming news for the week. Finally Alex and Tom finish up their spoiler discussion of Amnesia: The Dark Descent in part 4. 

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