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Posted by ZombiePie

 As Always Special Thanks to FoxxFireArt for the Banner!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! A lot has been happening across all Whiskey Media sites most of which pertain to the re-launched and redesigned version of the Whiskey Media home site! In fact if you have any strong opinions about the new Whiskey Media site and its new direction publish them here! Not only that but if you live in Canada, Europe (Britain included), or Australia and would like the Giant Bomb crew to visit your country help the Bombcast go on A WORLD TOUR! On top of that we have a lot of data to talk about. Check out Mike Tatum's blog where he discusses the Browser War between Tested and Giant Bomb. Ethan has the latest edition of Data Porn on the Whiskey Media Site...I'm the top wiki mod on Giant Bomb and #3 wiki mod across all Whiskey media sites.
Oh yeah a Giant Bomb user beat Ninja Gaiden on the NES on a DDR dance pad:
Also Giant Bomb music maestro Hamst3r has made some music magic for you to enjoy:

Notable Current Events

  • Official Matchmaking Thread for Dawn of War II - Retribution -- Check out the details HERE!

  • A New Hope: MvC3 Tournament (PS3 ONLY) -- Sign up and read the rules HERE!

  • Vito's (PAL ONLY) Game Giveaway #7 - Free Copy of Mass Effect 2 - Entries due Sat. March 5th - Sign up HERE!


Wonderful Wikis

The name game this week is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution, and as to be expected it has a wonderfully wiki. Norrath is yet another monstrosity of Marino's creation. With and upcoming HD re-release check out the wiki entry for Beyond Good & Evil to find out what that game is about. Vagrant Story is the latest PSN release of a classic JRPG that is well represented on Giant Bomb. A new Pokemon game is coming out but read about the franchise's roots. Bear and Engrish rounds out the concept ridiculousness on the Giant bomb database.

User Reviews


Lovable Lists

Last week you may remember that I brought Marino's low list rating to your attention. Well congratulations Giant Bomb Community because we got the wiki master's lists to an above 80% recommendation rating. Mission Accomplished! However it has unfortunately come to my attention that PsEG also was struck by this troll and I forgot to mention him. So if you can please help out!

Best of Blogs/Fantastic Forums

B0nd07 has completed the second part of his Promo Gallery Archive. ahoodedfigure talks about the changes and evolution of the The Elder Scrolls franchise. dudeglove talks about the re-designed Dante for the upcoming Devil May Cry game. FrankCanada returns with his nostalgic Notable Events blog series. ZanzibarBreeze is the podcast re-cap master as always, but this time makes a re-cap of The Adam Carolla Show. ask any questions you have about Dawn of War II - Retribution of the Beginners thread. And as always the usually suspects are blogging about video games and their lives! Check it out son!

User Created Podcasts

Author's Note: So how do you get on the Community Spotlight? Just drop a comment and a link on this here blog and I'll remember to put the recommended content on for next week. Also please don't rely on PMs or Wall posts. I get so many of those now that it's really hard to keep a track of what you asked me to brag about.
Posted by ThatFrood
Posted by Yummylee

Surprised to see no Fight Night content up on here, considering it's on the CS banner.

Posted by Seedofpower

Thanks for the compliment Mr.Pie. I took me about a good 4 hours to do that Retribution page lol. Witch reminds me I should write a review for that game sometime soon.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Nice to see my NWN2 series up on there. I also made a list about my worst impulse buys, if you wouldn't mind putting that up when you need another spot. And finally, I made yet another DOS blog for those who care.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Because of your typo, I demand that the next Community Spotlight feature the bear wiki. Get on it, community. Wait, there isn't a bear page, at least to my knowledge. Somebody get on that.

Posted by Marino

Alot of cool stuff this week. 
Everyone should help out PsEG by checking out his lists
And if you're going to PAX East next week, check out my guide if you haven't already. It will help ensure you have the most fun possible.

Posted by Ashuku

Woo! Thanks for featuring me (and blaze)!

Posted by Jeffsekai

I win :D

Posted by Nario

Thanks for featuring my dance pad video! I love Giant Bomb! :D

Posted by Mento

I'm still putting the finishing touches on my 108 stars of destiny list (making sure no particular game/franchise is overexposed) so, uh, if you like really long lists of video game characters with a theme stolen from a JRPG series/ancient Chinese novel it's.. one of those.

Posted by Little_Socrates

I might do a piece on Deadly Premonition over the next week or so. I'll get back to you.

Posted by Trace

I think it's worth saying that for the record, I don't really mind having my lists down-voted. I just pointed out the matter to ZombiePie to note that it appeared somebody had an issue with several mods, although Marino certainly was hit the hardest.
Personally, I consider it akin to a hardened criminal swearing revenge on someone for turning them in, and as their ultimate act of revenge, they find the snitch's Amazon account and mark all their user reviews "unhelpful." In the grand scheme of things, I was mildly amused, at worst.

Posted by dudeglove

Oh cool, thanks for the shoutout ^_^

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Oh, and I felt like posting one of these again 

   A three-way crossover fighting game, a third second sequel, and one that might be reaching a bit too much.
Wub wub wub
Posted by GlenTennis

Good job as usual, good to see lists featured as they don't otherwise get the attention they (sometimes) deserve.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Congrats on being the top wiki mod! Now it's time for me to check out B0nd07's promo gallery...

Posted by Dalai

Yes I am that guy who buys WiiWare games. And there are good ones. Seriously there are. 
Just not many lately.

Posted by Video_Game_King
They're only funny when they overlap, not when you can tell that they're two clearly different games.
Posted by jakob187

VAGRANT STORY!!!  AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  GREATEST GAME EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!  Also, I have some points worth of work on that page, as well as own the Yasumi Matsuno page.  I always love when some form of work that I've done gets featured in the spotlight. 
Yeah, I'm vain.  What about it?  Don't like it?  Go suck a dick!

Posted by Skald
@Video_Game_King: Good point. When we did this on Screened, we thought they were all funny. 
Henceforth, there will be overlap. So you say, so shall it be.
Posted by FrankCanada97

Thanks for the mention, it's nice to see my blog among other great pieces of community content.

Posted by Gamer_152
Posted by harris
Posted by Video_Game_King

Am I the only person who has noticed the sheer drop in anchored topics in General Discussion? Finally!.....Uh, Zombie.

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Manny Pak-ee-ow. 

Posted by ZanzibarBreeze
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Posted by vidiot
Posted by coonce

This is a great post Zombiepie. Thanks for taking the time to round all of this awesome community content up in one place. Always stoked on you guys :)

Posted by ThePhantomnaut
Posted by Video_Game_King
@ThePhantomnaut said:
It's amazing how much he looks like what Alex Navarro imagines himself to be.
Wait, are you getting more involved in the community or something? I'm seeing a lot more of you, recently.
Posted by ZombiePie

Alright guys I tried to upload the Spotlight and got a 500 error. We will just have to wait until tomorrow to publish a new spotlight.

Posted by ZombiePie
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Wow. I didn't even know I was on here! Thanks :)