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Posted by Katajero

Sup broads and brahs, Katajero here with another thought. I don't feel good about seeing HD remakes of our classic games nowadays. What I don't mean is that Sony or whatever company is wasting time on bringing these game to this age, but more of the sense that is for the people who haven't played these old school games, that all it takes for them to play it is if it was cleaned up in HD, with it's frame rate bumped up to 30fps or 60fps running super smooth?  
_*WARNING* THIS IS A BIT OF A RANT, maybe a "1995-onward" fanboy rant_
Now I own a wide variety of games for different consoles, ranging from the PS1 and PS2 to N64 and Gamecube among other console titles. I loved these games back in the day, and I still enjoy them now. Being 20 years old, I have the power of buying whatever I want with the money I earn, so I can go back and get a lot of titles I used to own as well as games I didn't get a chance to try out. Examples being most of the PS2 Final Fantasy titles, the Metal Gear Solid series, Prince of Persia, Kingdom Hearts, Metroid Prime or the Gamecube Resident Evil titles. All these games I just mentioned, I never played before when they were released, but I can play them in their native modes on their respective consoles. There were many problems with game titles of their time, like how in Goldeneye on the N64 you could confront epic lag by blowing shit up excessively, Shadow of the Colossus with it's slight jaggy look and frame rate. or Final Fantasy VII with it's sharp ass polygon characters with no mouths or hands, but I could play them then and I can still play them now. 
NOW! My point is that people, SPECIFICALLY PS3 users, end up buying the HD updated versions of these great great titles for their console. God of War 1 and 2 are running at fast frame rates, clean ass visuals and trophy support. Shadow of the Colossus is a highly wanted title for the HD collection and will receive the same makeover as the rest of the games, but to me that's not the same game. You're not playing Shadow of the Colossus as intended by the developers, working with what they had and putting their blood, sweat and tears into such an amazing PS2 title that took advantage of the hardware, while being limited was still amazing for what they could do with it. That's why I bought a 60gb PS3 that can play PS2 games, so I can play these PS2 games in their entirety to this day, as it was supposed to be. 
A friend recently said that he wanted Konami to release a HD Metal Gear Solid update collection on the PS3, including the Gamecube remake Twin Snakes. That sent me in a fanboy rage, where I stated that Twin Snakes specifically can't leave the Gamecube, as to me it felt like everyone shitted on that particular console in comparison to the Xbox and PS2, but then here came this developer who showed that even a GC title can shine. Resident Evil 4 is an example of this too. It could be fanboy-ism, but to me I feel like playing these HD updated versions will make new gamers unaware of the times in the past, of how games used to be. Graphics don't make the game, but people still disagree with that comment to this day. 
Some titles I didn't really mind, because it allows me to experience them more conveniently, which is the counter argument to my statement. A lot of titles are getting shrunk for the PSP, Nintendo DS or even the GBA, with enhanced features such as the early FF titles before VII with it's updated new sprites, or games like Persona 3 losing it's exploration before a dungeon. But maybe what I'd like to see for some of the games is a HD remake, instead of a HD update. Remakes to me have the same heart as their original counterparts, with the people doing the job putting their effort into bringing it to todays age. Super Street Fighter II HD Remix with it's drawn characters, stages and remixed music, Bionic Commando Rearmed, with it's gorgeous visuals and amazing soundtrack, even Serious Sam HD with such a clean looking shiny. I know in some senses I may even have contradicted myself, but sometimes nostalgia plays hard in some of us gamers. 

Posted by LiquidPrince

I'm a fan. I like seeing my favorite games in high resolution and it playing smoothing.

Posted by Doctorchimp
Your argument is that's not how the developer intended it to look? 
Well...you're wrong, technology is what hampered them and made it look that way. Shadow of the Colossus WAS supposed to be silky smooth and allowed to let its art assets shine through to the max. See only a console gamer would make this argument about hardware limitations are part of the package...
Take the machine out of the equation, fuck consoles, fuck your idiotic corporate shilling, enjoy the games for what they were supposed to be.
Posted by blackCan

I fully support HD remakes, for two reasons. 
First and foremost, they introduce new Gamers to classic titles. 
Second, SD-Titels look even worse on HD-TVs then they do on an SD-TVs 

Posted by yoshimitz707

Yeah, I agree with DoctorChimp. The developers weren't going "yeah these jagged edges are exactly what we wanted", they were thinking "it's a shame we couldn't have AA on without destroying the framerate."

Posted by iam3green

i like HD remakes. the only one that i have is god of war remake. i plan on getting shadow of the colluses one.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I love HD remakes.  It gives me the hope of an off-chance HD remake of the DMC series or Tenchu series.

Edited by Katajero

Yeah, I guess I'm just butt hurt then :( lol 
edit: Though... I still feel like if people demand these HD updated games, it's almost like when some people complain that when some games come out for the Wii, they say that it'd look and be much better on either the 360 or PS3, I feel like it seems like that most of the time, that HD is a necessity when it really isn't.

Posted by NickM

What the hell have you been smoking? Are you actually making a point against making a good thing better and bringing it to a larger audience? Because if you are, I'm baffled. Preserving the quality? Please. I for one have never got past the second colossus in Shadow of Colossus, because of the crippling frame rate. I just wouldn't stand for it. Now, be it several years latter, they are addressing the issues that have prevented me from enjoying this gem of a PS2 title. Are you going to go off and preach about how patching games is the devils work? Bullshit, I say. 

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

I think HD remakes are great, it makes playing classics a lot easier, and you don't have to set up your old consoles to play them.

Posted by Deranged

Still waiting for a Goldeneye remake for Xbox Live arcade, not a Wii port. I'm down for any remake.

Posted by Azteck

You're silly. I know that I want a Fable: TLC HD remake, I think all of them are fantastic. Especially when they are of games that are relatively difficult to find nowadays in good condition, and when they're released on a console I have so I don't have to buy a used, older generation one.

Posted by McGhee

HD IS a necessity. Just like 5.1 surround sound and my recliner.