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Posted by Death_Burnout

I was thinking...should i start "blogging" again?  I have felt incredibly detatched from my profile, because...i never use it, ever. It's a damn shame too, i wish i was back in my flow and outta my funk if you get me.
So this is me testing if anyone responds, because i could blog to myself instead and consequently not bother at all, but that's no fun.

Posted by TheDudeOfGaming

Do what sxephil does.
Put in a pic of a hot chick,make a good title on a somewhat interesting topic and you're good to go.

Posted by JJWeatherman

Go for it. Blogging's a great way to get some thoughts out.

Posted by ZeForgotten

I don't get you, no. :P
But if you feel like blogging get back to it. I jut do it at random times when something is worth it (to me, couldn't care less about the people reading it)  

Edited by Death_Burnout

Aww...i don't even get myself.
I think the problem is Facebook. I mean when isn't Facebook a problem? but it has filled the void of talking nonsense, so i kinda don't think about doing it here. I suppose it's how Jeff said: "Facebook is for the assholes i know" so really there is no harm in saying stuff here for the people i don't know, or don't know as well. Also the people who get me and dont look at me like i'm fucking crazy talking about digital lockers and stabbing dudes in the face and neck like uh uh uh uh uh.
I'll give it a shot! see what happens...

Posted by Claude

Is this thing on?

Posted by Death_Burnout
@Claude said:
" Is this thing on? "
This thing is now on.
Posted by crusader8463

I have been wanting to write a blog, but my muse seems to be on vacation. Unless there is something I feel strongly about I just don't see the point in writing a blog post. Writing for the sake of writing is no fun for me.

Posted by Death_Burnout
@crusader8463: Yeah i get you completely.