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Posted by vidiot

The new Yakuza demo for Of The End was released recently on Japanese PSN. A couple day's ago I dived onto my Justin.TV page and played through the entire demo, while talking to GB members in chat. ( Pepsiman doing on-the-fly translation!)
The demo is surprisingly comprehensive, and it pretty much solidified for me at least what conceptually this game is going to be about. 
It's easy to say that it's "Yakuza with zombies!" Although that statement is obviously quite loaded, and give impressions of a completely altered game both thematically and from a base design standpoint. 
Instead what immediately drew my attention was how similar this game was to past entries. Perhaps too much. This is not a numbered entry into the series for a reason, and while it might chronologically take place after Yakzua 4, it is not Yakuza 5.
Instead "Of The End" is a side-game that is similar to that of Yakuza's other side-game " Kenzan!" although "Of The End" clearly aspires for something far more specific than period piece Yakuza shenanigans. 
In previous games gun combat has been regulated to a quick power-up, something to quickly turn the tide of combat. Not so with OTE, which focuses primarily on gun combat exclusively. It's quite clear that this is OTE real intent: Bringing gun mechanics to the Yakuza series. 
What better way to incorporate gun combat with the same insane intensity of previous Yakuza combat? You guessed it: Zombies.  
The gameplay flow is pretty straightforward: Populated sections similar to a traditional Yakuza game, then it switches over to a straight-up third person shooter for linear sections, specifically:
It's Yakuza meet's Resident Evil 4/5.  Complete with over-the-shoulder aiming and a mission clear screen that rates you. It's pretty fun when you get the basics down.
At the same time it's easy to write-off OTE for it's decision to use zombies. Even though the demo gave me a better idea of what Sega is trying to accomplish with this title, the zombie fad is beginning to over-stay it's welcome for me personally. At the same-time, I see room for improvement for the core-shooting mechanics.
I promised video, here we go:

Original broadcast can be found here. Although Justin.TV will be deleting it soon I assume. 
Thanks to those who watched this.
Youtube version: 

These video's were blocked by Sega almost seconds after uploading them. After disputing the copyright claims, I am now allowed to share them. I respect Sega's intellectual property and I did not mean to offend anyone with this demo playthrough. Thanks.
You can watch the entire video off my LiveStream page that is linked in the banner above. As well as the Justin.TV link that I posted above.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Posted by Hailinel

The video's been blocked by Sega, dude. :(

Posted by vidiot
Posted by Pepsiman

Parts two and three on YouTube still work for me for whatever bizarre reason. Weird. Do you know whether it was the Japanese or American branch that's got them blocked? If you haven't already filed a complaint with YouTube (they're usually pretty good about being on the video creator's side rather than just the copyright holder's for matters like this) and it turns out to be the Japanese one, you're free to mooch off of me as a translator if you want.

Posted by vidiot
@Pepsiman:  I sent in my dispute. We will see where this goes. 
I'm pretty blindsided by it. To be honest: There's a part of me personally that feels slapped in the face. I meant no offense what-so-ever, this was an attempt to really spread the word about this game. :/
Posted by vidiot
Aaaaaaaand they're unblocked. Hopefully for good. This was a rather interesting experience for me. I've never had to do something like this, I had no idea I would have to do something like this. I was to move more video content to youtube in the future, I'm wondering if this will be the last time I will do something like this.
If not, I don't know if I want to pursue more video projects. :/