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Posted by StrongProtector

I had a chance to head to the Sega Spring Showcase this year in New York City and got a hands on preview of Super Monkey Ball 3D. Classic Monkey Ball action will find itself as one of the launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS on March 27, 2011, and will feature brand new multiplayer modes as well as utilize all of the 3DS's new social features.    

  -Ray Carsillo 
Posted by Bollard

Thanks for this! Pretty damn psyched as this will be my first 3DS game. I loved the original DS Monkey Ball, and played it to death, so can't wait for this. Did you get any kind of idea of how much content/playtime this one will have when you tried it? I'm hoping for something at least as long as the DS one. 
Oh, and it's probably in the video, but can you do the multiplayer modes over wifi?

Posted by StrongProtector
@Chavtheworld: Yes, you can play the multiplayer modes over Wi-Fi and it was mentioned as having "Several dozen" levels so I think that's a good sign for content/play time. Thanks for the view!
Posted by Bollard
@StrongProtector: Thanks for that, that's good news! Me and my cousin used to play the DS one together a lot, but he had WPA security on his Wifi so we could never do online. However the 3DS supports WPA now, so we will probably be playing this together :D 
Also, did you do this interview yourself? Twas very good!
Posted by Kjellm87

I've never played Monkey Ball before, but I'm slightly interested in this for some reason.

Posted by StrongProtector
@Chavtheworld: Yes. i am the man on camera holding the microphone. In fact all of the videos I've put on my blog here I've done myself and it is what i want to do with my life so I always appreciate compliments. Thanks for watching again and good luck to you and your cousin.