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Posted by Sweep

Installing now. Awesome!

Edited by Vager

Haven't updated this in a while...

I've updated the screenshot with the new look of the chat. Also added some hovering effects when you mouse over a user's message.

Posted by Vager

Fixed a bunch of issues.    

Posted by MattBosten

Looks pretty cool. I'll give it a go during the Happy Hour and let you know what I think. 

Edited by Vager

Alexis did a great job with the new design of the chat. But, I thought I could make some parts of it better.

This is what I came up with:

Click here to install the style onto Firefox or Chrome. (You need the GreaseMonkey addon if your using Firefox)

After that go check out the chat.

Let me know what you think!


  • Fixed the issue with the comment button.
  • Fixed mouse over issue on @reply and alert messages.
  • Added styling to the @replies section.
  • @replies are orange, while alerts are now yellow.
  • Removed top/bottom border color change on hover becuase It looked like crap with the new background color on messages.
  • Removed border from avatars on mods, staff and @reply messages. Fixes the issues with extra space when messages take exactly 2 lines.
  • Restored membership medals for mods, staff and @repliers now that the avatar borders are gone.
  • Staff, mod and @reply messages have better top border styling.
  • When you hover over a user's message it will brighten the border's and name a bit so you can keep track of it.
  • Updated the screenshot of the new look.
  • Fixed mouse over issues with alert messages.
  • Fixed some issues due to the new chat layout