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Posted by JoeyRavn

My American copy of Pokémon White just arrived on the mail this morning. Since I live in Europe, I can do nothing with the registration code for Club Nintendo I got with the game. Any American GBer interested in getting it? I know it's not worth much, but hey. Some coins are always welcome, I guess. I was thinking about making a little lottery, but I guess it's not that value either. 
If you want it, and don't have the game, drop me a line here :) 
Edit: You know, since I'm quite busy and I'll probably won't be able to check the site for anyone who may have posted, I'll leave the code here. If you manage to grab it, please, post here to let us know, so others don't try it :P 

Posted by nintendonick

I got it. Thanks! Now I have enough for that mario messenger bag.