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Posted by teh_destroyer

Tricks are for kids.

Posted by Faint
@ryanwho said:
" Making more time for Final Fantasy Caterpillar Chrysalis. "
Too right you are. Versus XIII was announced 5 years ago. Anyone else ready for another long development flop? Can't say that I am, but it's at the point where anything they bring out is a surprise if it isn't awful.
Posted by JoeRosa

Would have been an okay Xbl,Psn title.

Posted by VilhelmNielsen
@Hailinel said:
" @VilhelmNielsen said:
" @Hailinel said:
" @VilhelmNielsen said:
" Wait, was this announced? "
Yes, last year. "
Thanks for the honest answer to my snarky, sarcastic asshole hypothetical question. "
I believe that was actually a rhetorical question, not a hypothetical one. "
Ah, crap.
Posted by Venatio

Well, not a big loss there, I actually face palmed when I heard of this game for the first time

Posted by xMP44x

It seemed unappealing from the get-go. The trailer did not engage me in the slightest. It looked like a bad version of The Club, and that game wasn't particularly popular itself. I imagine Gun Loco would have been virtually dead online after about the first week or so, so I'm not complaining or disappointed to hear it's no longer happening.

Posted by habster3

It looked pretty mediocre anyway.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton
@habster3 said:
"It looked pretty mediocre anyway. "

To be honest most japanese games do.
Posted by Soulderon

I don't think there is someone who care for this game.

Posted by Psykhophear

Never even heard of this game. :P

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor
" God damn it. It would have been good at best, mediocre at most likely, but I really wanted to see it. It was crazy enough to get my attention, and now Square has to go and shit on my day.   The thing to do here is for Square to sell the IP to someone else, preferably a Western developer such as People Can Fly. It'd be a real shame to squander such a cool idea and design aesthetic. "
It seems the game was almost finished. I wonder why they would
shit can after the money was spent on it.  Could it have anything to
do with the disaster tightening up finances?
Posted by Subjugation

Wow, that looked awful.

Posted by Belonpopo

Thank God.

Posted by Grimskallinj

Good call.

Posted by FCKSNAP
@Mr_Skeleton said:
" @habster3 said:
"It looked pretty mediocre anyway. "
To be honest most japanese games do. "
You can substitute or even take out "Japanese" from your sentence and it would still be true. Being jaded about a medium is fun :D
Posted by DonPixel

o goood that color dude.. I just gona say rev Jesse Jacksin wouldn't be happy with this game