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Posted by Jeff

If The Undertaker were to wrestle a bunch of space rocks, who would win? How many pages does the 3DS notebook feature let you work with at any given moment? These are the big questions of our time. And questions like these are why the NintenDownload X-press! continues to exist, friends. Join us this week as we give you a "first listen" of the new Nintendo 3DS and discuss its digital software capabilities. We also talk about the essential new releases for WiiWare and DSiWare. As always, your e-mails are also represented.
Your conductor, as always, is the uncharmingly burpy Jeff Gerstmann

Ways to listen: 

iTunes: HERE (be sure to subscribe, because I might stop posting stories every time this goes up!) 

And remember: There's probably nothing essential about Arcade Essentials.
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Posted by Slaker117

Yay! More podcast.

Posted by rjayb89


Posted by Th3_James

Fuck Yeah, gonna listen to it on my drive to class tomorrow!

Posted by Voxatron


Posted by DeathbyYeti

I feel nothing for trains. Good day sir

Posted by Blair

NDX: proudly sponsored by Giant Bomb since 2011!

Posted by Warihay

All aboard!!

Posted by LiquidSwords

So glad this didn't go up at midnight! Love ending my Mondays on the NDX!
  Dear Ryan,

  Don't hate dawg!
Posted by OldManLollipop

This train may be available for only two hours, but once you get on it GOES ALL NIGHT!

Posted by yoshimitz707


Posted by AllanIceman

Let's do this!

Posted by PrinceLeon

Time for some CHOOOO CHOOOO~!

Posted by Kushieda

<Insert train pun here>
Choo choo!

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

"as the Nintendownload X-press continues to exist" lol. Let the dream never die.

Posted by BraveToaster

What toppings were on that pizza?

Posted by jorojoserojas


Posted by ThePhantomnaut

I got in the train for free.

Posted by chikin_n_rofls

it's been a long day, can't wait to ride this train into dreamland

Posted by MrKlorox

<save link as...> ihatemyself.mp3

Posted by jennoa

I believe your reading for Virtual Console may be the  pinochle of human achievement.

Posted by MrKlorox


"It's 8 O'clock! I just ate a co----ld slice of pizza"

 Fucking hilarious already. You made me think it was gonna rhyme.
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Jeff sounds considerably less worn out this week, compared to last. Glad dude got some rest.

Posted by Thejugglingbum

This is the only reason I haven't blown my god damn brains out. ALL ABOARD!!!!!

Posted by Eribuster

Yay! I was wondering when this will come out.

Posted by bassman2112

Haha, what was the song right after the WiiWare releases?
I'm glad the train's 'a pullin' in again - forever buying tickets for it!

Posted by Wunder_


Posted by MisterMouse

THE TENTH EPISODE!!!! I think...

Posted by Mikewrestler5

I love this.

Posted by Oscar__Explosion
@pyromaster222: you are correct sir! 
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WHOO WHOO, MOTHERFUCKERS! I'm fucking excited about this Nintendo 3DS coverage. I'm all about this fucking stereoscopic audio.

Posted by LiquidSwords

The Nu Metal break music! Had me in tears!

Edited by Brackynews

Bootleg Q-Bert is just called "Kubert". 
Then there's a pan-Asian knockoff of the bootleg called "Kubrick".
Disappointingly not full of stars, I might add. For that you need the bootleg "Halsteroids". Every time you press the daverspace button there's just text on the screen "Can't let you do that." and you get shot by the asteroids. There wasn't enough memory in the bootleg boards for the UFOs, so the space rocks shoot instead. It's that kind of ingenuity that spurs the industry to evolve.

Posted by JoblessTerence

Nobody can stop the train!

Posted by RNiemeijer

Cop Knife

Posted by MooseyMcMan

The train continues to not die! Why? Because... 


Posted by Gizmo

Get the GameCop on the line, cos' this podcast is smoking.

Posted by Winternet

Don't stop posting stories about the X-Press. It what keeps me alive.

Posted by JTHomeslice

Never stop Jeff.

Posted by icoangel

Conduct the shit out of that train Jeff, dont stop for no one!
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Jeff, please don't make me choose between the train and the Undertaker. 
But other than that slight blemish, another great NDX

Posted by SileoNex

Jeff's Macho Man is pretty good.

Posted by HonoredSamurai

I <3 this joint. May the train roll on 4eva

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Posted by Octavion

I like the way this is becoming less about Nintendo's great line-up of digital products and more about Jeff's music.

Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1

You know if you go to Nordcurrents website it runs a faux malware scan? I closed before I could see if it was an ad or not, but it really sucks regardless of whether its a harmless ad or not.

Posted by Brendan

I think the highlight of this ride was actually the Jeff nu-metal music in the intermission.

Posted by TurboMan


Posted by cximran

Listening to Cop Knife for the first time was a wonderful experience. 

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