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Posted by ApolloBob
@Tennmuerti said:

" @sofacitysweetheart: Clearly the most logical way to provide negative feedback is to buy a plane ticket and fly to the persons location to say it to his face instead of voicing your negative view in the comments secion provided for the video. "

No, the most logical way to provide feedback is to contact Whiskey Media themselves and tell them what you like or don't like about their websites.  Since you are a gold member,  you have the extra ability to say "I will not renew my membership if you continue to use Alex Navarro for game reviews and quick looks."  That involves their revenue and MIGHT actually influence their decisions about content. 

" A lot of people seem to ask the question: "Why the hate for Alex?"
It's surprising but other people can feel differently from me or you, amazing!

My question is not "why the hate?".  I learned a long time ago that not everyone likes everything or everyone, Captain Condescension.  My question is "Why the desperate need to make sure everyone else here knows about your hate?"  I think sofacitysweetheart is on the right track.  I would prefer comments in a Quick Look of Swarm be about the game Swarm - if you hate Swarm, here is the place to say so.  If you hate Alex, create a thread in the forums that people can choose to ignore.  You know, if providing feedback truly is the goal.
Edited by Tennmuerti
The hell is wrong with you?  Get some context.

A) In the first paragraph I was replying to a poster who suggested saying complaints to Alex's face. Which is stupid, hence the sarcasm.
B) I don't care what your question is. I was answering the question of other people.
C) Not once in the comments of this video did I say that I personally dislike Alex.
Posted by Pop

lol, great ending xD.

Posted by Mercanis

Even if the level design ends up really frustrating, watching the swarmites move around is still mesmerizing.

Posted by HerbieBug


Posted by rockhardalibi
@Mezmero said:
" I love that the term "dudes" has become synonymous with "lives". "
Posted by Jonnyflash80

God I love it when games lock up Quick Looks. So good.

Posted by Jonnyflash80

What's with the Alex haters here? I think he does a pretty good job and he is definitely qualified to review games. You haters just need to chill.

Posted by krazy_kyle

This game looks really fun. 

Posted by PosseOfOne

i loved the part when Ryan had seven smarmites left and and killed six of them in the process of dashing one of the big boxes

Posted by natetodamax


Posted by NeilRapalee
I don't think it is that people hate him, but he just seems really bored and monotone.  Like he is going through the motions.   
While I actually really enjoy reading his reviews and feel they are genuinely well-written, I find his narration of these quick looks to be rather boring.  Same way his appearances on the BombCast are again, more of a chore.  He sometimes has decent input or even an ok joke, but I find him sort of annoying in this medium.  Like he feels he is better or above everyone else. 
While I'm sure that isn't the case as they are all friends, it does come across that way and as such does not make for an entertaining listen.
Posted by Time_Muffin

I've just realized that Ryan SUCKS at video games.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Wow, this game looks pretty interesting.