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Posted by StoffInator

Rowdy Piper is actually from Canada.

Posted by Igottadeuce

That was a slobber knocker. Not to be confused with slob knocker and definitely not to be confused with knob slobber.

Posted by joshrholloway

I've never had an interesting in wrestling. After seeing this Quick Look, I'm ready to dive in headfirst.

Posted by redlitez76

macho man oooo yeah!

Posted by sushisteve
@fartpy said:

I somehow wanted to watch this after hearing about the passing of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I'm playing as him the rest of the day online.


This seemed to be the most appropriate thing to do, basically remembering the idealized Macho Man from the game. Snap those slim jims forever MM
Posted by fartpy

I somehow wanted to watch this after hearing about the passing of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I'm playing as him the rest of the day online.


Posted by SuperSambo
@Agent47 said:
" @SuperSambo: I think they talked about that in an update....or maybe the sequel. "
I got the game and was enjoying it, until I played it for about 8 hours and though "Is this it?"

Even a Hell in the Cell mode couldn't keep me from selling it at this point...
Posted by Agent47
@SuperSambo: I think they talked about that in an update....or maybe the sequel.
Posted by Hero_Swe
@LeetBalla said:
                The song at the 14:00 mark is from the Red Alert 2 soundtrack. Why do I know this? More importantly, why is THQ using it?

Yep. said this a few posts back and got no answer.
Edited by LeetBalla

The song at the 14:00 mark is from the Red Alert 2 soundtrack. Why do I know this? More importantly, why is THQ using it?

Posted by SuperSambo

No Hell in the Cell? That sucks...

Posted by dcgc

Remeber playing a lot of wrestling games in the past when I was a kid. Severall years later I watch and I feel nostalgic. Good times, but what made me give up on Wrestling (especially WWE) was stupid storylines and wrestlers like Miz.
He is the WWE Champion? REALLY?

Posted by WEGGLES

Am I really going to buy a wrestling game?

Posted by GohanEgret

This quick look is especially hilarious if you're at all familiar with the wrestling landscape.
P.S. - Botchamania FTW.

Posted by NorseDudeTR
Let me just say this, as a reasonably normal Norwegian dude pretty much unfamiliar with wrasslin'; THIS LOOKS FUCKING DOPE AS SHIT!!!!!!!
Edited by Marokai

I wish I could read the comments of just one video that had either Jared or Alex in them where there weren't comments full of either "I hate him, rrrraaaahh!!" or "GB should hire him! I want to see him everywhere!" Regardless of how interesting they can be in some moments they do not nearly have the rapport and humor that the core GB crew have. 
Jared and Alex are very much like something like vanilla extract with GB in that they can help make something larger than them more interesting but if I saw them on Giant Bomb on a regular basis I think it would ruin the overall product. (And frankly, in regard to Jared, he's really a one-trick pony. He spoke alot about DAII on the podcast last time but basically all he brings to the table is fighting game stuff that, selfishly, I can't take in large quantities.)

Posted by Deusoma

"He's called goddamn 'Andre the Giant'. You have to make him really big!" 
This made me laugh really hard for some reason.

Posted by papercut

One of my most favorite Quick Looks of all time. 

Edited by CastroCasper

Looks like I'm getting another wrestling game. 
I REALLLY wish there was some form of Mick Foley in this game.

Posted by dk3691

This looks like it take a lot of stuff from Def Jam: Fight for NY, which I am absolutely alright with.

Posted by NateDogg

Bret Hart IS Canada!

Posted by Lingxor

Edited by MeatSim

Those are some long loading times but this looks fun and not overly complicated.

Edited by MagikGimp

I presume wrestlers who have died haven't been included for respect's sake.
edit: No, it would seem the gigantism dude has snuffed it (probably due to the gigantism) so I guess the rest of the popular ones will be in the sequel? OK, so I'm gutted that the British Bulldog isn't in this basically. Guess I'll never know why not.

Posted by darkjester74

How did they make it through the first match with no one saying "OH YEAAAAHHH"?  
I am disappoint.  :(

Posted by Phenwah

something about John Cena's model specifically reminds me of the "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" sequence in Across The Universe.

Posted by DjCmeP


Posted by shodan2020

Jeff's created wrestler looks like Cobra Commander on holiday.

Posted by UnreliableNarrator

Paul Bearer.... ha! Only took me twenty years to get it!

Posted by Romination

Wow, what's a PS2?

Edited by HerbieBug
@Slaker117 said:

" I so don't get wrestling. "

My parents informed me right from the start that it was all choreographed.  Consequently, my entire experience with wrestling as a kid consisted of arguments with my friends about the fraud.  I was all, " wrestling is fake and so is Santa!" 
"nuh uh! "
"you're stupid"
"no you are!"
I don't understand the appeal either.  :/
Posted by Magicallystoopid

Jared's Super Dragon reference earns him the win... the complete and utter win.

Posted by Skooky

Andre the Giant climbed out of a cage.

Posted by SBYM

This actually seems kind of rad.

Posted by Absolute_Zero
I don't know anything about animation blending (but I did enjoy Shaolin Monks), but it's nice to see the studio not go to waste. I remember listening to a podcast sometime ago (Hotspot maybe?), and one of them threw out the (conspiracy) theory that THQ bought the San Diego studio to make sure there was no competition to the WWE games.
Posted by Beomoose

If you can't run people over with cars, I'm not interested.

Posted by vinsanityv22

Oh and man, it sucks that there's no fantasy warfare matchup between "New DX" and Miz & Morrison. At 13:37, you're right - when you think of tag teams, you do NOT think of Triple H and HBK. But they're on the roster, so why not? I'm no hater - I dig them rocking DX together - but they're not really Degeneration X. There's no Chyna, no X-Pac, no Road Dogg, etc. Still, the pairing of Triple H and HBK is cool - they should match 'em up against Miz & Morrison with one of those sweet Fantasy Warfare video packages.

Posted by wafflez

GB needs more Jared Rae

Posted by NegativeCero
@MooseyMcMan said:
" What the hell is The Miz doing in there?  "  
I have it on good authority that he is "awesome".
Edited by NegativeCero

But guys, modern wrestling isn't shitty because The Rock is on wrestling again. He's sort of a legend right? 
Edit: Hell yeah, Randy Savage.

Posted by swimmi34

I wish John Cena was that ripped. This game is possibly the best wrestling simulation to date.

Posted by mltvcocktail
Posted by MysteriousBob
@ryanwho said:
" Where my Rick Flair and Sting at. I know Im the only one who cares about Sting but he's a legend to me alright.!*wipes away tear* "
Don't quote me on this, but I don't think Sting ever wanted anything to do with WWE.
Posted by jakob187

Goddamn.  I'll throw down the $60 just to watch all of the promos in that game.  The Stone Cold vs CM Punk one was pretty goddamn great.  The Undertaker bit on the campaign makes me want to watch some old wrestling videos.  Mankind/Undertaker Boiler Room match sounds good.

Posted by ryanwho

Where my Rick Flair and Sting at. I know Im the only one who cares about Sting but he's a legend to me alright.!
*wipes away tear*

Edited by 234r2we232

Where is the Bionic Man sound effect during those special moves?
@vinsanityv22 said:

" Huh - I was under the impression that THQ San Diego was somehow related to Paradox. THANK GOD. Because as the only fighting game developer in the country besides Netherealm (Midway Chicago), they're probably the only guys who care about animation blending. All wrestling/MMA/boxing games are stiff as shit because of lazy, overly mo-capped animations (though the new Fight Night admittedly looks much better in that regards), but the guys who did MK: Shaolin Monks and TNA Impact are some of the best animators in the biz when it comes to snappy, responsive animations and great animation blending. No wonder WWE All Stars is such a blast to play. Awesome for THQ - I hope All Stars does well for 'em. It sure as sh** is more fun to play than Smackdown VS. Raw.Great Quick Look guys! "

I'm sorry, slightly above average animation blending doesn't make for a good wrestling. I'm sorry, it just doesn't.
Posted by DarkbeatDK

This is how wrestling should be. Not that uncanny valley, 2 different moves, climbing on ladders crap.

Posted by Rox360
Hah, I was reminded of it, too. Kinda uncanny until I realized it wasn't the same song.
Posted by Fattony12000

The hilarious crowds are the best part of any wrestling game.

Posted by Monkeyman04
@AllanIceman: Same here. I can't believe the hours wasted watching wrestling.
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