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Posted by sandwich_adjustment

In crysis 3 I would like a very strong department to take care of the AI and make a breakthrough in this area.

Posted by ShaneDev

I haven't played the second game but I was disappointed to hear that the AI is still dumb as the first game. In the first game I spent all my time sneaking and silently killing guys but it was always a little hollow since the AI would move in big groups single file in rooms like retards if they heard a noise. Shoot one guy in the head and then another guy wonders in, shoot him in the head and so on. Granted I never played it on the hardest difficulty. I now want to play the second, was a little burnt out on shooters but I started to play the first game over again and now I want to play more.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

im playing it for the first time through on beyond human or whatever the hardest is - since i hard jeff say the ai sucks. and its pretty damn easy - only difficult part is if you are spotted and have no juice or cover you will die in 5 seconds. but ive crawled out of hairy situations and generally been able to avoid the stupid ai. you can shoot it from 20 ft away and it wont move. wtf.

Posted by DonPixel

Mi biggest complain was some dumb A.I. and the suit talking to me all the time..I played the campaign in the ps3 and did some Multiplayer which seems fine, 

Im still debating wether or not get this one to do multiplayer for my re-installed PC
Edited by The_Laughing_Man

As I sit now watching the intro for the game a third time I am wondering if I have played this game to many times. My vet run was quite easy avoiding most of the baddies without even using stealth. I do enjoy that fighting is not forced on you in " Many" areas and confrontation can be avoided but being a well "Super Solider" Shouldn't you not have to avoid? Course at higher levels the armor upgrade makes you a near tank so there is that one man army path. 
Course now after investing a nice bit of time in the game I am starting to see the cracks form. From the bad voice acting to the near Dumb AI. This game I love is starting to show off it has its own faults. But I am happy to say it only really shows glaring issues if I look for them. Once and a wile I will notice textures popping in. Or the voice of Sarge (BFBC2) used more then once in a group of cell soldiers.  
11 hours in and I have beaten Normal and hard mode. Wonder how long it will take to beat Super hard. Will super hard even be that hard? I have the full suit unlocked. Chances are I can just stealth/speed run it.  
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