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Posted by Kyle
Brenderous said:
" A NASCAR game? Haha, great April Fool's joke, guys. "
Yeah, too bad this was posted yesterday...
Posted by VibratingDonkey
@GamesWarden said:
" Love racing games and I'd play this even though NASCAR kind of sucks. I mean, all the tracks are just circles..   "
They've ovals actually. *sniff*
Posted by fallen_elite
@ArchScabby said:
" Chevy? "
Posted by Xealot42
Ah ok.  I haven't watched Southpark in a while.
Posted by MysteriousBob


Posted by Vexxan

Turn left.

Posted by Romination

Good luck, have Chevy?

Posted by Undeadpool
@TehJedicake said:
" Never understood Nascar.  "Lets watch 50 or so cars do 2,000 left turns" "
Same reason people watch baseball, I imagine...nachos and beer.
Posted by McGhee

I rode around the track at Talladega once. The guys were driving big Hemi trucks around the track before the race. Taking those steep turns at even just 120 mph was both scary and fucking awesome. The gradient on those turns is fucking steep and when you look out the window toward the inside, you are like two or three stories up. I'm not a Nascar fan but you should go just once to experience the insanity.

Posted by NeoUltima

Sweet ZZ Top

Posted by bornagain888

Nice looking game, I felt bad for Ryan though.
Posted by reflekshun

This actually looks really nice, and kinda fun haha reminds me of the 90s nascar games and how its come

Posted by jonnyboy

Not once did the AI look like it wanted to win.

Posted by Curufinwe
@Undeadpool said:
" @TehJedicake said:
" Never understood Nascar.  "Lets watch 50 or so cars do 2,000 left turns" "
Same reason people watch baseball, I imagine...nachos and beer. "
Posted by TheHBK


Posted by Zereta

First quick look I just skipped through sections of. I usually like driving games but man, damn dull 

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I think Ryan may be worse at games than Brad.

Posted by TruthTellah

When in doubt, the answer is always Chevy.

Posted by Gen_Discomfort

Great vid

Posted by dcgc
@MyNameIsJoe said:
" I find this game strangely intriguing.  "
Posted by slowbird

this game could provide the kind of LOL-inducing arcade Nascar madness that we haven't seen since the likes of Nascar 2000 for N64!

Posted by bybeach

Never have I gotten so much out of so little. I really enjoyed the QL!  
Man I do not like the track at Bristol.. 
W-2 was way late, and the mailman delivered it on the wettest rainiest day of the winter. I dried it off by the heater, just usable, and taxes are done. Finally breaking even, just right...
Edited by SatelliteOfLove

They do have the Nacar "melieu" down pat. ZZ Top is quality, too.
Why is Road Atlanta in Macon? Did Minoru Handa work on this?

Posted by JoelTGM

the only reason I ever rented a nascar game was to drive backwards into the pack

Edited by RenegadeSaint

If La Grange played on a continuous loop throughout the entire game, I would buy this. And that loading screen laminate is amazingly hypnotic.

Posted by pickassoreborn

Surprised that this game actually has some tactical merit through the drift/slingshot mechanic. I think I'd get pissed off with the AI cheapshot of tail-ending me though. Grrr. Reeee-wind.

Posted by paulunga

I feel like the AI in this is way better than many big name racing titles like NFS or Gran Turismo. Of course the tracks they have to navigate are very simple, but it still seemed like they were actually trying to avoid crashing to hard into other vehicles.

Posted by christara321

looks alright might keep an eye out for this one has i like all my driving games.
who knows might just turn out to be a decent game.

Edited by caryrabbit

  Fist thing I thought when i saw this was "WHAT?", well I hope they go the wrong way of traffic. Then I saw the snapshot before hitting the play button and laughed my ass off.  
:( never mind, never happened. I demand a re-quick look!

Posted by Deathinmusic

I imagine this will be the first and only time I will ever watch this much nascar. This is even more pointless than other car racing I've seen.

Posted by John1912

Yea, who originally sold the idea of racing in a circle, and not just once, but 500 fucking times......

Posted by avantegardener

Race billboards in a circle, where do I sign.

Posted by papercut

I found this surprisingly interesting.

Posted by MagikGimp

 Like most sports it's all about the fine tuning, just making up that tiny inch aaaaaaaand most of the tracks no matter where you visit are ovals but like Ryan (but not like Ryan being a non-US citizen) I can see me being interested in this for a short while I guess.
Lol, I actually reckon I'd be into Nascar driving as a career too thinking about it. Sunny days, too much food, going really fast and none of this having to navigate chicanes bollocks. Easy money in the land of the free (and plenty).

Posted by Michaelblack18

there is a bunch of different forms of tracks theres two different road courses watkins glen and infineon raceway which is close to the nay area they mostly drink wine there instead and if i could id glady take your place at the nascar race you guys are going to and interview and such i know most of the up and donws for it sigh if only i still lived near the bay area

Posted by Commando

Lol in real Nascar it's a penalty to pass someone when you're under the yellow line.

Posted by wwfundertaker

NASCAR is so boring, F1 is the real motorsport.

Posted by Marokai

There's a slightly mesmerizing quality to the racing here. Dunno. Might pick it up when it gets cheaper.