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Posted by VincentVendetta

NO! I really wanted to play The Agency! It looked awesome!

Posted by FesteringNeon

Wow. A loss of jobs, and cancellation of an ambitious sounding premise of a game. This sucks.

Posted by Napalm

Oh damn, I was totally trying to think of the name of this game not even three days ago. It sucks it got canned, as I was curious what was going on with it. It's never good when so many positions are lost, and I was really interested in seeing how The Agency was going to turn out. 
I hope maybe, just maybe they're putting things on the backburner until they can resume development with a new team, or something. I really want to see this project see the light of day.

Posted by mr_shoeless
@radioactivez0r said:
" " This strategic alignment of development resources"     
 Man, I'd like to live in a world without corporate speak. "
Edited by Portis

We all knew The Agency was never coming out. 
This game was announced in fucking 2007, and we rarely heard anything else about it up until now -- 4 years later. It was just one one of those games where you just knew it'd never see the light of day. I'm super-curious about how much of the game was done though, in this 4 years. That's a long time man.

Posted by hurtfulmadmax

looking forward to this  one for years........ damn it.

Posted by TwoOneFive

the angency?! noooooo

Posted by Evilsbane

These MMOs are killing so many companies its madness I tell you!

Posted by Contro

I noticed some online services dropping.

Posted by LOZZAT
" that's a shame. I was interested in The Agency more than DCUO or Free Realms. :( "
Yeah me too, and the huge number of people who lost their jobs makes it worse :/ 
It often sucks to have jobs (which won't be there for long) within the video game industry I guess...
Posted by Theresonlyone
@mr_shoeless: Basically, these projects had no hope of making a profit so we decided to cut our losses.
Posted by dezvous
@VinceNotVance said:
 what they put so much time & effort into. "
I know, don't you wonder what the status of that game was? I'm always curious when this sort of thing happens. These people have had to had some idea for some time now that this game was never going to happen. I wonder how that affected the work being done. I mean 4 years worth of work, who's fault is that. Even if they could release something it would be better than nothing I would imagine. How is there nothing even remotely ready for release in all that time.
Posted by GetEveryone

Hmm, sad about this, but (to be perfectly honest) I thought 'The Agency' had been canned long ago.

Posted by Grognard66

" This strategic alignment of development resources
Translation:  Corporate speak for "I'm going to lay off a bunch of employees who helped build up this company in order to temporarily bump up our stock this next quarter and then cash in".
Posted by invadernick

I really hope it's an early April fool's leak.

Posted by thehuntsmen5434


Posted by FesteringNeon

I was hoping this would be an April Fools Joke, but this was posted on the 31st :(

Posted by melcene

First, as I said in the thread on this yesterday, it's disappointing to see people in my region joining the ranks of the unemployed.  However, at the same time, SOE has enough MMOs already on the market and in the works. 
Also, there are a couple things I don't understand. 
First, this garbage about SOE wanting to focus on more space/fantasy MMOs, or as someone else put it "That thing is successful, let's make one of those!"  Do people not realize that if it weren't for SOE and the original EQ, WoW wouldn't even be on the market right now?  SOE still has a loyal following even in the original EQ.  From a business standpoint, why wouldn't they continue their popular legacies?

Posted by JohnPaulVann
@melcene: Don't you ever make excuses for SOE's outrageous decision to destroy so many lives. 
Posted by melcene
@JohnPaulVann: I hope you were being sarcastic.  I'm not making excuses for Sony.  I was specifically addressing things in the comments here that seemed ridiculous to me.
Posted by buft

Protip: when your CEO says "we want to work on a new MMO" its time to jump ship

Posted by Detrian

If anything SOE probably saved a bunch of resources (and jobs) by cutting the agency before it could flop just like crimecraft and APB. Uniting both studios that work with trading card games will probably benefit those products too.

Posted by Alphazero
@stalefishies said:
Could they not have worded it in a way that doesn't sound incredibly heartless? At least say you regret doing it, or you're sad to announce it, or something.   
They're talking to the shareholders ultimately, and you have to be stoked about every decision you make when you're doing that. Even when you're ruining people's lives. Boo.
Posted by Twisted_Scot

Maye they should stop wasting money on MMOs no one cares about anymore or stop trying to release 100 MMOs at once.

Posted by Quacktastic

That sucks for the employees, but SoE has been due for a shake-up for a while.  It seems like they have been coasting for the last decade.

Posted by Rek503

SoE failing another mmo? Weird.

Posted by MacroPlanet

SOE.  Doing what they do best.  Sucking the life out of MMOs.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

sorry for everybody who lost their job, the game was looking interesting, glad Planetside 2 is unaffected, at least.

Posted by vinsanityv22

Jesus christ, that's a TON of people. The jedis are going to feel this one. 
Really sad, SOE is a promising studio. They were really making moves to develop MMOs that weren't just Warcraft-clones. Free Realms and DC Universe Online are proof of that. I don't know what some of these studios were working on, but it's sad nonetheless. Hope these guys find some new jobs soon, or start up new studios.

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Wow, how many more studios will succumb to the overambitious claws of MMO's? I wonder why it took so long for SOE to decide this game was a no go. Worst of all, how many more closed studios until publishers realize MMO's are huge ventures nowadays. Smaller is the way to go, not bigger.
I feel terribly for all the people who lost their jobs, may you find a new path soon.

Posted by Zurgfrog

Well thats really a shame that so many people lost there jobs but to be honest I was not really looking forward to the Agency

Posted by firstn64

Sad news.  This economy sucks.
Posted by opp

Cant say im surprised they desided to cancel The Agency, but i still think its a bit sad because i think it looked pretty interesting.