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Posted by Ryan

 An endorsement you can trust!
I'll be honest here: after our recent, relentless string of first-person shooters on TNT, we started feeling the FPS fatigue something fierce. Stepping into the squared circle with WWE All Stars was a suitable palate-cleanser last week, and this week we keep it weird, while also choosing a game that's available outside North America, with Rare's singular Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for the Xbox 360

I bet you didn't even know that game had multiplayer, did you?

Well, it does! And it's nuts. (And bolts. Zing!) If you want to play with us, dust off your kraziest kontraptions and send us a friend request at GBTNT on the Xbox 360. If you don't have Nuts & Bolts yet, you can pick up a Giant-Bomb-endorsed Platinum Hits copy for pretty cheap, and the game is also available through Games on Demand

Either way, we'll be playing from 4PM to 6PM PDT tomorrow, April 7th, and live streaming the whole damn thing. Don't miss it! To get everyone appropriately chuffed for the event, here's a really ineffective Master Chief built in Nuts & Bolts. Enjoy!

EDIT: I almost forgot! We want to try and keep TNT fresh and fun, and your input can help make that happen! If there are some games you'd like to see featured on future TNTs, drop into this thread and let us know.
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Awesome! EDIT: Booooom

Posted by benitobb

I'll be there.

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Sorry... got a bit excited there, but still, I told you so.
Posted by ShaggE

Nuts AND Bolts? It's like two TNTs in one!

Posted by nintendoeats

I've got a thing I can't get out of...

But I like this new direction. I really didn't know that game had multiplayer. I'm betting its absurd. I like absurd.

Posted by billnyethesciencepie

 looks like this game is

*takes off glasses*

the nuts and bolts of TNT this week

Posted by Hoffafiles


Posted by Wes899

NUTS AND BOLTS! Time to find my copy.

Posted by litrock

This is going to be the best TNT. MOAR ENGINES

Posted by President_Barackbar

Err, sure, why not?

Posted by Jackhole
Posted by MattBodega

Giant Bomb's 2008 Xbox 360 GOTY! Now we're cooking!

Posted by KingOfIceland

Holy Shit!! You actually got a box quote?!

I have this game. I won't take part in the TNT, since I live in europe and it starts way to late for me, plus I've got oodles of homework to do, but I highly recommend people play it, even if you're not gonna play the TNT. That game did not the praise it deserves, simply because it wasn't a platformer.
Posted by JJWeatherman

I'll be there!

Posted by ajamafalous
@billnyethesciencepie said:
"  looks like this game is

*takes off glasses*

the nuts and bolts of TNT this week


Posted by Jolt92

This will be really fun to watch! Can't wait 'til tomorrow.

Posted by Ockman

Haha, I never noticed before that that version of the box art had a Giant Bomb quote on it. I'll be there for this! Love this game!    

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No PS3 love?
They must be planning a SOCOM 4 TNT soon.

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Posted by clumsyninja1

Yey, I thought RARE was dead but the dream keeps living!!!!

Posted by shadowwolf9

Very pumped for this. I needed a reason to get back into Nuts and Bolts

Posted by MistaSparkle

I love Banjo, but this is the only game I haven't played. Please tell me its good.

Posted by Afroman269

Dude yes! I shouldn't have sold my copy but I may just buy the game again off Live just for this!

Posted by RedRocketWestie

The multiplayer is EXTREMELY FUN, but since I got the game late, it's been virtually impossible to get into a game (the game prioritizes having 6+ people to the point where it waits 10 minutes to find more players before it lets you in with fewer). I'm crazy stoked for TNT if for no other reason than that other people will be online to play with!

Posted by litrock
@MistaSparkle: It's a different game, but it's INCREDIBLY good.  Go way back to the first of the QLs where they did one for this game.  It's pretty magic.
Posted by Nixtwix

WWE All-Stars is available in Europe :/
I've seen ads for it and stuff. 

Posted by ThePilgrums

Ooooh. This should be good. I was disappointed that it wasn't Banjo 3 proper, but watching the goofy inventions spazz out is good fun.

Posted by DerekDanahy

I really wish I had my xbox with me. I'd be so happy to get in on this TNT.

Posted by AlisterCat
@MistaSparkle said: 

" I love Banjo, but this is the only game I haven't played. Please tell me its good. "

Nothing like the first 2 but has the same charm. It's about building your own vehicles (almost little big planet style 'make your own stuff' kind of thing, but just vehicles) and doing missions (mostly races).    
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Posted by Duffyside
@EgoCheck616 said:
" No PS3 love?They must be planning a SOCOM 4 TNT soon. "
Yeah... probably when the game comes out?
Posted by DeF

I've bought the game almost a year ago but haven't played it once ... now I feel guilty!

Posted by Grilledcheez

AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I hope everybody uses their phallic shaped vehicles

Posted by litrock
@Nixtwix: By the time of the TNT it wasn't, since TNT was the thursday before it came out. On that TNT, they said they'd probably wait another week for new releases after the fact to let Europe play. 
Posted by Aaron_G

This was game, I am glad you guys are giving it some love! 

Posted by MattBodega
@Nixtwix: Ryan meant how the All Stars TNT last week was held before the game was released in Europe, so players outside America couldn't get into a TNT. This time, we're doing a game that is available in all territories!
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  I won't be there, but here's something I made, just to make u jelly...

Posted by Mento

Let the shoddy Duplo-block car racing commence!

Seriously hoping to see people creating some messed up vehicles for this throwdown. I'm glad Ryan had the foresight to announce it early enough for folk to get on that.

Posted by Soap

It needs more engines.

Posted by Vlaphor

Just sent the friend request...haven't played Nuts & Bolts in ages. 

Posted by DiscoDuck8k

Haven't played this one, but Banjo-Kazooie is love. Will definitely watch.

Posted by TheKing


Posted by Cybexx

As usual I will be working while this is going on but if this sells some more copies of Nuts and Bolts that is awesome. Just saw this on Kotaku and became really depressed about the state of Rare at the moment.

Posted by Tonic7

Just sent the friend request. It has certainly been awhile since I played this game...

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Posted by TepidShark

Is that the only instance of Giant Bomb getting a quote on the box?

Posted by ptc

Fantastic choice!  Now I'm pissed that I gave this game to my nephews (along with Viva Pinata:TIP).  Sad thing is, they've hardly played it.  Viva P, on the other hand, they played the sh*t out of that one. 

Posted by MattyFTM
@TepidShark said:
" Is that the only instance of Giant Bomb getting a quote on the box? "
No, there have been a few. I think the European Trine box had a GB quote, and I'm sure there are a couple more too.
Posted by allenibrahim

The intro of this game is still on of the greatest of all time! I might pop into the chat to see what kind of silly antics Giant Bomb can do with this game.