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Posted by AlisterCat
@Underachiever007: Thank you. :)
Posted by AlisterCat
@Resident4t: I thought about pulling out my racing car but that wasn't fun. Unfortunately in multiplayer the colours get reset so he wasn't green. Also, it can only really go upward unless you tilt it so I was just bobbing up and down the whole match. Then again, brad took to flying in a ground race and we crashed in the air a couple of times.
Posted by CaptainTightPants

You were the Giant Monster? Haha that thing was amazing. 

Also Poor Meatboy :O  
It  looks nice though :)

Posted by AlisterCat
@Immuniity: Check out the blog. I drew the 3 original starter pokemon, although the only one I am happy with is bulbasaur.
Posted by Underachiever007

I really like the Super Meat Boy design.

Posted by Immuniity

What a fantastic design. Really really great, mate.


Posted by AlisterCat
@Geno: Thanks Geno.

@iam3green: I know what you mean. I have about 40+ steam games I should really be playing. With racing games it can be much harder because there isn't the sense of progression you get from something story driven like a modern shooter or an RPG.
Posted by Geno

The design is really nice. 

Posted by iam3green

cool, i enjoyed crysis 1 when i played it. the graphics i think are still the best out there. i have to play catch up with banjo kazooie nuts & bolts. i got the game when it came out but never got to finish the game or play a lot of the game.

i'm still trying to beat a lot of the games that i have that are in a pile. i just booted up need for speed:shift1. playing the game for a couple of days now, i remembered why i stopped playing the game. in some of the races the ones that are 1vs1 they AI is difficult. they changed the AI from playing it on a normal race and then 1 vs1 is harder. i think i got it before forza 3 came out so i wanted a racing game to play before it came out.

Posted by AlisterCat
Lots of stuff happening at the moment. Plus some art.


Another one of my daily designs. This time of Meat Boy, gettin' cut up. Please leave comments, I love reading them.

Ouch. Sorry, Meatboy 

Crysis 2

I finished Crysis 2 earlier in the week. Very happy with the final product. Incredible graphics and cinematic presentation. Interesting story, if not poorly explained and paced. Satisfying gameplay. Got my SSD back so now I have installed it again with the intent of going through on Super Soldier. We'll see.

Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts

I took part in my first TNT. Really enjoyed playing with the community. Brad too. I had no idea anyone else cared about this game. I think it's one of the most creative and inventive games ever made, and one of my favourites. Sure, it's not the Banjo action you expect but it is a lot of fun. I flew around and crashed in to Brad with my Giant Monster. I didn't get to show off my catapult or my crane! Functioning crane is pretty awesome.