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Posted by Vorbis

I suppose it was too much to hope that they would changes things up a bit.

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Really liked the multiplayer of the first two...if not for the problems with connectivity and such so the fact that this has dedicated servers means I will probably buy this...but I swear to god if that Shotgun is the dominant weapon in all 3 games...fuck multiplayer. Shotgun really drove me away from the first two.

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yup only care about single player. i have never been able to rap my mind around gears online.

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I like the sound design here, but I have little interest in this series.

Also, if the shotgun is the best option in every case, the multiplayer is fucking imbalanced, right?

Posted by darkjester74
@nikeforces said:
" So. who is actually in the beta right now. i know bulletstorm owners get it tuesday or monday. but i have seen some people playing it right now and talking about it.  "
Press, would be my guess.
Posted by spartan0187

Glad to see some kind of support for a dedicated host system.  That was one of my big issues with the other 2 games, and sort of what steered me back to other games.  Whoever had host was GOD if they had a shotgun.

Posted by NegativeCero

Kind of makes me want to play Gears but then I remembered the multiplayer was broken.

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

I was never a fan of gears multiplayer. I hope the singleplayer is good.
Posted by Pixeldemon

The shooting looks the same as the other games, which is to say, automatic weapons do almost no damage.  Only way to get kills is melee or point-blank shotgun.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Posted by FengShuiGod

Shotguns of War 3

Posted by SuperSambo
@Pixeldemon said:
" The shooting looks the same as the other games, which is to say, automatic weapons do almost no damage.  Only way to get kills is melee or point-blank shotgun.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz. "
Have we been playing the same game? The Lancer slows the opponent down and does loads of damage.
Posted by Afroman269
@SuperSambo said:
" @Pixeldemon said:
" The shooting looks the same as the other games, which is to say, automatic weapons do almost no damage.  Only way to get kills is melee or point-blank shotgun.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz. "
Have we been playing the same game? The Lancer slows the opponent down and does loads of damage. "
I agree. Looks like guys get downed hella fast compared to the last game. My only complaint is that it looks like the shotgun does even more damage now. That shit destroys people. There be better counters or this game will devolve back in shotgun parties.
Posted by Pr1mus

Looks meh at best...

I only discovered the Gears series this year after years of my friends hyping it like it's the second coming. Expectations were not met. Probably too late to really appreciate it but oh well.

Boring game looks boring.
Posted by Korrz
@DancingJesus said:
" Man.. Jeff USE THE SHOTGUN FOR CHRIST SAKE. Haha, this is tough to watch.

Game looks nice though.
lol! Only 8 minutes into this, but that's all I'm thinking as well. WHY ARE YOU LANCERING A DUDE WHOS IN YOUR FACE? Can't wait for this though, 3 more days...ugh
Posted by TheHUD

This looks so good!! Although i wish Jeff was a little more used to how it played :(

Posted by Habearu

Looks amazing, enough said. hopefully the multiplayer gets all the kinks out before the release, the beta should help this greatly, the movement looks realistic and executions look bad ass, gears has always been fun and with this new host free system it should be even better. Lets get to the killing time !

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Man that Spawn, Shoot, Die cycle still just doesn't get to me when it comes to mp.

Now some more co-op singleplayer is definitely something to get excited about.

Posted by OneManX

Game looks great, but it's still Shotgun, Roll, Shotgun, Roll

...Dunno how I feel yet
Posted by CountDog

I don't think the multiplayer looks bad, but I don't think I will be getting into it, the campaign I will murder like a thousand times over, but I'll stick to Reach's multiplayer.

Posted by AlexW00d

This game looks awful :/

Posted by bozosc
@sear: the madden of shooters is call of duty i mean come on, every year little updates, be serious
Posted by lamaldo78
@AlexW00d: In what way does this game look bad?:  Graphics? Gameplay? What?
Posted by gosukiller
@lamaldo78 said:

"  Its totally different to your standard FPS multiplayer "

Gears of War not being an FPS probably helps with that ;)
Posted by SuperSambo
@NegativeCero said:
" Kind of makes me want to play Gears but then I remembered the multiplayer was broken. "
Broken how?
Posted by AlexW00d
@lamaldo78 said:
" @AlexW00d: In what way does this game look bad?:  Graphics? Gameplay? What? "
It looks super boring, the movement is sluggish and unnatural (and I love me some MGS), the graphics do look all kinds of awful but then it is on a 360 and this video is choppy as shit so that doesn't help, the shooting looks pretty bad, but that might be due to lag/Jeff I can't be sure. The environments are real plain and muddy looking too.
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@wolf_blitzer85 said:

" Man that Spawn, Shoot, Die cycle still just doesn't get to me when it comes to mp. "

Yeah, watching that happen here actually made me bored. Shame, the game looks great, but eh...

also hai guize i likez to hate popoolar gaems
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Nice screen tearing. Gears have fun singleplayer and co-op but I never got into the multiplayer really. It was mostly shotgun to tha face, to tha face.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

As someone who played tons of Gears 1 and who pretty thoroughly disliked Gears 2, I'd say this is looking promising and I can't wait to get my hands on it. 

Posted by NegativeCero
@SuperSambo: It was unbalanced last I played and lag switches were a huge problem as the quick look mentions.
Posted by JJOR64

I really hope the shotgun isn't OP in the retail multiplayer.  Everything else seems solid.  Glad they are going to have servers for the game.

Edited by Hawker

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, the amount of ignorance coming from you people watching half an hour of someone who doesn't know how to play the game is absolutely ridiculous.

They practically fixed the shotgun dominance in Gears 2, Jeff keeps getting killed by it because HE KEEPS RUNNING INTO THE LINE OF FIRE OF THE THINGS. If he stood back and lancered them then switched to the shotgun up close as opposed to run around with a medium-long range weapon no matter where he is, you'd realise that it's not a shotgun fest any more as long as you don't treat it like one. First of all, there's stopping power, if Jeff managed to get a decent stream of assault rifle fire going at a charging enemy you'd have been able to see that, but by the time he found an enemy he was staring it in the face, and do any of you know what that retro lancer is for? COUNTER-SHOUTGUNNING, hence the absurd power with terrible accuracy, if someone's charging at you with a shotty they're mincemeat, the hammerburst and lancer are the same story, a shotgun is for close-range only now, hence why every time Jeff ran CLOSE RANGE with his lancer he was getting destroyed by them.

The other players were idiots, it was clear, anyone who knows how to actually play gears uses their lancer and shotgun in equal measure, notice how the guy who'd already managed to unlock the golden lancer was using it, he had experience and knew what to do, as opposed to the rest of the players who were also probably journalists who had no idea what to do and had only played the gears games back when they were still shotguns of war (pretty much only gears 1 now with all the gears 2 patches making the game playable and much more balanced)

keep in mind I have absolutely no problem with Jeff not being great at this game, he's one of my most respected of game jorunalists and I love the stuff he does, plus, we all start somewhere, on top of that he has a job playing games and as such he can't be expected to have the time to dedicate to becoming some Gears master. It's the stupid ineducated replies that have stemmed from said gameplay that I'm more concerned about. It's just about time someone countered the moronic replies of "lulz, luks same as eva, shotgun spam" because it's not, it's a balance, a great one that anyone that's played gears within the past few years would also understand.

Posted by Druminator

Looks okay...

Posted by rosebud04
@Sweep said:



Posted by Teoball

I'm looking forward to this. I do not care one bit about the multiplayer though.
Posted by Kingdead6501

Looks like I'll be terrible at Gears of War 3 multiplayer just like the other ones.

Posted by iamthemoneyj

Wow Jeff is fucking awful at gears

Posted by Mystyr_E

ha! Jeff was playing against Abbie Heppe from G4 on one match. Sweet

Posted by Xymox

Beta access comes first to those who bought bulletstorm, not to those who actually pre-ordered the game that they're having a beta for? Interesting marketing. 

Posted by xCharlieSheen

Thank you Jeff for demonstrating the kind of player that constantly complains about the Gears multiplayer. If you suck, and can't get any kills, and are always getting flanked and destroyed w/ the shotgun; don't blame the game.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

So it's gears of war 2 with new maps and football helmets...

Posted by Seijur0

As someone who's actually pretty damn good at Gears, this was painful to watch. The game itself looks alright though. Looks more like Gears 2 than Gears 1, which is totally what is expected obviously, but disappointing for me personally.

Posted by ArchTeckGuru8

someone is bad at games... get some brad in there!

Posted by andrewf87462

Escalators...OF THE FUTURE!!!!!!!
Posted by Kajaah117

Before this Quick Look: Oh yeah? More Gears?  -_-

After this Quick Look: Oh yeah! More fuckin' Gears!

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althought the graphics are nice, those map layouts couldn't be less inspired. they're all just 100% symmetrical.



" @NegativeCero said:

" Kind of makes me want to play Gears but then I remembered the multiplayer was broken. "

Broken how? "

i remember waiting 15-20 minutes or worse to find a match in Gears 2. i heard it ended up being patched and it was playable but i had lost interest after the first month and got rid of it.
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i just keep thinking how it would be nice to climb up that wall to get a better line of site on the enemy. but this is gears. :(

Uncharted 3 is going to POOP on Gears 3

Posted by zombie2011

THis game is going to be amazing.

Posted by SuperSambo

I didn't think it was too bad to watch like many others, just odd that you kept mentioning how good the shotgun was, but never use it...

Quick looks are there to show the game, not show off how good a player is. I feel that this gave me as much information as it would if Jeff were kicking ass.

Posted by Mechanized

The lead singer for Drowning Pool is dead Ryan. :(

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God I loved gears of war multiplayer. Didn't play GoW2 much, but this looks great
But jeff firing his lancer point blank and refusing to use the shotgun is driving me a bit nuts

edit: Is this just a jeff thing? He seems to stick to just the assault rifle in games that he can. Branch out!