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Posted by KyouG

Damn fine.

Posted by Cincaid

I love me some Gears of War. Too bad I'm not interested in the MP.

Posted by leejunfan83

guns why doesn't somebody pull out a .45 and bang settle it 

Posted by bslayer

can't wait to play it

Posted by buft

i just sold my copy of bulletstorm, i realised i only want gears for the singleplayer

Posted by Nizzleworth

Looks a lot like Gears of War.

Posted by RobotHamster

I kinda wish I got into the beta but I can wait until it's released.  I don't want to but live since I really won't use it until then.

Posted by RoyCampbell

This video only makes me more excited for the single player. I can't stand the multiplayer of Gears, even with the benefit of dedicated servers.

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The previous Gears multiplayer became too repetitive for me - same maps, same players, same tactics. At least Horde mode was innovative (in its own way). Bulletstorm was atrociously over-rated (Serious Sam on steroids) but may be worth it for the beta goodies.

Hopefully, they will introduce some new dynamics because playing the game for a fantastic and deep singleplayer story is asking a lot for your money.
Posted by ptys

Alright I'm on the fence with this game, time to press play and hope to be impressed!..

Posted by JoeyRavn

You know what I love about GB? You always post a nice Quick Look just as I'm about to have lunch in front of my PC. I can put the video in one screen and surf the web on the other one while I'm having some tasty rice* for lunch. I love you, guys :)

Also, I should get GoW2 for 360. I played the first one on PC with a friend and it was awesome, though a bit short.

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Posted by Ramone

I want this NOW.

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So typical of Jeff to criticise what he's not very good at.

Want to be playing this, but I don't have the patience to jump through all the hoops. Some beta this is. So you don't want people who have played the shit out of your previous Gears muliplayer to help you test your game? Um. Yeah.

Also, this is what they really should be playing for TNT next week...
Posted by fooflighter737

Yep that Gears 3 all right, looks okay I guess...never was a MP fan of the series

Posted by Plasma

Haha at 24:15 when the body slides down, and the battlefield is just littered with bodies on fire.... Looks awesome!

Posted by brocool


Posted by Pibo47

Looks pretty awesome

Posted by Rotnac

I hope that those that do take part in this play the shit out of this beta so the final product can come out great. 

i wont be participating in the beta due to the fact that ive always been more interested in the campaign and have always had a rough experience with the multiplayer. with that said, this quick look has piqued my interest in the multiplayer aspect of this game. epic seems to be on the ball this time.  
Posted by RoyCampbell
@sofacitysweetheart: We can always count on you for the bitterest of comments. Every time.
Posted by DancingJesus

Man.. Jeff USE THE SHOTGUN FOR CHRIST SAKE. Haha, this is tough to watch.

Game looks nice though.
Posted by lumberingjackal

Looks good

Posted by 234r2we232
@RoyCampbell said:
" @sofacitysweetheart: We can always count on you for the bitterest of comments. Every time. "
You're so sweet :)
Posted by RoyCampbell
@sofacitysweetheart: The delicious contrast of bitter and sweet is killing me.
Posted by zyn

Jeff sucks at playing

Posted by Nomin
It'd be cool if the Bulletstorm players get to play with the grapple beam in the MP. 
Posted by RazielCuts

So you're telling me, that this won't be available, for PS3?!

Posted by Pop

So cool when Jeff chainsawed those 2 guys xD. CRAZY!

Posted by Mikro

Looks like they have fixed the shotgun spread

Posted by craigbo180

"Everything must go.... TO HELL"

God damn it Ryan.

Posted by Afroman269
@sofacitysweetheart I wouldn't call preordering gears, jumping through hoops. I don't like preordering games but I made an exception. I put down 5 bucks and got a beta code. That's it.

As someone who played way more gears 1 and 2 multiplayer than I probably should have, I cant wait for this!
Posted by Zapbrader


Posted by Vinny_Says

when this out bulletstorm code when?

Posted by AssInAss

I got bored because of how similar this looks, but then the bit of King of Hill stuff and Jeff owning with 2 chainsaw kills was entertaining.

Edited by MEATBALL

Not only did I love Bulletstorm, but I also get access to the Gears 3 beta starting next week! Can't wait.

 @blacklabeldomm: April 18 duder

Posted by Marz

Gonna be a lame multiplayer game if it's just required to use the shotgun to compete.

Posted by drew327

@29:25 when Jeff respawns you can see the current version of the Unreal Engine texture pop-in.  At least its smoother!

Edited by sear

Is it just me, or is Gears of War the Madden of shooters?  Yay for minor updates to visuals, gameplay, etc. for the price of a full game and all that, but I think 'll take something, you know, new.  And not as brown.  And without that asshole CliffyB associated with it.

Posted by big_jon


Posted by turilas

Yup, now I remember why I dislike bullet sponge games like this and Halo so much.

Posted by Depth

The shotgun is the only gun you are supposed to use in gears multiplayer.

Posted by Xealot42

Is this the first gears with iron sights?  Don't remember them being in the other games.

Posted by Mumrik

I can't believe how slow the characters move in GoW...

Posted by WalkerTR77

Shipping crate?

Posted by ryanwho

You'd think they could work up more than a light jog when their life is on the line.

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I am a bit more interested in this game's multiplayer.  That second map they show looks like it might actually for once be a map where you don't just run around with the shotgun like in every other single gears of war multiplayer match ever.  Man I hated gears maps cause they are all just mega close maps where half the time any ranged weapon is near useless.  

Eh but let's face it people are just going to "bunny roll" around all day with shotguns on about every single map and the multiplayer is going to be lame in that way haha.  Hopefully I am wrong.
Posted by Mesoian

Every kill on Jeff for the first 15 minutes is via shotgun.

There's something inherently wrong with that.

Posted by csl316

29:30 to 30:00 is pretty much what makes Gears mp worth playing.

Posted by Krisgebis

The graphics really look great. Love the lighting and textures :)

I might be wrong, but I think the movement looks a little less clunky.
Posted by Grixxel

Glad to see the MP is still the exact same shit.

Posted by Sheetsy77

Ooooo I like....