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Posted by FesteringNeon

Oh god I was rolling at the end!
not "rolling" but rolling with laughter

Posted by MustardDragon

What a terrible looking game. Bleh

Posted by McGhee

Jeff lookin pimp in that neon striped track jacket.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I respect Ryan for giving Will the mental business.

Posted by chickdigger802

Glad whiskey loves Speed Racer.

It is the defacto new tv stress tester. If speed racer doesn't make you go crazy, go return that tv.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Have to say, Corey was the best chatmaster ever. Wish he would stay on

Posted by StriderNo9

Wow that Wonder Women was cheesy as shit.

Posted by NekuCTR

Whats wrong with Ryan at 12:55? That long stare and upright posture, that could only mean... you pooped the chair. didn't you.

Posted by Woodroez
@ErikSchroder said:
"Is that an AIK jacket Jeff is wearing? "


It's a licensed Tron jacket.


@GlenTennis said:

"Despite all of his rage, this game doesn't have any Johnny Cage. "


You're terrible. Love me.

Posted by Xshinobi

Loved this game. I also love the conversations that come up during these TNTs. 

Posted by Konanda

Not Another Carrot Movie.

Posted by Generiko

Ryan said this would be a Perfect Dark Zero TNT, I feel betrayed.

Posted by Devil240Z

TNT should of been Socom Confrontation.

Posted by SomeDeliCook
@nikeforces said:
" Unreal Championship wasnt third person. the first one was strictly a first person shooter. with no vehicles or anything like however the second one was. Unreal Championship did have vehicles and a third person view for melee characters and moves "
Neither Unreal Championship games had vehicles

The first one was basically a port of UT2003 with less features, and UC2 was a brand new Unreal game mostly focused on melee and acrobatic moves.
Posted by MadaRenrut

so are TNT's no longer free for everyone to watch?

Edited by MordeaniisChaos

Man, I love Scorpion's getting up after a round animation, so good.

But fuck, looking back on this, there's a lot of really cheap lookin' stuff, especially compared to MK9. Production values are vastly different. Dat UI, gross.

Posted by KenpachiRamaSama

He hasn't really been depowered. He can still bench press the relative weight of the Earth times 3.