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Posted by JJWeatherman
@The_Laughing_Man said:
" @ZombiePie said:
" Podcasts woo-hoo! "
Lol its the next one thats the one year cast!  "
Wow. Now I feel like a dick for never listening to it.  :/

Don't take it personally though. I just can't squeeze any more podcasts into my already all-too-busy 'cast schedule.
Posted by The_Laughing_Man
@ZombiePie said:
" Podcasts woo-hoo! "
Lol its the next one thats the one year cast! 
Posted by ZombiePie

Podcasts woo-hoo!

Posted by Rudeboy217

I have not listened to one of these yet. I will check it out!

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Small bump for attention then I will let this die. 

Posted by Tireyo

It's hard to believe that this podcast is already at episode 51!! Very Impressive. = - )

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Herp Derp 

On this week's MP3 David capitulates to the siren song of Minecraft, Nick goes back in Timeshift and back in Trine, and Pat explores Dungeon Hunter on PSN. Andy remains hooked on Pokemon Black, finally finishes inFamous, talks Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, and dishes the scoop on the Gears of War 3 beta. We also collectively talk about Portal in anticipation for Portal 2.

Capcom solidifies itself as a recurring news item, and trivia fails to get a correct answer this week. David will be really disappointed if you don't get the next one right! Just listen for the clip and send us your guesses! Until next time, there is a creeper behind you forever.

Also next week pat has an annocment. 

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