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GiantBomb <3

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@Undead_Fiend said:
" Although you musnt equate game sales with how good the games actually are, more the relience on how gullible people will continue to lap up practically the exact same game every year with good marketing "
I couldnt have said it better myself. Thats the mistake even industry vets seem to make ALL THE TIME! Im not saying COD games aren't fun, but with a franchise thats rakes in a large percentage of the money spent on games that year I expect more innovation. If you are innovating(no your not, the games are exact replicas) then innovate more. Spend the money, get the talent, and maybe SPEND THE TIME to make each successor that much more appealing. 
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Patrick Klepek ALREADY breaking dem big insider stories. I'm so proud.

Posted by Warihay

Fantastic job Patrick. So excited to see more articles like this coming from Giant Bomb now.

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Yep, this is some fantastic content.

Appreciate the work Mr. Klepek. Someone should really get you a hat for this sort of thing.

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Now this is News.

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Great read, Klepek. 

I think that Activision asked the wrong question.  It shouldn't have been "Isn't COD today like GH was a few years ago", they should have asked, "Isn't COD today like Tony Hawk was a few years ago."  The memo correctly points out that the music genre was a flash in the pan.  I wouldn't say it exploded since it existed before GH, but that game made amateurs feel like rock stars even if it was only pretend.  Playing with plastic toy guitars will only get you so far. 

The extreme sports genre on the other hand was much more widespread and lasting than the recent music game genre, and yet the Tony Hawk games have become a punchline within the gaming community.  Why is that?  Oversaturation is certainly a factor.  With every X-Games participant getting their own jumping-spinning-trick filled game, they all became indistinguishable.  And, after a while, the basis of the games all felt alike.  There was a sameness that crept in starting with the bad games and eventually undermining the flagship title, Tony Hawk.   But the genre itself didn't die.  It's just that all the "innovation" Activision tried made things worse year after year.  Finally, they lost the crown to EA's Skate. 

Call of Duty is in that same position albeit in a more stable genre than extreme sports.  The modern military shooter market is incredibly crowded these days and it's very hard to distinguish one game from the next.  Today, COD has brand recognition, but that might not be enough as was the case with Tony Hawk.  Gamers will seek out newer and more innovative games occasionally especially when something that's been around for so long starts to feel "uncool".  Battlefield 3 might be that game, or Bungie's latest project or perhaps whatever Respawn Entertainment is working on.  If I could predict the future, I'd have Michael Patcher's job, but I do believe that change will come whether Activision likes it or not and public perception has a lot to do with how quickly it arrives. 
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My personal interest in fps's has been greatly diminishing over the last few months and I sent back Black-ops only a week after I got it.


While the arc of success is still rising with the COD series, I can see a future where they've reached the edges of innovation within the confines that COD allows and they will HAVE to do different things, either that or go the way of the Dodo.


On another note, I haven't read anything this engaging on Giantbomb for a long while.


I usually read the first 2 paragraphs of an article and the last one as it saves me alot of time and usually tells me all I want to know from the article. For one reason alone, so much goes on on the internet these days that, put bluntly, who has the time to read generic, all-over-the-internet, stuff all day?

Anyway, Glad you're here Klepek, that was a very interesting read, with the above paragraph in mind, I read your entire article.

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Im so fucking glad you're handling the news Klepek. Great article.

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 "Call of Duty is one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world,"

I never would've dreamed to ever read that a few years ago. And it's not even a lie.

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Great read, interesting how they look at how they seem to be driving IW's concept to the bank, but how long will that last?

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Great write up Patrick!  I hope this is a sign of things to come from the news side of GB!

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While I'll always fondly remember and wish for the good ol' days of Giant Bomb, this one-two punch of Nicholson and Klepek bodes well. 

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So I guess Battlefield is Rock Band?

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I already like Klepek

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Interesting article, very insightful! Personally I'm not convinced that Call of Duty will continue to grow and grow and maintain popularity a few years from now. There will come a point where no one cares about it and something else takes its place, just as with Guitar Hero, just as with the fighting game explosion of the 90s. My two cents.

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This makes me want to go back and play the original Spyro again

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Those who don't remember the past... yada yada yada

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Great article, dude! You're already proving (to me at least) why you're one of the best gaming journalists out there with this story. Top notch stuff!

I'm interested to see where CoD is going to be in the next five or so years. Right nows it's huge, and I know that they haven't fully tapped the FPS market dry (yet), but I'm wondering if in 5 years there will be a gross oversaturation of FPSs and the CoD franchise in general. I mean, we already have a lot of FPSs coming out (less so now than there were a year or two ago) but at this point in time CoD already seems a little too milked. I never played Black Ops, but I hear it was awesome (more of the same great gameplay PLUS JFK versus Zambies, I mean, c'mon!), but the fact is I'm not sure how high up the CoD franchise will go before it begins falling.

It'll be interesting to see how the next few years play out.
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Great article man.

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 "Dammit, Patrick. Why you gotta get all smart on us?"

Awesome article!

Posted by EndlessObsidian

Giant Bomb is complete. Great Stuff.

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Patrick hitting all the sectors! News, Bombcasts, and Quick Looks! Congrats on a successful debut.

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@EndlessObsidian said:
" Giant Bomb is complete. Great Stuff. "
Posted by Dakota

I hardly ever post comments on articles but I just wanted to add to the list of people who are giving props to Patrick. Great story and I think he's going to make an awesome addition to the team

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I'm kinda confused as to why people are jumping up on this Klepek guys dick...I see nothing special about this article. It's most just quoted material with some base analysis...but OK.

Posted by nERVEcenter

Klepek is awesome. You guys definitely beat Kotaku to the punch, they're linking here with a summary of the story.

Fucking brilliant. 

Also, beating a horse to death can only result in so much cash flying out. It ends at some point; they need another brand to take its place.
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Call of Duty: Warriors of Modern War-rock confirmed for 2012.

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Great article indeed.  At least Activision is honestly interested in keeping COD viable and considering whether it is becoming stale.  After MW, MW2 and playing plenty of Blops i'm feeling kind of burned out on the series.  But hey if they can find a way to innovate and grow the brand, i'll keep playing.  I know there's a lot of grumbling about an online subscription for multiplayer but like i said, if they manage to do something engaging and quality with it, instead of making me pay regularly for something i'm already tiring of, i'll stick around for it.  Unless BF3 is as awesome as i'm hoping...

Posted by WaffleConed

Its re-assuring to know that even at the very top their atleast aware of how rare this popular of a game is and they seem to appreciate that enough to keep it on top for atleast a little while longer.

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Check it out.

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Stuff I learned from this article:

- Activision wants Call of Duty to stay on top as the #1 FPS
- They have to remain ahead of the pack if they want to keep that position
- Doing that requires the best talent in the business
+ something something Guitar Hero vs COD theory

Interesting to read an inside memo,sure, but this was hardly a great read.
Posted by Winternet

Congrats on your first story here on GiantBomb, Patrick. A very nice reading.

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Hey... this was a great article. Glad to see patrick already working hard.

Posted by tourgen

Well people seem to still love the CoD games and mappack expansions.  He must be at least partially right.  I think people really do enjoy the twitch-arcade style FPS game and will continue to buy it in some form or other.   Probably short sighted to extrapolate that upward sales trend out to infinity.

I wonder how long the modern military setting will hold our attention.  It seems a little stale already.

Posted by therealnelsk

Started to read this and thought, man I wish GiantBomb would do more content like this. It then dawned on me that this is indeed the start of GiantBomb doing more content like this.

Welcome to the team Patrick, great article and I look forward to more of your work.

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 "Activision doesn’t always seem to get the credit it deserves in terms of innovation in my opinion, but there is no short supply of it,"

Laughing so fucking hard right now.

Posted by natetodamax
I'm kinda confused as to why people are jumping up on this Klepek guys dick...I see nothing special about this article. It's most just quoted material with some base analysis...but OK.
Because it's not a Brad Nicholson Kotaku-like article
Posted by SpicyRichter

I think they peaked with Black Ops, they will start to decline now. The next one will be successful, but will sell less than black ops. Following that we'll see a line of consistent high quality shooters, but will sell less and less as people grow tired of the formula.

They will then realize that the right path to follow is to create a shooter in the Mass Effect universe, with all the call of duty snappy gameplay, but with a rich, sci-fi story and background.

Also, you'll mine for minerals with your assault rifle.

Posted by patrickklepek
@natetodamax said:
" @RsistncE
I'm kinda confused as to why people are jumping up on this Klepek guys dick...I see nothing special about this article. It's most just quoted material with some base analysis...but OK.
Because it's not a Brad Nicholson Kotaku-like article "
Let's chill on Nicholson, cool?
Posted by PerfectUgly

That memo betrays a terrible lack of faith in the creators of the Call of Duty franchise (to say nothing of the fact that, fundamentally, the models of game are completely separate between COD and GH). Or maybe its a reveille. As I see it, the Call of Duty franchise is structured largely around the same fundamental model, game after game:

  • new maps;
  • a new game mode or two;

But nothing earth-shattering. Activision sinks millions into production of the Call of Duty franchise so, like any corporate entity, 'do it to death' becomes the mantra. Be safe. Safe formulas. No real creativity. I see this as a particularly dangerous model in a creative venture, to the franchise and disingenuous to the creators who likely want to do something new, but are constrained to 'do it to death.'

I see the work Naughty Dog is producing for the Uncharted series (these are admittedly two fundamentally different types of games) and I see innovation. I see real thinking out-of-the-box. And attention to detail I have never seen in a Call of Duty title. For example, in Uncharted 2 multi-player:

  •  if Drake walks over a pothole in the map, he stumbles, preventing him from lifting his gun for around 1 second. 
  • Characters can grab or kick one another while climbing ladders and poles. 
  • Maps are built with vertical combat in mind.

I see none of this thinking in the Call of Duty franchise (though there is some vertical gameplay, it's not really anything more than 2 or 3 levels of playing - its not really built for combat in that fashion). I'd respectfully urge the Call of Duty franchise to consider the following:

  • perks are NOT what makes it a good game - put the focus elsewhere;
  • innovate in game modes - the best games immerse players interactively.
  • add something. Something excellent. See DICE's Frostbite engine for an example. The level of destructive environments is truly amazing and game-changing.

Activision prides itself on holding the first-person shooter champion title. Sales prove Activision owns it. So it's Activision's to lose. All titles end. Innovate or become obsolete.
Posted by SpicyRichter
@patrickklepek said:
" @natetodamax said:
" @RsistncE
I'm kinda confused as to why people are jumping up on this Klepek guys dick...I see nothing special about this article. It's most just quoted material with some base analysis...but OK.
Because it's not a Brad Nicholson Kotaku-like article "
Let's chill on Nicholson, cool? "
You just want to steer the conversation back to guys jumping on your dick heheheh
Posted by GunslingerPanda

Woah, a news article that's actually pretty good?

Posted by RenaissanceXD
@kamiboy said:
" First Person Shooters, the cockroaches of the gaming industry. "
Posted by TadThuggish
@patrickklepek said:
" @natetodamax said:
" @RsistncE
I'm kinda confused as to why people are jumping up on this Klepek guys dick...I see nothing special about this article. It's most just quoted material with some base analysis...but OK.
Because it's not a Brad Nicholson Kotaku-like article "
Let's chill on Nicholson, cool? "
I love that "Kotaku-like" is a big enough insult to have staff step in and tell people to chill.

Man, that site is atrocious.
Posted by l3reak

Awesome! This is just the stuff I was hoping to see from Patrick. And I actually read it, too, which I honestly didn't mean to. I guess it much have been a well written piece. ;)

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I think I'll reserve judgement until they actually announce Bungie's game and the next CoD, but I will say that I'm disappointed in  Hirshberg's comments because clearly they don't see anything wrong with doing yearly releases of a game. Kudos if they can keep it up and make great games consistently, but I'm not interested in playing the same game every year. The way they keep churning these out is the opposite of what they should do if they're trying to be seen as innovative..

Posted by transience

I've never understood why people relate Call of Duty to Guitar Hero. They're two completely different cases - one a novelty and the other from the most popular and overplayed genre in the world. People have been playing shooters like crazy for at least 15 years. Everyone claims Activision is riding COD hard and how it's going to capsize but it's done the exact opposite so far.

It seems to me like wishful thinking that the evil empire will go down whereas all the evidence in this case points in the other direction. Call of Duty is only getting bigger over time.

Posted by Hobbies

"Activision doesn’t always seem to get the credit it deserves in terms of innovation in my opinion, but there is no short supply of it, even in our narrower slate"  

Oh, please, don't flatter yourselves and call what you do innovation. All you're able to do is keep your herd following, but there's a reason why they're called sheep.