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Posted by fontainefellow


Posted by MonkeyKing1969

I think CEO Eric Hirshberg argued his points well.  But, I would just stress one more thing that seemingly people do not consider very much in the discussion so far.   Treyarch's Black Ops sold better, but that must mean they brought in new people as well as old to pull off those higher numbers.  If double-digit growth is possible, then who to say triple digit growth is not possible?  

Posted by mewarmo990

Great read, Patrick!

It will certainly be interesting to see whether the CoD franchise is really able to stay viable in the long run. I think for now it will continue to grow in popularity, as these mass market-targeted video games are progressively becoming a greater part of the mainstream consumer media.

Posted by Thuki

This year is probably the year COD will have to do something new to stay ahead of battlefield. Without infinity ward it will be interesting to see if they pull it of. I don't think they will. From what I've heard there are alot of people who didn't like black ops.