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Posted by Nettacki
@JayHayabusa: Low sound mix FTW.
Posted by jillsandwich

Wait, what game is this?

Posted by Silock
@jillsandwich: Guess. Go on. Guess. 
Posted by jillsandwich
@Silock: It's....It's uh....Battletoads?
Posted by MrBubbles

i liked this there should be more shrink wrap tuesdays

Posted by Tebbit
@jillsandwich said:
" @Silock: It's....It's uh....Battletoads? "
Partial credit.
Posted by pingolobo

General RAAM.
Posted by ItBeStefYo
@pingolobo: Duke Nukem
Posted by cruxking

xbox char, master chief? not the best fit but i think it'd work.

Posted by rmills87

@pingolobo said:

General RAAM.


Posted by arimajinn