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Posted by mnzy
Posted by Quintessence

When will the train return?!

Posted by ApertureSilence

So, there have been no new NDX episodes since this one. What is going on? Have there been no WiiWare or DSi Ware releases at all since last month?

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No one notice gerstmann's call out to his Good Morning America visit? He mentions how many more moves the Wii 2 will have which is what Diane Sawyer asked him about on the dreamcast.

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@Video_Game_King said:

" I wish I knew where to download the MP3s directly, because this is my only way of getting aboard the Nintendownloadable Xpress. "

install winamp, add the rss feed to it, done.




" The RSS feed only keeps the latest 10 podcasts which is a bummer. "

yeah, I hadn't noticed this before, what's up with that? because my bombcast feed has every single episode since the fabled arrow pointing down ones.

also I loved the break music, is that a Gerstmann original?
Posted by meekrophone
@xSeanZx said:
" Lemon games.... they always know how to party. LOL.

Anyone else pick this up? 
Yep. I see what he did there.
Posted by Mister_Snig

Haha, did anyone else catch the Good Morning America joke?

Posted by OldManLollipop

Who wants to come over to my house and play some 1080 Snowboarding? Maybe some Wave Race too?

Posted by Zolfe

1080s Noboarding,


Posted by Serket
@Kartana said:

" I'm sorry but this is just terrible! Is Jeff on drugs or what? "

Posted by Th3_James

Some dope ass beats during the break.

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by NekuCTR

Who else has to punch a teacher now?

Posted by Enns

God this weeks intro made me laugh so much. Why am I so easily amused?

Posted by TheHBK

Steam needs to catch up to Nintendo on the digital distribution front.  And with the Eshop coming, oh man, they are gonna be out of their league.

Posted by WickedCobra03

"The train is pulling out of the station, so get the hell on it!  We are going to the future.  The HIGHEST of Hi... ... defs".

Jeff, I am buckled and ready for this journey to the "P"huture!  CHhhhoooo ChoooO!

Posted by Gabriel

I'm a Buffon, cause I don't usez I-tunez. 

Posted by xSeanZx

Lemon games.... they always know how to party. LOL.

Anyone else pick this up? 
Posted by proggykins

This just keeps getting better. Ain't no limit for the express!

Posted by MisfitToy

Get to da conductor!  Come oonnn hurrrraaayyy!  Get to da conductor!

Posted by Kartana

I'm sorry but this is just terrible! Is Jeff on drugs or what?

Posted by Vexxan

Wonderful, something to listen to while I'm eating.

Posted by Cheesebob


Posted by craigbo180

Why did you have to open the podcast with popcorn. I could totally go for some popcorn.

Posted by ZmillA

the break music is great

Posted by MooseyMcMan

It's about time the train is back on time and back where it belongs (the front page of the site)!


Posted by mnzy

Buffoons unite!

Posted by ManlyBeast

This is pretty funny.

Posted by Swoxx

Not even a mention of Nivi's song? so much for community spirit, boo!

Posted by oobs

for roughly 30 to 40 minutes  a week someone is off their meds :)
Posted by SuperJoe

One-Thousand And Eighty Pees = the future

Posted by Winternet

I missed the front page NDX.

Chooo Choooooo! ! !
Posted by xombi242


Posted by abdo
Got my commuter card and I'm ready to go.
Posted by McGhee

I got inspired and spent an hour in Photoshop! A gift for Jeff the Conductor and all who travel on the NintenDownload X-press.

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@Jeff said:

" MP3: HERE (this link is for buffoons only, so go bananas!) "

 That's racist.
Posted by Undeadpool

I figured the Conductor being out of town meant the train would be delayed. How could I forget the unstoppable nature of the train?!

Posted by Tacobot

Another great one. thank you Jeff.

Posted by Banggoo

 It's been a long road. Getting from there to here.

Posted by jennoa

Always time for a ride on the train!

Posted by ajamafalous

Never has the material been so ripe for the picking for the NDX.

Posted by ApolloBob

 yes and my heart was going like mad and yes I said NintenDownload I will X-press.

Posted by Cirdain

[Really dumb train related comment]

Posted by ArmedBear

The NDX is the only true high speed rail in America.

Posted by Mars_Cleric

Awesome, was doing maths assignment but guess what I'm doing now...

and after that I'll listen to the NDX

Posted by Rockanomics

FOLLOWERS REPENT!!! Our saviour/conductor has a-come-a at last!

Okay so I'm drunk, but what better way to receive the light of the NDX then with a bunch of empty High-Life bottles and Nyan Cat just GOING ON AND ON forEVER in the background?
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I cant even tell if the "Pretentious European" impression jeff does on in this NDX is in itself a joke as part of the tech illiterate, ignorant  train conductor persona he has going on when he does the NDX or if its just him making fun of Europe for no real reason other than they are not americans.

Posted by RobertOrri

That Steam thing sounds like it only sells perverted adult games. I prefer Nintendo for its family-oriented and wholesome entertainment offerings. Plus they label the games in case they contain references to drugs or swearing (which is crucial to my enjoyment).

Posted by TheHT


Posted by lacke

The RSS feed only keeps the latest 10 podcasts which is a bummer.

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