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Posted by Jeff

Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, but the future of digital delivery on Nintendo devices is heating up with the first confirmed launch game for 3DSWare and news of an entirely new Nintendo console. What sort of digital downloads can you play on a platform that has a screen built into its controller? Good ones, no doubt. Oh, and the latest DSiWare and WiiWare releases are totally here, too.
Your conductor, as always, is Jeff Gerstmann! He smells like an airport!

Ways to listen: 

iTunes: HERE (be sure to subscribe, we normally don't post here every time there's a new installment!) 
RSS: HERE (another wonderful way to subscribe!)
MP3: HERE (this link is for buffoons only, so go bananas!)

And remember: Airports are not amusing!
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Posted by BLAM_Renegade

Been a while.

Posted by megaplushie

My week has been made.

Posted by ALavaPenguin


Posted by FourWude

Choo Choo!! All aboard the train!!!

Posted by OldManLollipop


Posted by ThePhantomnaut


Posted by EquitasInvictus
@BLAM_Renegade said:
" Been a while. "
Actually if you check this offsite link belonging to Jeff, he's been doing it on a consistent basis every week. For some reason the last two weeks' editions didn't turn up here, though.
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taking the late night train to download land

im partying in the dance car

Posted by Video_Game_King

I wish I knew where to download the MP3s directly, because this is my only way of getting aboard the Nintendownloadable Xpress.

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With all these new Nintendo platforms the train shows no signs of slowing down.

Posted by wrecks

I am going bananas.

Posted by Dany

double ope....not

Posted by benpicko


Posted by tourgen


Posted by Eribuster

Choo choo, Xpressers!

Posted by chikin_n_rofls


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Posted by UncleBenny


Posted by Dezinus

Fine, I'll take my buffoon link and go to my secret clubhouse. No Web 2.0s allowed!

Posted by T0mF5

Keep the train rolling! 

Posted by c_rakestraw

  @Meatsim said:

" With all these new Nintendo platforms the train shows no signs of slowing down. "

Nothing stops the NintenDownloads Xpress?
Posted by Davin

I'm always on board with the Express!

Posted by ChrisInCali


Posted by Jedted

This podcast would be a lot funnier with a second person, someone to read the game description and someone to make stupid comments about the game.  The one they did at Pax East was hilarious, with just Jeff it's kinda boring.


Posted by Ozone


Posted by Thejugglingbum

FUCK YES!!! The train has arrived! All aboard!!! WHOOO WHOOO!!! I'm losing my shit right now!

Posted by MisterMouse

everything I have heard so far has been awesome!

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  right on, on taking Steam down a peg

Posted by l3reak

Fantastic! I've been checking your blog all night waiting for this. I also bought a 3DS today just for the Mega Man eShop game!

Posted by Rudeboy217


Posted by Soapy86

Mr. Gerstmann, only you could make me listen to a podcast dealing with a subject I wouldn't normally give a shit about, and be thoroughly entertained by it throughout!

Posted by lacke

The RSS feed only keeps the latest 10 podcasts which is a bummer.

Posted by TheHT


Posted by RobertOrri

That Steam thing sounds like it only sells perverted adult games. I prefer Nintendo for its family-oriented and wholesome entertainment offerings. Plus they label the games in case they contain references to drugs or swearing (which is crucial to my enjoyment).

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I cant even tell if the "Pretentious European" impression jeff does on in this NDX is in itself a joke as part of the tech illiterate, ignorant  train conductor persona he has going on when he does the NDX or if its just him making fun of Europe for no real reason other than they are not americans.

Posted by Rockanomics

FOLLOWERS REPENT!!! Our saviour/conductor has a-come-a at last!

Okay so I'm drunk, but what better way to receive the light of the NDX then with a bunch of empty High-Life bottles and Nyan Cat just GOING ON AND ON forEVER in the background?
Posted by Mars_Cleric

Awesome, was doing maths assignment but guess what I'm doing now...

and after that I'll listen to the NDX

Posted by ArmedBear

The NDX is the only true high speed rail in America.

Posted by Cirdain

[Really dumb train related comment]

Posted by ApolloBob

 yes and my heart was going like mad and yes I said NintenDownload I will X-press.

Posted by ajamafalous

Never has the material been so ripe for the picking for the NDX.

Posted by jennoa

Always time for a ride on the train!

Posted by Banggoo

 It's been a long road. Getting from there to here.

Posted by Tacobot

Another great one. thank you Jeff.

Posted by Undeadpool

I figured the Conductor being out of town meant the train would be delayed. How could I forget the unstoppable nature of the train?!

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@Jeff said:

" MP3: HERE (this link is for buffoons only, so go bananas!) "

 That's racist.
Posted by McGhee

I got inspired and spent an hour in Photoshop! A gift for Jeff the Conductor and all who travel on the NintenDownload X-press.

Posted by abdo
Got my commuter card and I'm ready to go.
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