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Posted by LevelRouter
Posted by CyleMoore

This sucks cause my PS3 was dead for almost a year and I finally had the money to get it fixed and now this crap happens.

Posted by mars188

Cancled my card sony should give a free game for my troubles''
Posted by shiningwolf88

Times like this make me glad I dont have a psn account

Posted by Deckard

I hate to sound djangoistic, but C'MON JAPAN. FIGURE OUT THE INTERNET.

Posted by ruffedgz

This is big... I am concerned and want to change my password and other information so it can't be used ASAP.

Posted by JoMu

Not that I think that this will make info more secure in any way but since Sony is rebuilding PSN, they should let users change their PSN IDs. They're already going to make users change their passwords when they login so why not give the option of a name change while they're at it?

Posted by MforMaverick
@Pr1mus:  You said it best guy. This generation Sony has completely dropped the ball. The higher ups are the ones to blame. Sony's E3 this year will be very interesting. This year was looking good for Sony. I'm curious to see how they will bounce back from this. Sad moment for Sony.
Posted by TigerClaw

Hopefully they address when PSN will go back online and such.

Posted by BUCK3TM4N

wow thats crazy sony missed this one

Posted by Hellstrom

Its funny my PS3 YLOD'ed right before this stuff happened. My new PS3 won't get here until probably the first week of May. I hope nothing bad happened to my account though.

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  Update:  Sony  claims that the credit card security codes aren't stored on the database. However, they also said it wasn't even ask for before... but now " While we do ask for CSC codes, we do not store them in our database."

The worst post for PSBlog:  Does this guy not understand how crazy he sounds? 

 +   Stoffinator  on   April 27th, 2011  at   5:19 pm  said:

I imagine this is been a nightmare for you guys. Its sad to hear our personal info wasn’t encrypted as well. But regardless, I just want it back online. I am surprised there is no mention of game content.

1) How will our download history be affected?
2) Trophies. Will these still be intact?
3) Friends list?

Posted by Stepside

Love how I bought Playstation Plus 3 days before PSN went down.  Weeeeelllll worth my money I see.

Posted by KillerZ

Well I'm happy because PSN didn't support my country at all and only way I could get even demos was to insert false information.