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Posted by Teleri
I am a man with a mission.
Be a successful video game designer.

I've wanted to do this since I was very young, and as far as I'm concerned I've got a long road of hard work ahead before I get there.   Right now I'm in the "working terrible jobs and saving up money to start up" stage of this career path.  While I'm here, there's another objective I'm focused on.

Current Objective:  Complete every Legend of Zelda game known to man.

What does this have to do with designing a game of my own someday?  You see, I love video games.  This being GiantBomb I'm sure that's a no-brainer, but let me stress exactly what I mean.  I really friggin' absolutely love video games.  When I go to sleep at night, what am I thinking about?  Video games.  When I wake up in the morning, what do I usually do?  Play video games.  Yes, I love them so much that sometimes this love is an addiction.  I'm guessing many of you can relate with the fact that sometimes this gets me into trouble, but "balancing my time" aside... I'm here to tell you that I fucking love the shit out of video games. So long story short, I aspire to be involved in their creation someday.  I mean, how else could I justify the countless hours I've spent playing them?  Of course, this is no short story.   This is my life story: starring Video Games. (maybe I should change that mission to "be a successful video game designer." ?)   
But I'm forgetting something...  Oh yes!  What does this have to do with Zelda, you ask?  Well the short answer to that is simple:  The Zelda games are classics.  The long answer? Well...

Around a year ago I came across a website designed by an old high school friend.  He had built this site around the idea of streaming video games for viewers, and to my surprise it has actually become somewhat successful.  I admit, even I thought the idea was a little silly at first.  Why would someone want to WATCH another person play a video game?  Why wouldn't they just play one on their own?  Of course, I was even more flabbergasted to find that some sites out there are able to accumulate as many as 4000+ concurrent viewers.  "What's the lure here?" I asked myself.  "What's the big deal?"  Well to this, there's no easy answer.  I could go on and on about how this site of my friends has evolved into video game based community, for people to meet up and discuss games via chat.... or I could argue with you that streaming video games is a viable future for the success of single player games.  I could even go so far as to say that the simple streaming of a competitive game can turn it into a vastly popular a spectator sport, but you won't believe me unless you've see what's out there for yourself. 

Heck, I'm off topic again.  ZELDA.  I'm streaming these games as I play them.  There.  That's the point of all that back-story.  Why Zelda?  Why not whatever video game I happen to feel like playing?  To be honest, playing this series in particular has to do with expanding my nerd muscles.  Many people often tell me these games are the holy grail of game design; that their timeless success is something "real gamers" must experience.  It may sound silly, but I want to explore the influence these games have to offer while I'm relatively  young, as I begin my journey to find a place in the gaming industry.   Of course, "Every Zelda game" won't be all I play.   Between the Zelda games I will explore many others.   I will stream them and review them as I see fit.  In between streams, I'll document the progress of my life.  You can follow the blog to see how it's all going, and watch the weekly streams as I post the links each time I go live.  You can think of the streams as a supplement to the story of my life, since I fully intend to continue loving and playing the fuck out of video games as I embark on my mission.  So watch the streams, read the blog, or don't.   You are officially invited.