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Posted by thenexus
@Cogzwell said:
" People don't just hack online networks! This isn't just a matter of Sony got unlucky, this is a matter of Sony let a lot of people get screwed do to lack of proper security infrastructure. If this isn't Sony's fault than why is it we never see crap like this happen to Xbox live or Steam? Oh yeah! because they have secure servers! (I'd assume) "
You are correct.
A hack means that someone attempts to modify/change/adapt/gain entry into something. To do so they exploit a bug/flaw/hole in the system to do so.

AS you indicate while it aint on and I feel for Sony clearly there has been some gaping wholes in their system to cause this and require the downtime and work to fix them.

I will have a guess that the playstation network and SEO service shared the same structure or some code/structure was very similar so that the same exploit could be applied.
Posted by subyman

Good god, they need to just pack it up and leave town.  It took them half a month to realize they were attacked?

Posted by Caegn

Sony did say that they only just found out about the breach of SOE.  Strange as it sounds, I really hope they're lying.  Really REALLY hope they're just lying.


Cause the alternative is that two weeks went by after PSN got hacked, before it occured to them to check their other systems.  Really REALLY REALLY hope they're just lying.  The deception would piss me off, sure.  But the alternative is just sad.


How can a company that can be so good on the hardware end, suck so very much on the programming and PR ends?  Sometimes I feel sorry for the hardware devs there.  They live up to their part by making impressive stuff, only to watch the other departments butcher everything they touch.

Posted by Lunar_Aura

Poor Sony. :(
Posted by Kordesh

Why am I less than surprised at Sonys utter incompetency. This is why I canceled my card and got a new one regardless after the first issue.

Posted by Matfei90
@Ertard said:
" For fucks sake! I used my fucking credit card to sign up for DCUO. I cannot fucking believe how utterly terrible Sony are at handling their shit.

Same here... I thought I was safe as I've never bought anything through PSN, assuming it was limited to PSN.

Good job, Sony.
Posted by P_Pigly_Hogswine

So as an Australian who bought a PS3 in 2008 should I be worried? And when should I consider cannibalism?

Posted by McGhee

If you were smart you would've canceled your card already anyway.

Posted by p_p_o_d
Weird that someone would even bother attacking SOE.    most people including sony employees have forgotten it exists 

Also if I where the one investigating the recent sony hacks I would start looking at the 200 SOE employees fired a month ago.   

Posted by RsistncE
Posted by Sooty
@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" If you were smart you would've canceled your card already anyway. "
Can't login to find what cards I have on there, been so long since I bought anything.

Posted by SK2

Sony keeps going back and forth in their statements and even though I'm unaffected by it, it's annoying me. I can only imagine what it's like for those who are affected by it and have to remain on their toes about their credit cards.

I think Sony needs to release facts before they start releasing speculation.

Posted by DukeTogo

As if playing SWG for a month in 2003 was punishment enough, now this.

Posted by dudeglove

Too bad no one cares about DC Universe Online.

Posted by Maotou
@Swordfish9 said:
" Wat them Skynet are back!! "

 What!? I'm not prepared for this attack dammit!

  And in other news, Sony has been royally screwed up the arse yet again. Sony just can't catch a break can't they?
Posted by 02sfraser

I live in the UK but got a new debit card recently do hopefully I'll be okay. I think they way Sony are handling this is terrible. I feel sorry for them but they just keep releasing 'maybe' and 'probably' answers which is no use. Customers need a definite answer when it involves their details being stolen!

Posted by ThePantheon

Nice try with that linked to Screened.com but I ain't fallin' for it, Gadget!!

Posted by Nomin

Okay, now, I'm feeling a tinsy bit of sympathy for this conglomerate multi-national corporation. Just a weensy bit. 

Posted by Druminator

Ugh. No PSN for two weeks now. The worst thing for me is not being able to update some new games I got so they're kind of glitchy and cause my PS3 to freeze, fuckin' sucks!!

Edited by Landru
@Raven10:  Thanks!

I don't have a PS3 so I'm doing what I can to protect my info on Xbox Live, Steam, Apple, Amazon... damn. How many of my credit card numbers are floating around out there?
Posted by kmg90
@Druminator said:
" Ugh. No PSN for two weeks now. The worst thing for me is not being able to update some new games I got so they're kind of glitchy and cause my PS3 to freeze, fuckin' sucks!! "
Game updates are still operational, I just received Assassins Creed in the mail, never played before on my current system, it prompted for '1.10' update which it did download and install with out a hitch
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

This is all just a scam to make sure no one can ever
have free online access to Sorny's shit ever again.
Probably Sorny hired someone to fuck it up to give
justification for jacking up prices to the masses.