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Posted by Chris2KLee

If the game wasn't coming together, probably better they killed it. I would have loved another game set in HK, it's a cool city with a layout that would really suit the open world style. But if the game is bad I have no interest in throwing down $60 for something that is subpar GTA.

Posted by Xpgamer7

One day a future activision employee will find a box full of notes, hard drives and hope. This employee will then build the True Crime game. Until then we wait.

Posted by SeriouslyNow

Activision to roll out answer to Saints Row The Third hot on the heels of Saints Row The Third promo material released.  Activision still major arseholes who lack any imagination or integrity.  News at 11.

Posted by VegasAceVII

I completely agree and understand why it was cancelled.  I was actually looking forward to it, but they're right, it just isn't worth pouring anymore money into with all the other games coming out.  Maybe another time.

Posted by sublime90

i played the other True Crime games and they were mediocre. i remember reading the EGMi cover story and was actually getting hyped for this, sounded way better than the previous 2 and them boom its canceled. truth be told if this game was released id wait for it to be a budget title.

Posted by iAmJohn

Great article, Patrick!

Edited by Xsnipd

To Be Honest, this was a shitty move from activision because we didn't see it in Alpha Form which is discerning that it might have good mechanics or a good take on a concept . However, none of us never got to see that so then we can't judge it. If you are rebooting or making a new franchise, you need that jump of faith not hide beneath your safety rock which in this case is Call of Duty. My personal opinion, if activision can make something original and more like EA did, then I'll be buying their games again but for now I'll pass on them (Yes, including Call of Duty, too). 

Posted by Portis
@nikopeters said:
" Dang it! This game sounds rad though. "
I guaran-fucking-tee this game would not have been anywhere near rad.

Edited by StrawHatLaw13

Most likely would've been mediocre, but I definitely would've played it and most likely enjoyed it just because of the theme and setting.  I love my HK movies.   It's a shame.  It would've filled a niche I believe.
Thanks very much for shedding light Mr. Klepek.  At least we know now.

Posted by GetEveryone
@ThePhantomnaut said:
" Looks like the guy who is getting kicked either crapped or urined his pants. "
They both looks soaking wet. A good graphics engine it is not.
Posted by sickVisionz

It sounds like the game was going to be ass and would have sold ass.  Smart move Acti.  They already threw a few million down the trash can on the project, why throw even more down the trash can when you can see plain as day that you won't be getting that money back?

Posted by SupberUber

Good read.

Certainly more interesting than your Guitar Hero piece where the memo(s) - although interesting because of its inside nature - touched on a subject (why we're scrapping the cow we milked to death) that was already painfully obvious. And the rest was a subjective mishmash theory and/or pr speak, but I digress.
Edited by PenguinDust

The reasoning make perfect sense to me.  I don't think the game would do well against GTA or the next Saint's Row game.  Look at the last Mafia game as example. Building a good sandbox game can be difficult.  It seems to me it would have been better to put those funds toward something else.  This doesn't mean that the True Crime brand is dead though.  Hell, if Prey 2 can have almost nothing in common with Prey and still go forward then at some point in the future there could be another True Crime game that largely unrelated to the previous versions.  Name recognition is sometimes enough to draw attention to a uniquely different but worthwhile product. 

Posted by MisterMouse

hmm, that would be really difficult to come that far and just cut it off...

Posted by Dryftburn

Creative excellence? This game was finally something that broke away from the norm for a bit and they cancel it to make Black Ops? Black Ops?! A pointless addition to the most generic series ever.; you're telling me that it's considered creative excellence? I was really looking forward to True Crime 3 after I played True Crime NYC. I'm still sad about it.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

@Dryftburn: I think it's still coming out, but under a different name.

Posted by Parkingtigers

The game comes out, turns out to be fucking awesome, and Activision are exposed as a total bag of cocks. Again. Creative excellence? Bullshit, if that was an honest criteria then they would have backed this little gem of a game all the way. Glad that Sleeping Dogs was able to survive Activision's attempt to abort it.

Eat all the shit Activision. Eat it all.

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