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Posted by DougQuaid
He's Raiden for white people.

And that was Thor.
Posted by Marz
@Brad: I know next to nothing about the thor comic but just knowing that there are characters like Odin and Loki in the comics makes it pretty clear it's based on the norse gods.  Though i understand your questioning i guess.
Posted by Sergotron

Sega games sure do love there Serpentine font.

Posted by CitizenKane

Use more Oden Force.

Posted by 49th

A boring space quick look or THE MOTHER FUCKING GOD OF THUNDER THOR!?
I wonder which one I should watch.

Posted by FoxMulder

haha good thing we have Screened, GB duders know nothing about movies :P

Posted by EvilNiGHTS

Movie was actually good. Game seems to be pretty much as we all expected. 

Posted by The_Joker

If this was like $30, it wouldn't be so offensive. 

Posted by SlightConfuse

the hammer spin is true to the comics. game does not look to bad but not a full price purchase

Posted by AaronChance

Man, Too Human II looks worse than the first one.

Posted by rndmtask

Grapple, the Frost Giant

Posted by Bakumatsu

Man what a boring ass game. Jesus.. I almost fell asleep 3 times while seeing this quicklook.

Posted by shuref00t
Brad: "So is he a god?"
Jeff: "He's Raiden for white people".
Posted by blacklab

Is there a concept page for 'plastic capes'?

Posted by vpcwiu

I like to sprinkle salt on watermelon too. I don't know if it's a regional thing, but I've had people look at me like I'm crazy for doing so.

Posted by wrecks

Rainbow Bridge.

Posted by SonicFire

Wow, rhis looks baaaaaddddddd
Posted by TvsFranksWildYears

Why does Thor make the Silver Surfer pose from the Silver Surfer NES game when he dies?

Posted by Solh0und

Ugh. I can't believe this and Force Unleashed 2 get a DS release and YET no PSP release. 

Dude,come on!
Posted by TehJedicake

Ugh fucking christ... I hate some video game companies.

Posted by Aronman789

I love how this is nothing like the real Norse mythology

Posted by DonutFever
@solh0und said:
" Ugh. I can't believe this and Force Unleashed 2 get a DS release and YET no PSP release. 

Dude,come on!
Yeah, it's almost like companies like money or something.
Posted by JazGalaxy

How do the developers of this game NOT know that this is BORING. You can tell from the first 7 minutes of the game that the mechanics are just flat out boring. Yet, you see more and more of these kinds of games being made.

Posted by phrosnite

Ass guardians!!!

Posted by Brad
@Marz said:
" @Brad: I know next to nothing about the thor comic but just knowing that there are characters like Odin and Loki in the comics makes it pretty clear it's based on the norse gods.  Though i understand your questioning i guess. "
Clearly it is based on them, yes, but whether they're actually mystical immortals or just human-like dudes with superpowered hammers is not clear.
Edited by vinsanityv22

Anyone else think it's pretty ironic that Jeff - such an MK fan - calls out Thor for being "unresponsive"? C'mon Jeff: I could not find a game with more unresponsive, overly-canned animations and preset dial-a-combos than Mortal Kombat if I was given years to hunt one down...

This looks fine. No Arkham Asylum, but then again, it's a completely different beast. Not an awesome game about Thor, just a Thor licensed movie tie-in that had to drop the same time the movie came out. Probably worth a rent. Actual reminds me I gotta queue up Liquid Entertainment's last game - Rise of the Argonauts - in my Gamefly account and give that a whirl. Looked like an interesting RPG.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

May the Thor be with you.

Posted by TadThuggish

Still can't get over that this is the FIRST THOR VIDEO GAME (almost 50 years after his introduction), and Marvel had to give it to 2011 Sega.  This should be getting people into franchises, not to keeping them at bay while they point and laugh.

Posted by squidracerX

Looks VERY similar to the upcoming Green Lantern game, but i think GL looked a little better graphically, and they are both fairly boring looking, but GL at least has a fly in space space target shoot mode, and his ring does some more fun stuff than the hammer. The hammer does as much power-wise i guess, but the ring at least makes the moves look different. Gatling guns, baseball bats, swords. Where as this is just a hammer doing all that stuff. Either way they dont look great. And the Captain America game just looks like a super poor mans Batmn Arkham Asylum.

So i would stick with the new Spiderman game and Batman 2, and maybe Infamous2 this year if you need superhero games....

Posted by Soap

This game looks like some very ugly very generic garbage. 

Posted by ZmillA

"hes raiden for white people" LMAO

Posted by chilipeppersman

im not going to watch this cause i know how bad it already is. thank you commenters lol

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Posted by TehFlan

Yo, meet me at the rainbow bridge.

Posted by lmnt

"Raiden for white people"? :P

Posted by Nottle

The God of War characters are Gods and most of them can't fly and they can get their powers drain. 

Old mytologies have weird rules when it comes to dieties. I think they can die despite being imortal. But it's been a few years since I leanred about this in school so... I could be wrong.
Posted by Xpgamer7

More Norse Mythology. I could explain it but it's more fun to watch the movie.

Posted by PosseOfOne

oh man thats some horrible hell robot

Posted by cordialsnail

Neat, I hear movie-to-game adaptations are all the rage for 2011

Posted by Napalm
@waypoetic said:
" It's only for the Xbox 360, Jeff? Oh, okay.  "
Shut up.

Also, this game looks awful.
Posted by outerabiz

man how do they not love this thing, when it has a thing named Odinforce in it?

That is the best name for anything ever in history.
Posted by Winsord

Ice mech, cool.

Posted by SpiritGoat

So when does Jeff blow Asgard up

Posted by PAPI_D_187

Thor:  Raiden for all you white people...

Posted by Xealot42
@JJWeatherman said:

" @Underachiever007 said:

" @JJWeatherman said:
" @Underachiever007 said:
" "I'm Odin's son, son." "
:) "
Someone remembers that Bombcast! I can go to bed now. "
I relive it quite often via YouTube. As I do with many other moments as well. "
Yeah I think it is one of my favorite bombcast moments ever. I watch it at least once a month and it never gets old.

In case anyone missed it:
Posted by Box3ru13

meh. No interest in this and little interest in the movie. 

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The worst the game, the better the Quick Look.
Posted by Hellequin

Wow. No Shadows. In this day and age?

Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame

Yeah, Brad, just keep blathering after Valknuts has been revealed.

Posted by Pop

Well clearly the wii version is superior to this EXCLUSIVE flight level.