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Posted by jagenheim

So, vacation replanning to early 2012 it is.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut

Hmm... All right I am fine with this. If they want to make it great, go ahead.

Posted by UberExplodey

More important:

I wanna know who or what those dudes are in the picture...
Posted by Subjugation

This is actually pretty reassuring. If they are taking the initiative to delay then the are just putting more time into the game to make it a more complete, polished product. I'm all for them taking as much time as they need to do this series justice.

Posted by Norusdog

after the abortion that was DA2, this is welcome news.

Posted by Roasted

Good. IMO they need at least 2 years total to make this game great, so early 2012 sounds right.
This is probably the last game in the trilogy, they can't allow themselves to screw this up.

Posted by msboyd89
@UberExplodey: They're Cerberus agents who'll be hunting Shepherd. I'm sure we'll be making plenty of them glow blue and float in the air!
Posted by WolfmanJenkins

I'm happy with this. The delay gives it more time to fully develop instead of becoming another Dragon Age 2 and more importantly, it means more time with Skyrim.

Posted by Ellis7x

Kinda happy cause now its at least going to have a 2 year development cycle

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I am more then happy that they delayed it, In fact I would be even better if they pushed it all the way to next spring.  How can you miss something if it never goes away?

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

My first reaction to this news: Oh thank god! My wallet won't be as destroyed this holiday season.

Posted by Ashler

It's settled then.

Uncharted 3 GOTY 2011
Mass Effect 3 GOTY 2012.


Posted by pitboy2710

Glad for the delay. it gives them more time to make the game as good as possible :)

Posted by Babylonian

As the sole human being who hasn't finished ME2, I'm totally down with this. 

Posted by ZeroCast

 ME3 a 2012 game, competition for 2011's Game of the Year gets fierce :p

Posted by VibratingDonkey

I think I may have called this somewhere. The rear end of this year is completely packed, stuff is bound to get evacuated.

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Get ready for more delays like this once Activision reveals Modern Warfare 3 at E3.

Posted by korwin

Good, last thing the series needs is a Dragon Age 2 cash grab rush job.

Posted by Zabant

Cold hard business move. They're scared of the profit margins in face of going against Skyrim, arkham, gears and call of duty electric boogaloo.

As someone who values ME3 over all those other games and not one for caring too much about a few bugs i'm disappointed by this.

I guarantee they are content locked and all the Voice work is done at this point its just gameplay refinements level design and finishing what was set out in the design doc.

If you think this delay will mean more content you are wrong.
Posted by fastidious

Hope Bioware/EA has learned their lesson from Dragon Age 2 and are taking their time in making a proper addition to the Mass Effect series.

Posted by Hef

Oh thank GOD.  After the let-down that was dragon age 2, it makes me really happy they decided to take some time with this one.

Posted by FunExplosions
@fastidious said:
" Hope Bioware/EA has learned their lesson from Dragon Age 2 and are taking their time in making a proper addition to the Mass Effect series. "
Fuck yeah. This is awesome news.
Posted by Azteck

I'm actually very glad they did, means more time to polish and perfect it.

Posted by Jerome85

ME3 is going to be amazing!

Posted by Revan_NL

I was hoping that ME3 would be delayed. Q3/Q4 2011 is way too crowded at the moment (even with the delay of ME3). I mean, there's Gears 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and (for some folks) the new CoD.

Posted by themartyr

This thread is surprisingly full of people who are okay with a delay.

Duke Nukem has lowered our expectations.
Posted by OneKillWonder_

I'm actually really glad to hear this. This year, especially the last quarter, is crowded enough as it is.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

After the whole Dragon Age 2 mess I'm kinda glad they delayed it ... if that means the game will actually be good.

Posted by Bacchus


Posted by Device

Hopefully that means that they learned their lesson with Dragon Age 2...*fingers crossed*

Posted by Vaile

Seriously, this is the best ME3 news I could have gotten.

Posted by NellyK

A slight bummer, but it'll benefit from avoiding the crowded holiday period. If the last game is any indication, the wait will be worth it.

Posted by Cincaid

Can't believe I just sat and read through 184 comments just going "called it" and "good, DA2 sucked". Either way I don't mind really, as long as Skyrim isn't delayed as well. *knocks on wood*

Posted by zeezkos

That's fine by me, but tbh i'm a slacker who still hasn't played ME2 even after pre-ordering it ... I've only done one play-through on ME1 and I was a bit upset that I ended up on a path to beating the game w/out realizing it, leaving many loose ends in the form of incomplete side-quests.  Still, I guess that's what makes the first attempt so fun.. you're not expecting all the triggers.

Posted by Carlos1408

I don't mind waiting it'll be worth it. Don't want it to end up being a rushed product as Dragon Age 2 was. I enjoyed it but the end was appalling and felt rushed.

Posted by EliminatoR

At least it goes well with the whole end of the world theme.

Posted by NellyK
@Zabant: Call of Duty Electric Boogaloo...

Thanks for making me chuckle.
Posted by Siphillis

Man, I hate being right.

I guess we'll all just have to settle for Arkham City, Human Revolution, Skyrim, Skyward Sword, L.A. Noire, Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, and Forza 4.  2011 rules.
Posted by ryanwho

lol "more time to make the game better!" people are ridiculous.

Posted by akeripper4

joins in the crowd, and say this was kinda expected

Posted by MetalBaofu

Of course I would love to play Mass Effect 3 as soon as possible, but I'm not surprised....kinda expected it.  Plus, I want them to make sure the game is awesome.

Posted by Xpgamer7

I care about the quality more then when it comes out. Bioware works hard at that in my book.

Posted by rjayb89

Darn, they'll end this year with a downer with Dragon Age II.

Posted by Buck
@ryanwho said:
" lol "more time to make the game better!" people are ridiculous. "
....I seem to recall you complaing like a butthurt child about how Dragon Age 2 was a 1 year production, you sir are ridiculous.
Posted by virtorio

After seeing what you did with DA:2 - Bioware, you take as long as you need.

Posted by Zapbrader

This gives me time to restart my Shepard legacy because I had lost all interest in ME3 after my save files got corrupted.

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I am not even remotely surprised.

Sweet, this means i can buy more stuff during the holidays, maybe i can get Skyrim....

Posted by FluxWaveZ

I didn't expect this at all. Wow. Well, at least there are plenty of other games to look forward to. If this was to happen, it would have been nice if they also took time to make the Arrival dlc good.