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Posted by patrickklepek

When BioWare and Electronic Arts revealed Mass Effect 3 would be coming by the holiday season, less than two years after the release of Mass Effect 2, there was much celebrating. You'll have to store the party favors for a few more months, however: Mass Effect 3 has been delayed into early 2012.

"Today we have confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012," said exec. producer Casey Hudson in a statement. "The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations. We'll have more details about specific dates as we get closer to release."

The note appeared on BioWare's message boards and Facebook pages.

Cue the sad trombone. But, hey, more time for Skyrim!   

Posted by Ali_D

I don't mind to be honest, gives me more of a chance to play some other October-ish releases.

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Posted by Brodehouse

I called it during the VGAs.

Posted by Cows_R_Crunk

I see this as a good thing. The more time to perfect it the better, as long as it doesn't take TOO long.

Posted by mbkish

I think this is great news.

Posted by KensterFox

Bummer. But that's one less competitor for Portal 2 to win Game of the Year.

Posted by Beb

Sad that it is delayed - but at the same time, I would rather have a later, awesome game, than another Dragon Age 2, which I think could have been great if they spent more time on it.

Posted by phrosnite

I kind of glad. I want ME3 to be the best game I've ever played :)

Posted by demonbear

This is great news. I don't want them to "Kirkwall" my mass effect, thank you!

Posted by MachoFantastico

Good news in my opinion, gives the developers more time and allows me to take a break from Mass Effect. 

Posted by JeanLuc

I called this. The fall is too packed as it is. Mass Effect 3 deserves its own space.

Posted by KensterFox

Also, if this means that EA learned their lesson from Dragon Age II, then this is cause for celebration.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos
@mbk337 said:
" I think this is great news. "
Same. It needs time. The last game was very rushed feeling. So much shit was just thrown out the window, it felt like they just wanted to release it quickly.
Posted by dvorak

I'm okay with this, considering just how many games are releasing in the last quarter of this year.

Posted by JayCee

aaah fiddlesticks!

Posted by Dtat

Good! Take your sweet ass time, and make it as incredible as possible!!

Posted by Bakumatsu

Well this gets me more time to play Skyrim I guess..

Posted by MooseyMcMan

LAME! But predictable. 

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Posted by NoXious

Yay! I want better quality, fuck rushed games (like Dragon Age 2).

Posted by Chris2KLee

The turn and burn they did on DA2 might have made them wary of another quick launch. I had a great time with DA2, but a little extra time would have helped. Now where are my DA2 expansions?

Posted by Daveyo520

They will just make it better. Also it will give me more time to play 1 and 2 on my 360.

Posted by CyleMoore


Posted by Undeadpool

Part of me is thinking "Good, get this game exactly right. It's the end of one of the finest game sagas ever and there's no reason to rush it."
Then there's the other part of me that's too busy sob-screeching uncontrollably to speak.

Posted by Venatio

:( My most anticipated game of the year, though I guess they should do everything they can to make it as awesome as possible

Edited by PhatSeeJay

Guess I'm one of the many who's actually relieved they delayed it.
It will be the finish of a rather unique ride when it comes to a trilogy in games. It HAS to be fucking epic.

Edited by MattBodega

Seems like a win-win for BioWare. The delay gives them more time to get Mass Effect 3 right, and it gets the game away from what could be a downright murderous Q4 (between Skyrim, Uncharted and Batman).

Posted by Philzpilz

Well, this makes the GOTY candidates list a bit more managable.

Only the four incredibly strong contenders...

Posted by timmbot

Yup, I guess they figured out that having every planet look the same kinda puts people off...

Posted by Somadude

I hate to say it but, DUUUUHHHH!!!!
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Posted by Mystyr_E

aw, stealing thunder from my forum thread? :(

Posted by Milkman

Good. This year was way too soon.

Posted by Slaker117

Thought it was crazy that they planned on releasing so early to begin with. Not surprised by this at all. And honestly, I want more time; I'm kind of burned out on that formula at the moment.

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Posted by Marz

As i said in the other thread.  Since it's the last game of the Shepard trilogy, they definitely need to take their time and make this the best game in the series.

Posted by astonish

Kinda glad. These games are so good I want them to have lots of time to themselves. This fall is already packed with great games, I can wait for an even better ME3

Posted by FoxMulder

meh...I already have 4 more big name games coming out holiday of this year so this is a bit of a relief to me.

Posted by Cornman89

Aaaaaand there it is.

Posted by DarthB

Fine by me cause my wife is preggers with our first and she's due at the end of October.

Posted by fabiosooner

It's actually good to get bigger games in the first quarter, when we get way less releases overall. Actually, it'd be good for Skyrim to be pushed back to that time also. Leave the holidays for the multiplayer-focused /shorter single-player campaign blockbusters such as Uncharted 3, CoD, Halo and the like.

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Fine with me, hope I've finished Skyrim when it comes out.

Edit: Oh, didn't even read the mentioning of Skyrim at the end, haha.
Posted by AngryRedPlumber

I'm fine with that. There will be plenty to play this year.

Posted by CarpetRemnant

awwwww shit :(

Posted by lead_farmer

boooo.  ah well, still plenty of other great games

Posted by JoeyRavn

I totally saw this coming. Some days ago, there was a topic about which of the big releases this year would be delayed, and ME3 was the top choice.

Posted by HydraHam

early 2012? long as it comes out before the world explodes in 2012 im fine by that.

Posted by Davvyk

Good, they rushed DA2 and i wont accept Bioware rushing my all time favourite franchise.